I didn’t invent tithes, offerings: Makandiwa

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife, Ruth, have come out all guns blazing in their defence against a $6,5 million lawsuit filed against them by business couple Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa over an alleged “false prophecy”.


The two dismissed the claims as unfounded, misleading and frivolous, adding the Mashangwas’ move was grandstanding to harass, vex and injure their reputation and good standing.
Makandiwa and his wife were, last year, slapped with the lawsuit by their two former congregants after the latter allegedly fell prey to a prophecy which promised them “debt cancellation miracle”.

But, in response to the lawsuit in a plea filed at the High Court, Advocate Lewis Uriri said: “The terms ‘tithing and offerings’ were not created by the defendants in the circumstances alleged.”

“Those are biblical terms which appear and are used in the Holy Scriptures. The defendants plead that the plaintiffs knew exactly that they were either tithing or making freewill offerings; that such tithing and freewill offerings were not by compulsion, but their individual act of worship based on the religious convictions they held to be well founded in the scriptures,” the Makandiwas said.

“Tithes and free will offerings made to the church are an act of worship derived from the believer’s faith and are, as such, not recoverable.”

The two added: “Each of the six claims is deliberately false and contrived. This court is entitled to have regard to its own records and public records maintained by the Registrar of Deeds and the Registrar of Companies. These public records immediately demonstrate the falsity and contrived nature of the principal allegations of fact made against the defendants (Makandiwas).”

The two said the business couple did not at any given time receive a debt cancellation prophecy in terms of and manner they alleged, adding the plaintiffs never owed ZB Bank $500 000 as they alleged.

Makandiwa also said the business couple never had judgment taken against them by ZB Bank for $500 000 or in any lesser amount during the period they alleged in their summons.

Uriri is claiming the business couple never lost a house to ZB Bank through “false prophecies” for debt cancellation as they had sold the property to Walter and Tendai Magaya.

Uriri is arguing the couple had earlier sold the same house to Nemaji Trust in 2013 for $800 000 before selling it to Magaya in the following year.

Uriri is also claiming the Mashangwas never paid over $1,1 million in tithes and offerings to UFIC. He is arguing the couple could not have paid such a huge sum of money to the church as they were being sued by a local bank for failing to service a $30 000 loan.

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  1. you did not invent “tithes” but wakadziya moto wembavha its plain as it can ever get

    1. Prophet Makandiwa is a true Man of God ende Havana kudziya moto wembavha .any person who talks of tithes even if that person is a man of God or not , is simply relaying a principle that is followed by every one even the non Christians .don’t be ignorant , be advised that even the devil wants his tithes and offerings.

      1. bible or no bible he is now before the courts because of Tithes thats how the law works there have realised that there is a conman around and he needs to be punished for hiding behind something which he did not invent.

        1. Comment…shungu dzebenzi kuda kukomenda zviro zvarisinga ziwi. dzidzayi standand 7 yamajaira……..

    2. Are you calling God names?

      1. whichever way you want to interpret it there is a loose conman enriching himself through tithes and the law has decided to checkmate the conman and its as plain as it can ever get in this world we call anyone names at will no problem and no big deal

    3. Elisha whatever your name is you should come to a point where u yourself should listern to yourself and understand things before starting to be a hearsay.i guess from where it has been said evidence is coming from Mr Uriri arent you gettin the statements its simple english there get it right.

