Breaking: Obert Gutu quits MDC-T

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu has quit the opposition party and will contest the Harare East constituency which had been reserved for PDP leader, Tendai Biti under the MDC Alliance.


In a post on his Twitter account, Gutu said he is a principled and professional politician.

“I am not going to continue associating myself with an organisation that advocates for violence and thuggery,” he said.

MDC-T has been rocked by serious succession fights after party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai succumbed to a two year battle with cancer of the colon.

More details to follow

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  1. One rumble rouser down. Two more to go. Kana kumbokendenga zvedu nekuenda kwako Mr Arrogant

    1. Thats politics Mr Gutu it is not smart thats why you even see Americans are punishing Russians for interfering in their internal politics good luck

  2. We wish you good in your new venture young man but that is the last we will hear of you again byebye hamba kahle musoro wakawoma kkkkkk .You leave at the timethe party has completely regain its mojo heeesh irii ndo shavi renzara indlozi lendlala muzimu wenzala .

  3. I salute you Overt. Ma Zanu copycat tribal vermin aren’t worth wasting your time and effort on. Primitive is the word that comes when referring to such deplorables.

  4. Sadly the wheels are coming off.Kumagumo kune nyaya

    1. Which wheels? Spare wheel asi?

  5. I dalute you my brother,this chamisa(young mugabe version)is bad news.let me remind these idiots who support this idiotic nelson which we should call him mugabe the young,he was groomed and lied to by Ncube.people dont understand that ncube a constitutional expert,failed to give the late morgan an advise not to appoint chamisa as this is clear in the mdc constitutution.he comes out and lies and say morgan told me so.remember he ncube left mdc cause of this violence wbich was directed to him,at one point when mdc was new i told the great leader morgan that ncube is a zanu project.he split mdc so that he could dilute it for zanu to win.he is doing the same thing by ill advising this small boy who is blind.he wants mdc to split again on the last minute for ED to win again.mdc wirk up and follow your constitution the government is yours otherwise it will remain a pooe dream and self destruction as these 2 morons are doing

    1. Cde i think you need to attend grade three then air your views. Improve your grammer as well as you choice of terminology. Stupid Zanu Technocrat

  6. Deputy Min of Finance Mukupe versus former Min of Finance Biti versus former Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal And Parliamentary Affairs Gutu. This will make for one of the more interesting parliamentary contests in 2018.

    1. This guys overates himself and was very immature for his role.If MDC goes to congress,then the entire Top 6 must change for working against change.Good riddance indeed.

  7. Comment…go well mr gutu mdc vanhu go ahead to contest if you get hundred votes urimurume Chamisa for president

  8. MDC is a democratic party if pple want Chamisa the party will respect that . Chamisa is fire brand Gutu can go and contest against Biti as mp but he is just wasting time he will loss . Chamisa for president the guy is pple ‘s darling those who are jealous pliz hands off this young man he deserve to be president .Munhu wese kwa Chamisa

  9. Junior policy pays now we are enjoying the results Chamisa is smarter than Muzuri who wanted to destroy the party with Biti maKupe always argued with Morgan she even snubbed alliance formation SHE SNUBBED Morgan in BYO and only now she is trying to good girl but heeish we were not born yesterday Chamisa very loyal to the party .As of tribalism i stand to differ Mudziri and Monzora are Shonas were booed by crowds so please zanu is trying to bring tribalism open your eyes you will see zanu in action . Chamisa Twaalumba kapati

  10. Chamisa for president

    Comment…chamisa our president come election kkkkkkkkk i like this brave young man

  11. who cares, after all he added no value to the movement and he knows that. we wish him well in zpf

  12. We are not worried about Gutu,Welshman Ncube did the same thing in 2005 and at point blank i know that it was the end of his political career and even this Biti,he won’t have a seat unless he competes under MDC. So mr Gutu hamba kahle. Shit zanu pf backers.

  13. Gutu saw it coming he was also going to be booed by party supporters so he decided to packed his bags in time .Now he wants to lie us that he does not want to work with thugs .Go well we will never miss you you are big headed .

  14. I sometimes ask myself if some people are educated.The idea of forming an alliance was a product from same congress which elected Gutu.This man is selfish.He could not compromise to allow Biti to run for the good of the alliance.Shame on you individualistic attitude.Dont think of yourself,think of the people whom you purport to represent.

  15. Wena Gutu hamba manje pliz you did the good thing you were now terribly smelling contesting every decision made by the party haa demity .Go join your political father Ed .

  16. Chipembere Chadyamukonde

    Enda zvako uri rombe

  17. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Vamwe varikuti handeyi kuSpecial Congress. Vamwe voti bato harina mari. Ndine mibvunzo vehama: 1. Hurumende ine mari here yekuiitisa SARUDZO? 2. Ko Hurumende ikati apana mari yekuita sarudzo gore rino munotiyi nazvo? Ndipeiwo mhinduro, ndiripo padare, Magweta neruzhinji rwese rwenyika yechipikirwa.

