Breaking: Grace Mugabe degree fallout: Nyagura arrested

THE furore over former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s “dubious” PhD degree awarded by the University of Zimbabwe in 2014 has claimed its first scalp after the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission arrested the country’s highest institution of learning’s Vice-Chancellor Levy Nyagura.


Nyagura was picked up late today by Zacc officials and will appear in court tommorrow.

“We picked him up and took him into custody, where he will stay overnight. He will appear in court tomorrow (today) on charges of abuse of office,” Zacc spokesperson Phylis Chikundura said.

Nyagura and another lecturer and former Sociology department chairman, Claude Mararike, who reportedly masqueraded as Grace’s supervisor, have been under investigation over how the degree was awarded.

More details to follow…



  1. Those richly deserve to be jailed

  2. Comment…Oppah, then minister of higher education must be arrested for criminal abuse of office as she defended the award and even stood down from her post as secretary for women in zpf as she eyed the VP’s post. They should have awarded Gire a honorary PHD. Things fall apart.

  3. like for could he stoop so low..Stupid useless guy..

  4. Shininy Shenanigans

    This arrogant Nyagura fella deserves a lengthy prison sentence. I’m tharari enjoying this!!!

  5. excellent stuff, looking forward to a great new 2018 in Zimbabwe !!

  6. Comment…How does nation celebrate birthday of this?

  7. Dai Grace akaregererwa kusvikira parizvino. Varume vose VEZANU PF vangadai vachitsvairirswa kushure kwake ichingove munhu wese kunaamai.

  8. Nyagura taking people who work hard for this recognition for granted whilst giving honour to undeserving pple. U are entrusted with a noble office and u abuse it, thats foolishness at its highest level. Rot in prison.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      This has been long overdue. ZACC has to deal with the accomplices as well. The so called supervisors. Whilst at it ZACC please investigate the doctorate awarded to Gono when he was chairman of the University council as this appears to have been some corporate incest and possible corruption.

  9. Makamboona panorwa nzou?

    Out of respect for the Old Man, ED had decided to stop investigations into the Dphil saga. At one point, ZACC had indicated that it was no longer pursuing the case. However, when the Old Man -stubborn as he is- decided to invite Mujuru and spite ED, ED had to exhume the case so as to publicly shame the former Chancellor and his unstable wife. It is also not coincidence that there are reports of the Old Man’s security being whittled very recently. He is now being shown who is the new sheriff in the town. It is a game of thrones!

  10. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Nhayi veduwe, PhD iri kuti munhu ariwane anenge aitaseyi? Ini ndakagumira G7 nekushairwa mari yekuti ndienderere mberi. Ndibatsireiwo, munhu anogona kungotanga nekupiwa PhD here?

  11. Yah iwas time this nation woke up mbavha dzange
    dza tandavara haaaa


  13. Comment . arrest the recipient as well

  14. new dispensation

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