  2. That is very excellent let people be duped. Gospel rekunamata kunana Makandiwa nana Magaya ndereupfumi not zvekuponeswa mweya, kunamata nekuita mari zvinhu zvakatosiyana saka kupusa kwakaita maAfricans they think ukanamata ukabvisa Tithes unoita mari that is totally wrong Tithes mutemo wamwari you can only become rich if you work hard asi mwari anotibatsira hedu kuti zvatinoronga zvibudiririre like you can pray kuti uwane basa but you cant wholly fall into praying because you want to be rich that is why you see these prophets draw lots of crowd coz vanokuparidzirai kuti huyai muite seed muite mari right now ukabvunza vanhu vakatenga zvitinha zviya zvaMakandiwa chitinha 1 chaidhura but hazvishamisi vanhu vese ivavo havana kana mastands now lets pray kuti mwari atipe upenyu mwari atichengete kubva kumweya yakaipa kana takuda upfumi lets work hard lets educate ourselves

  3. Good morning all. Problem haisi yaMakandiwa or Magaya problem vanhu. Chekutanga chakagonekwa nemaprophets aya kuparidza gospel rekuti huyai munamate muite seeding ndokuti mari which is very wrong. Kunamata hakufi kwakaita kuti uite mufumi never ever kunamata koita kuti usunungurwe namwari kune vanhu hongu vanotambura kuita marombe coz of evil spirits kune vanhu vanoshaya mabasa coz of evil spirits izvozvo ukanamata mwari anokusungura. Mukatarisa ikoko kwaMakandiwa a lot vakatengeserwa zvitinha zvaidhura kuchinzi ndokuti uite imba but right now vazhinji vavo havana kana stand chinoita kuti munhu upfume kushanda nesimba uye kushandisa brain nemukana uye hatinamatire kuita mari tonamatira mweya yedu kana tazofa ndoGospel huru kana takuda zvemari lets work hard not kubhadhara Tithes uchiti mwari achaita kuti Bank rikanzure your credit uku kwakupusa manje mwari haatodi zveutsotsi Tithes murawo wamwari hazvirevi ukabhadhara Tithes watofuma but its our responsiblity kubhadhara Tithes kuchengeta mapastors maBishop kuvaka church its all our responsibilities. Bible rinoti bhadharai zvegumi church ibatsire chirikadzi nenherera kwete kuti tobhadhara church kuti oprophet atenge Range Rover kuvaka Hotel kana kugara kunyika dzodhura you must never blame God kuti sei maprophet enhema ariko God will blame you coz everything is there in the bible. Bible rinotaura kuti the church must propaget itself itself and kune vakanamata mweya mutsvene ukaburuka kuchita chavatendi vose vakatanga kutaura nemweya mutsvene, right now ukaenda like Zaoga ukaenda kumapositori kune maporofita jawi nefarira Baba Ezekile Guti vakatorwa nenguva Zaoga inoenda mberi kune maporofita akawandisa but do you think Magaya , Makandiwa naTB Joshua vakafa they church will survive ivo vega ne anointiong oil ndovane simba. PHD yeku Bulawayo hakuna minana inoitwa kana magaya asipo so its not making any sense to me. Mwari akaburuka kuna Magaya naMakandiwa ngaaburuke kuvatende minana yavanoita ngaiitwe nevatendi vose huye mari yechurch haisi mari yavo and havafani kuita zvavanoda nayo church is not a bussines.

    1. the bottomline like what prof.jonso said last time people who go to these churchs are fools irrespective of your level of education and that statement holds fort for now and in forever

      1. Yah sure, a fool for Christ is better.

        1. never better as both the conned and the one conning will be committing unforgiveable sins fir Christ

      2. Where is he now your prof?

        1. enjoying what he looted in zim in sa

      3. Aripi Jonathan Moyo wako iyeye. Kuteerera Jonathan is as good as nhunzi following a corpse into the grave. Munhu asina kuoonawo kuti pana Mugabe hapachina chinhu

  4. Great response from a great prophet of God there.
    TIthe & Offerings are biblical pronciples that we adhere to as Christians (save for those that are ignorant.
    No church forces members to follow these principles. Most of us we follow these principles because we have the revelation of how they work, and they are indeed working for us.
    The Mashangwas are just crooks. Selling the same property to different people and later a Godly principle to their demise is stupid to say the least.
    These fraudsters should just go to jail thats where they belong

  5. money making means…

  6. Vaida debt cancellation yei when they ended up pumping out 6.5 million dollars.This couple should stop playing with people’s minds.