    1. Iripo, but it is not budgeted for, and worse still, the outcome is certain, just a wastage of resources that can be used for the greater good, which is campaigning for the impending elections.

  18. Even if the party goes to congress the results will be the same Chamisa will be the winner i wonder why some fools can not read the writing on the wall .The highest decision making board of the party made the decision and is the correct one .No one said does not want to go to the congress


    no u cant fight tendai biti. come my brother

  20. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Wamai Anonymous dzidza kupindura mubvunzo. Kubvunza hazvirevi ndinopenga, asi kuti
    andizive zvese. Nekudaro, munhu kana asingazive anodzidziskwa. Izvi zvekutuka izvi, ummm, hazvisi mandiri. Ndiri mudiki, ndaiti ndikatuka vabereki vangu vandirova. Ndabvunza mibvunzo miviri chete
    inongo mhinduro. Iro Bumbiro remutemo renyu rinombotiyi? Uyu mubvunzo wetatu.

  21. Ngaaende ngaaende….ngaaende munhu idoxxxi ngaaende ngaeende

  22. Munhu akagara aramba alliance kare kare thus he did not ascribe to MRT’s policies. He is going because he cant tolerate diverging views. To him leaders must do things that resonate with his aspirations. SO for him to plead violence as the reason for his self dismissal is being mischievous. I hope he took everything out of Harvest otherwise the next time he comes back to pick his things a deserve a lesson or two( being lectured by Chamisa of course)

  23. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Zvisineyi apana andipindura, pangoita mutuki chete. Nekudaro, ngatigaro ziva kuti, apana munhu akasikwa naJehovah nemufananidzo wavo ane vanhu vaanoti ava ndevangu. Tisavimbe nevanhu nekuti ndeva Mwari, apana anoziva zvino funga kana zvirikufunga mumwe nemumwe wedu. Kunze kwaivo Samasimba. Nekudaro, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.

  24. Yea chamisa is the choice of the people thats the fact they can go but the party will live on he should learn from those before him he became an mp because of mdc and as he leaves so does his sit

  25. Mudzuri and khupe please support Chamisa bcz magara muri mavice president wani chaipa apo chii . Simbisai bato riwine maelections acho motongaka . Moda chii chakadarika apa imi muri vatungamiri veopposition . REMEMBER HAMUSATI MAWINA ELECTION 2018 IMI . Mave kugutisa manjeee. Imi mukadaro ko isu makanzera takatanga nebato todii. Mutori pakanaka chaipo .kana maguta siyayi zvedu tiite isu. You were very lucky pamakawana post hombe idzo maybe you dont deserve. Blessings only .Zvotitaridza kuti MT aishanda nemimuchida post yake . Please mantain yr big post rather than causing destruction .But why why. Manetsa kani.

  26. Cowardice

  27. Lukias Shayawabaya

    Gutu is not the first and last to jump the ship,but MDC will go ahead with winning 2018 Elections

  28. Comment…endazvako wamai kotoenda kwavakumakata koendanhete hobvu dzichisara, panevakakunyepera bhonzo retsuro haritsengeki politics dzinoda varume chaivo tirimusango wamai unotozviunganidzira wega wotoenda kumusha mhanduwe.

  29. Chamisa is no afraid of going to congress. He said the party shall go to congress in 12 months time.

  30. Comment…have a nice time kwaurikuenda ikoko shiri inemuririro wayo haiusiye chero ukanoisiya kuJapani hoto i hoto so go in peace togoona vachakuita president noncesce

  31. when did Obert realized thuggery in the part and where is the evidence of his resistance tht other than his resignation from the party

  32. Comment…goin’a we dnt need you st all

  33. Its good that you believe in yourself Obert, however you need to rebrand your character if you are to be people oriented. Because right now your full of arrogance and self centred. If you could change these weaknesses then perhaps you might make a great politician as listening to the people is key. If your are immature and hyper like Nelson then you have a lot of work to do. Finally if I were in Harare East Constituency I wouldn’t vote for you… No hard feelings there mate….

  34. ruregerero pliz anzwa

  35. Comment…obert gutu is a foolish gentlemen , who sleep over his fieces ! Leaving Mdc t ,he knows nothing , he is a colourless snake in the grasses , your behaviour gutu is similar to dt 1 of Judas who jesus, now u have deny your party Mdc t to please satanic zanu pfs

  36. Comment…hey khupe n mudzuri do not deny yo party mdc

  37. Comment… Gutu is a foolish gentlemen who sleep over his fieces ! “yo character gutu is same like that of judas who deny jesus…” now u deny yo party mdc to please babaric zanu pfs vakawana matop renks muhurumende nekuda kwekushata kwt on profesion, ende gutu uri doti, chamisa is a our heroe

  38. Comment… Plz top officials of Mdc t , this part z not a burial society bt a strongest party in the world! Kunoku kunana zvishavane hamumbouyiwo hre kuzoAddress musangano, hakuna vamiririri veMdc why ? Chamisa n the likes gadzira nyaya yoyo b4 maelections..

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