Elizabeth locks out Tsvangirai family

THE late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s children have reportedly been locked out of their father’s Highlands mansion by their stepmother, Elizabeth Macheka.

By Everson Mushava

The children, all adults, have now relocated to Tsvangirai’s old home in Strathaven suburb, Avondale, following the burial of their father at his rural home in Buhera last Tuesday.

The former Prime Minister’s younger brother, Manase confirmed the development, but said negotiations were still in progress to resolve the dispute.

“I have not seen the children, but I have been called and advised of the development,” Manase said.

“I can confirm they are now staying in Strathaven. The children have advised me that upon their return from burying their father, they were told by their mother (Elizabeth) that she was no longer able to stay with them and they should find somewhere to go. I will go and see them and find out how best the issue can be attended to.”

Although Manase did not give details of when they were sent-packing, well-placed sources told NewsDay they were told to leave last Thursday upon arrival from Buhera, where they had attended their father’s burial on Tuesday.

Tsvangirai reportedly sired about 10 children with different women, including six with his late wife, Susan, but had none with Elizabeth.

Although Elizabeth could not be reached for comment yesterday, she confirmed to the United States-based radio station, VOA Studio 7, that she had barred some of the children from visiting the mansion, citing their bad relations.

Her lawyer, Harrison Nkomo also told Studio 7, Elizabeth had rights that needed to be respected by Tsvangirai’s family, as she was still married to the former premier before he died.

Nkomo told NewsDay yesterday that he would only comment when the matter had been brought to court.

The late Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka was not reachable for a comment, but a source close to Macheka said the former PM’s wife had no problems with the two children, Richard and Miriro and had offered to pay their fees.

“She only has problems with Vincent who wanted to beat her up while they were in South Africa where Tsvangirai was receiving treatment for colon cancer,” the source said.

Elizabeth returned to Harare on Tuesday soon after her husband’s burial, after she had been left out of the proceedings which were dominated by Tsvangirai’s in-laws from the previous marriage.

She allegedly claimed that she was ordered to leave the Tsvangirai homestead soon after burial.

But in one of her WhatsApp chats with her late husband’s relatives, where she was asked why she had left before conclusion of the family rituals, she said her father, Joseph Macheka (Zanu PF national consultative assembly member and former Chitungwiza mayor), had advised her not to stay behind.

Tsvangirai’s widow was exposed to public humiliation at the funeral after her mother-in-law, Lydia Chibwe Zvaipa appeared on national television threatening to commit suicide if she and acting MDC-T acting president Nelson Chamisa set foot at the former Premier’s funeral.

It was not yet clear why Tsvangirai’s mother did not want her daughter-in-law to attend her son’s funeral.


  1. Good move by Liz but what the hell where these young adults still doing at their fathers house ,there should be having their places of residence at that age and given the influential position their father held in the society including being in charge of City Council were there could have had access to stands in some of the affluent areas.

    1. That would be promoting corruption if they had used their father’s influence to get preferential treatment in getting stands or houses from City Council. Huwori ndohwatisingadi munyika. I agree with you at that age they should have been renting in DZ or Mbare

      1. preferential treatment and buying at the ruling market rates is no big deal but yes the general sentiments is that these young adults should have by now been living independent lives.

    2. tendai chaminuka

      Economy yakacreatwa naBob naSave resulted in the creation of a lost generation one which has people aged 40 to 46 who are educated but have not worked in their lives and are still living with their parents and married pamusoro pazvo.Politics dzekusupporta masanctions.Viva MDC

  2. As a child you should never eye your parents’ properties and wealth as a panacea to your problems. Unless if you are a minor you must always strive to be independent and be able to sustain yourself. Pfuma yenhaka haina kwainosvika, work for your own wealth.

  3. they ill treated her during the funeral of MT. good revenge elizaberth. they thought the funeral will last forever, now they have waken up to reality. its suprising to hear Manase refering to Eliza as “Their mother”

  4. Good JOb Lizzy

  5. hahaha ,what goes around comes around,,anway Tsvangirai had many houses,but who doesn’t want to live in mansion..

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    1. Chinmbomira zvemishonga yako iwe!

      1. ndihwo hunhubu iwowo kkkkkkkk tsveee nyaya dzine msoro waktotengesa maSAWDUST emapranga from kwaGazaland, haiwawooo!

    2. how can iget hold of the herbs

  7. ndazvishaya wo ini

    enda unotora futi kwavari kugara lizzy. havana hunhu

  8. Musadaro veduwee, Mukadaro, NDOZVISUNGIRIRA

  9. Musadaro anhuwe, Mukadaro, NDOZVISUNGIRIRA

    1. cry my beloved country

      Strathaven belongs to Susan unfortunately. She’ll go to jail on this one. Musavhurire magold digger aya. Munoasungisa..