    GOSPEL OF GOD na Elisha muneruvengo runotyisa, Rambai muchivavenga Prophet Makandiwa muchinyepa zvamurikuita izvi, i like the fact that you are christians and the fact that you are trying so hard to wrongly inform people about Prophet Makandiwa. Prophet Makandiwa munhu wamwari and ndozvitoripo hazvichinje. Zva Prophet hazvisi zvevanhu ndezvashe, rambai muchipabata ipapo. chiiko chamungaparidze ipapo chisina kuparidzwa nemuporofita kunyora zitsamba rekushaya zvekuita.

    1. How do you know he is a true prophet of God, even n’anga can do those miracles now we are basing on the habits of worshiping like those of duping people of their money and in the bible its there that kuchauya vaporofita vekunyeba all of us cant even know kuti uyu muporofita wechokwadi or wekunyeba but the way inobatwa nayo basa its just bussiness minded mareal churches chaiwo havamboiti ma millionaire mukatarisa vana Zaoga Roma chaiyo yakavaka Rome yechurch kuItally not those personal hotels like mentioned above do you think UFIC an PHP can live without Makandiwa and Magaya

      1. The problem l see wakatonyora kuti mwana wemuporofita you are into it and you will not see the outside of the world. What you people need are miracles not kunamata mwari n’anga dzinorapa zvakaomarara musiyano wavapo apa Satan anogona kuuya neuchenjeri ndosaka uchiona kuti munhu anogarwa nemweya wemadzitateguru kana masvikiro anenge achitoporofita nekurapa now satana anenge akushandisa zita ramwari the source of power we cant see but Satan ano porofita nekuti yaiva ngirozi and nanhasi anaro simba satan. The problem is most of us we dont know the bible

        1. And for the sake of helping of you again hausi mwana wemuporofita uri mwana wamwari spiritually. Do you even know where your soul is going after death, ivo vaunoti Baba vako prophet vanogona kutonotsva futi saka iwe uchapinda here denga kana Baba vako muporofita vachitsva kuva muporofita hakusi kuva mwari and maporofita haanamatwe to an extenet yekuva Baba vako ryt now those prophets vane ma scandal erape illegal land scams do you izvozvo mubible hazvidikwi and hazvipinze denga zvizivei izvozvo Bible rinoti musanamata zvifananidzo and chifananidzo is any creature except God which means kuna mwari munhu chifananidzo coz takafanana namwari saka tiri zvifananidzo vamwe vanonamata mombe coz ndochifananidzo chamwari wavo saka kana uri mwana waProphet it means prophet ndomwari wako spiritually biologically you have father and mother

          1. Gospel of God u listen too much to rumors and lake even the understanding of the bible you are highlighting to have an idea about. From Genesis to Revelation God was forever doing miracles and the fact that you even doubt them makes me wonder which bible you read and which church you go to. I believe you are the son of the devil from your posts because you lack reason. Do you know where Baba Guti stays my friend. Do you even know the depth of Roaman catholic church. Up to know there is no Roaman catholic church without statutes of Mary and Joseph and crucified Jesus. Jesus was known as a miracle worker and before he was caught up in heaven he gave us one promise and that is we will do greater things than these. In Acts the bible clearly confirms that God confirmed His word in the disciples through miracles. I can write a thousand scriptures here but i dont think they will matter to you. if you go to a church where people are not prayed for and get healing the truth is you are just going to a satanic church. Jesus himself said Matthew 10 Amplified Bible (AMP)
            The Twelve Disciples; Instructions for Service
            10 Jesus summoned His twelve disciples and gave them authority and power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness” In verse 7 Jesus says that 7 And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.. This is our instruction from Jesus

