DR Congo protests: Protester killed in Kinshasa demonstration

Security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo have used live bullets to disperse a demonstration, killing one protester.

The protests against President Joseph Kabila in the capital Kinshasa were organised by Catholic clergy.


Fifteen people, three of whom are thought to be members of the clergy, have been arrested.

Mr Kabila’s term ended in 2016, but he remains in power and many are angry about the political situation
Church leaders have led a campaign calling on Mr Kabila to stand down.

Many Christians had planned to take to the capital’s streets after church services on Sunday.

But early on Sunday, security forces surrounded Kinshasa’s main churches and used teargas and gunfire to try to halt the protests.

One man was killed by a live bullet from security forces, staff at St Joseph’s hospital in the city told the BBC.

Several people are reported to have been wounded as a result of the actions of the security forces.Mr Kabila became president when his father Laurent was assassinated in 2001.

His final mandate expired at the end of 2016.

However, the government and opposition groups have failed to agree on a date for elections.

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