  10. A beneficiary locking out other beneficiaries. These people never cease to amaze.

    1. The law clearly states married spouse gets the matrimonial house and the rest of the assets are split equally between the children and wife. This is the matrimonial home, so by right it’s hers to do as she pleases. They can claim the other properties not this one.

  11. Its BAD Liz, why ill treating orphans? What goes around comes around, one day, mark my words, you shall also face the same consequences.

    1. Bosingwa Chelsea

      An orphan is someone who is below the age of 18 who has lost both parents. Vincent ngaiite order uyo

    2. Mugabe is also an orphan, makamudzingirei kuState House?

    3. @Nacido Rico. Adult orphans?

  12. The young adults must start working kuti vavakewo dzimba dzavo kwete kutarisa upfumi hwaEriza hwaakasiirwa nemurume wake. Good decision if she continue paying fees for the two who are still going to school

  13. spoiled brats, they should behave like grown ups

  14. MRT only uplifted his well being he forget to invest for his children,even if you look at his close relatives you will see that they dont look like the people who were related to the Former president of MDC and once win the presidential race or the former prime minister of the republic of zimbabwe.Apa ndopandodawo Mugabe hama dzake dzese dzakafuma.

  15. If you are barred from visiting your husband in hospital, before the death of your husband relatives start to take away your property, the ex-partner (Locadia)is enternained instead of you, on the funeral you are told you must not be seen anywhere near, you are accussed of being in an extra marital affair and chased away from the homestead soon after burial INDEED YOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO CUT ALL LINKS WITH SUCH PEOPLE. They don’t see any good in you and legally you are protected to take over the matrimonial home. Given Morgan had another home in Strathaven its wise that they stay there till the estate is dealt with by the High Court.

  16. Good move Liz.Wakashainirwa zvakaonekwa nenyika yese iwe.Tuku chaiye akarwadziwa pakusvika akuimbira Neria.These Tsvangirai pple are very rough.nhasi wanakei.Usabvumidze kana ani zvake pamba ipapo

  17. For whatever reason at this point in time we can not say ” good move by Liz” and expect your imagination to influence corruption! As you are probably aware that the African culture appreciates the extended family values, so if they were staying by their Fathers house for whatever reason and their Father accepted that, who then are you to determine otherwise.
    It appears all the Tsvangirai clan are in support of anti Liz moves, surely there must be a reason, so lets hear both sides of the story before you say “good move Liz”

  18. Comment…

  19. Go Lizzie Go, Score Lizzie Score. Dzidzisa madinga kutoi utsinye haubhadhare

  20. Vanhu vekwaTsvangirai vakapusa. That’s why they failed to advise Gogo kuti party haizi yekwaTsvangirai. Elizabeth was by Morgan’s side through his illness but they treated like an outcast. Elizabeth akabva kuvanhu haana kuwanikwa naMorgan achitambura. Please give her a peace of mind

  21. the house would be sold and share accordingly to the rewarded shares. watch the space.

  22. You can tell certain sections of the press wanted to use this to tarnish mdct through stupid insinuation of a romantic relationship between Chamisa and Liz but comments here and on various social media platforms show Zimboz are not that gullible. Liz rightly is receiving a lot of support for the ill treatment by the family. Issue is if the family believed Liz was not good enough for Morgan they should have convinced him to divorce her. They failed and should forever hold their peace.

  23. WillyaMorgan Richard Tsvangirai hasati yabuda tichanzwirira zvedu.

    1. did you know that the Strathaven house was bought by you, the MDC? Seems Tswangirai was a classic hanngers on!

  24. Yes, there is reason for the Tsvangirai family to be hostile towards Liz. The reason is that the Tsvangirai family is greedy and wants to grab what rightfully belongs to Liz. When you are married in community of property, spouses own 50% each of all the family estate. When one of the spouses dies, the other 50% is automatically transferred to the surviving spouse, thus, the surviving spouse assumes 100% of the estate. The Tsvangirai family is aware of that and they are bitter.

  25. They should go hang a thousand times

  26. Mbare Boss will haina basa imba ndeya Elizabeth wakchata naye. A will can be nullified in court if the spouse who was legal is not included the law takes that into effect especially panyaya yemba. Uyu mukomana airasa, haafanire kupindira nyaya yamudhara especiaally mai vake havasisipo asi dai aiuya sesmall house , zvambotaurika. Besides that this guy is in early thirties so achadei pamba yemubereki, dzungu too much. Zvatopera zvTsvangiraai, ndarege kuramba achifunga kuti anowan chinhu, otherwise ndaatoenda kuthe winning faction yemdc leadership.