        2. Comment…you can say that again do you know the saying that empty vessels makes a lot of noise,kuramba muchiwawata hakushandure Muporofita nekuti haagadzwe nevote kana vanhu anogadzwa naMwari,My Father is a true Prophet hazvivabvise muoffice yeChiporofita vanotoramba vachisimudzirwa,munataura nonsense nekuti that’s what poverty minded people always think abudirira aromba makajaira madzitateguru enyu airomba

      2. Inga the same Bible tells how we can identify the true and false prophets and its not all about miracles that shows kuti this is a true prophet or not. Iwewe unogona utoriwo fake and then in your fakeness you are not able to see that which is true… Common sense can show you kuti if someone was owing 30 000 to ZB achitadza kuibhadhara aizowanepi tithe ye million. Its plain that you just hating on the Prophet without facts ……

        1. That is true….

        2. He did not service that debt after being told that his debt had been cancelled through a miracle performed in church. The debt accumulated over the years as the idiots were no longer paying. When the bank made the move to auction their house, they realised that the so called miracle was fake. For some reason, best known to the fools they had spent a lot money on the church and now they want their money back with interest. If my memory saves right, Makandiwa at one point told everyone who dared listening to him that if you bring receipts of tithes and offerings to his church demanding your money back , he will gladly pay. What changed? He must pay.

          1. mwana wemuporofita

            he can not pay back what you did not pay in the first place.You guys fear God.You have never had one single dream that came true or a single prediction that was on spot.Was he there when Clinton fall sick how much Did Prophet Makandiwa paid Clinton to fake the illness.If you cant discern just use common sense.Prophet Makandiwa is a true man of God.We cant preach to you about spiritual fatherhood because you do not read your bible well.Elijah was the spiritual father of Elisha,Elisha had a school of spiritual sons ,you may argue that was in OT what about Paul and Timothy,read the bible and read it well.Tisiyei zvedu isu naBaba vedu Prophet Makandiwa hatidi navo.Leave those conmen they thought they can outsmart the man of God.

  8. The gospel of Gog is foolish to those who are destined to perish!These Mashangwas’ christian background is questionable. Never at any time can you expect that God will cover you for selling your property to multiple clients, no matter what you give to the Church!

    1. What you are saying is 100% true, but these Mashangwa is what they were promised by the man of God.Just like promise yakaitwa pakatengeswa chitinha 1 think $20 but now you can realise kuti munhu akatenha chitinha with hope yekuti achaitao imba yake 10 years down hauna kana standa kumusha this is how people are being duped, its like now munhu anobva aenda kuCourt onoti ndakanzi naProphet tenga a brick uzoita imba yake but hapana chakabuda its a wastage of time kucourt these are matters of faith yekuti munhu mupenyu anoverenga bible must never do that

  9. Am a UFIC member and can confidently tell you that the church does not compel anyone to give tithes n offerings. It is the teaching of the unadulterated gospel truth that compels one to give… So if you have a problem wadii wabuda muchurch yacho…. And to those ignorant souls writing that we worship the Prophet, pupurai kwamunoswera. Never has there been a service that miracles , signs,wonders,prophecy and the preaching of the Word done in Makandiwa’s name. Chitima chedu chirikungoinda chichingoinda imi muchingovukura…… We bless God because scripture declares ‘blessed are you when men say all kinds of evil against you in my name….even so they persecuted the PROPHETS of old.’ And we are living that scripture. Mwari akanaka mufunge

    1. Mhinduro yenyu ini yandifadza. Asi ndibatsireio pamubvunzo yandinayo. Kana ndikanetswa nemweya yakaipa handinao mari yekuenda ku Guest house zvino ndoddi. Ko zvitinha zvaitengeswa $20 chimwe chete kuti vanhu vaite dzimba nemaorange. Ini handipokani neminana kana kuparidzwa kwevhangeri nyaya yangu iri pazvito coz l personally handikwanisi kuona kuti muporofita uyu ndewamwari or satan but pazviito ndopane nyaya yose. Nekuti kana muporofita akuti ndipe 500$ ndikunamatire handione sekuti pachina mwari

      1. Wabvunza zvakanaka ndochikupindura ndichiti ku guest house kwamunoreva kunogarwa 3 Days and 3 nights. Munopihwa zvese zvamunoda imomo kusanganisira 3 meals per day. Breakfast, Lunch, Supper of high standards. Pedzezvo mopihwa pekurara. Chindiudzawo kuti unoda kuti cost yako yekugara ipapo ibhadharwe nani? Muhotera chaimo its $120 bed and breakfast pasina lunch ne Dinner.