  27. Comment…its unfortunate that the mejority here do not the full story of Liz and Tsvangi. Get it here and please collaborate it with stories that will soon come out. Eliza was NO longer staying with MT. She wld only appear for photoshots. To her MT was a project. Morgan was being taken care of by maids and his chn. This is the the main reason behind the impasse.

  28. Just as in the poor succession roadmap, was there no inheritance will written in this volatile African culture? Our hard earned resources and /or political establishments will crumble with us unless we stop living in denial and accept that we are all mortal. Let this family and the opposition fraternity not wash their dirty linen in public for Tsvangirai’s name and effort to outlive him.

  29. As much as am not privy to the goings on but I think MT relatives including sons started this embarrassing episode. They should calm down and sort out their differences. But if its true that this guy threatened his step mother, then he must circulate and go to hell

  30. This happens the world over not just to the Tsvangirai’s. There will always be problems where the man with a family has a second wife. Late Afro-American boxer Muhammad Ali’s family is fighting over his property and there is a step-mother.

  31. Women all over this world are being abused.. Its sad frm the Stone age up to today.. Locardia, Liz, Khuphe, Sally, Grace, Maria list is endless..

  32. If Eliza was staying out side MT family house in this regard, and never attempted to sort out the legalities in marriage or lack of it , and yet the two are legally bound and still could be found together in public places, disguising that they were living togetherr, then I will tend to blame the late for failing to sort out this matter. MT knew that Lizy owns legal marriage details and for the family to attempt to push her out, they may lose a lot. All men , please let us sort out our issues before it is too late. MT failed in this context and despite corruption issues suggested above on acquiring houses, sure , a man like MT could not have failed to built houses for his children . He was well off in the earliest days of MDC formation and in subsequent years. He failed though. but it looked like he hand some other golden money hand shacks used for other purppose instead of shelter acquisition.

  33. Please let this issue be a family issue. It wll end up dicrediting agood man in MT. Let the papers let him rest and let us remember him for his good works.

  34. Neni ndirimukadzi but I see something very wrong in those children, grown up or not, not inheriting equally with their step-mother. Mutemo zvawo unoti remaining spouse must take all. But surely, Liz will re-marry and how painful kuti zvakashandirwa na Tsvangirai zvodyiwa nevasiri veropa rake. Another man (if she re-marries) and Liz’s kids are the winners in this case. Tsvangirai should have considered all this and written a will.

  35. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Anditi Eliza akati achabhadhara mari yechikoro yevana, vapi, Richard naMiriro here? Kana kana vachichiri kubhadharirwa mari yechikoro zvinoreva kuti vachinekodzero yekugarapo sevana. Mwana aripa University anowanepi mari yekuti agare
    ega kana kutenga imba? Mutapi wenhau unogoti vana vakura, wotizve hama yaEliza yakati, Eliza akati achabhadharira vana mari yechikoro. Zvoreveyi?

  36. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Anditi Eliza akati achabhadhara mari yechikoro yevana, vapi, Richard naMiriro here? Kana kana vachichiri kubhadharirwa mari yechikoro zvinoreva kuti vachinekodzero yekugarapo sevana. Mwana aripa University anowanepi mari yekuti agare
    ega kana kutenga imba? Mutapi wenhau unogoti vana vakura, wotizve hama yaEliza yakati, Eliza akati achabhadharira vana mari yechikoro. Zvoreveyi? Mutemo unotiyi kana zvakamira zvakadayi? Zvinotaura mutemo ndizvo ngazviitwe.

  37. if above 18 they are now adults madofo vanhu vekwaTsvangirai mungarambe mukadzi nokuti murume wake afa iye the husband asina kumbomuramba that was humiliation yavakamuita mukadzi uya. Apa matom ese ndeake.

    1. We are Africans although the law says at 18 one is an adult in reality vanhu vane 18 years ma form 6 saka at that age munhu angava ozvionera here?I admit hama dzaMT dzaisafanira kutuka Eriza but she must not take that as an excuse kuitira vana va MT hutsinye.Schools fees hairwadzi se upkeep yemwana.I hope zvaitika kuna MT is an eye opener to everyone.If one decides to remarry the interest of your childern must come first.

  38. Another Neria

    Go go Liz ahh vanhu ava humiliated you takatarisa so no mercy for them all ngavabve pamba ipapo they showed you that they dont like you. it wasnt our business hedu cos chakafukidza dzimba matenga but we now all know world over kuti havakude so just forgive them but cut ties with them havana basa stereki. i dont know much about how these laws work but i hope they work in your favor if there be any wrangle. Vanhu vakajaira kushungurudza vakadzi panofa a husband, i just hope they lose out to you Liz. tingatotanga movement yekuchinja mutemo wacho if it doesnt favor you as surviving spouse…. ahhhh hodhi tisvikeiwo pano tava kuchinja mutemo….MAITIRO ENYU AYO CHINJA! BWAH

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