    2. And for you own information unoziva ini ndakamoenda kwaMagaya zvangu some time ago you know what they did. Every service vanotengesa ma book e service iyoyo that time raiita $2 ma Usher anenge akamira padoor haupinde mukati kunogara pa chair kana usina that book unogara panze kana kumira outside even ukasvika na4am as long usina book hakuna sit mukati. its only a way yekutsvaga mari coz mukati muya mukagara vangu for example 3000 yatova $6000 yapinda muhomwe apa hatisati tataura zve offering kozoti Tithes kozoti seeds ko anointing oil inotengeswa ko Guest house ko mapartners yah mapoproita ane mari vakomana eish zvazvinhu asi ini handione sezvine humwari mukati

    3. Hebrews 8, 9. Its the teaching of this gospel of tithes that is false and antichrist. The 1/10th was reserved for the Levitical priesthood of Israel because in the land of Canaan, the tribe of Levi was not allocated land for farming. They leved off the alter through priesthood services. For true followers of Christ’s teachings, Paul clarifies as Jesus does that the Law of Moses regarding the Levitical priesthood was finished when Jesus died on the cross both as an offering substituting lambs and doves , and as the High priest replacing the Levites-after the fashion of Melchizedek who did not descent from Levi (see also 2 Timothy 2 v 5. God desires all man to know there is one mediator between men and God-his only begotten son. So we know that a prophet or a teacher is a False one if he does not do according to the scriptures. Those calling themselves teachers, priests, prophets and whatever and soliciting for tithes inorder to live off them in the name of God are anti-christ. The acknowledge God and the Law of Moses but deny Christ as the annointed mediator -placing themselves in the way of Levites inorder to create and approach the feeding trough in the name of God. Woe to them if they hear this message but refuse to turn away from their evil and tear their garments in repentence.

      1. You the bible very well by far than me and keep the standard. Lots of people think that we are against their prophets we are not but the way they are harvesting money from them is not even Godly people just believe in miracles as long a man says come out to a demon they will think there is God which is very wrong

      2. If then this is in accordance with the Levitical law of tithes as claimed to be the origin of tithing, which they did not invent;the Book of Leviticus refers in total. This 1/10th tithe on one’s produce was not for the priest in total; and neither was it strictly cash as they insist today! The Levite serving in the House of God was entitled to only a tenth of the 1/10th brought to the house of God.That is 0.01 of an offering. The rest of the 9/10 of the 1/10th tithe (0.9) was reserved for orphans and widows. But these ones-who are neither Hebrew nor Levitical genetically – having been permitted to approach the mercy seat boldly by the grace of the blood of the lamb-by whose death the earthly tarbernacle’s VEIL dominating the Levitical priesthood was torn for all to enter – they masticate all of the tithes without blinking an eyelid!!They do not according to the law. Woe to them!! I say to you; this generation is more wicked than Sodom and Gomorah! The Ninivites would rise in judgement against them for their hypocricy. What they have is a form of Godliness , but denying the power of God himself-which is the Holy Spirit that comes through obeying the commandmends of the son of God (John 14v15)-of whom they deny as the only mediator by their deeds which are full of ‘the love of money’. See how they have replaced the righteousness of God with their own brand of holiness. They have no life in them (John 13v31). They are darkness incarnate. Those with ears let them hear the sayings of the spirit to the church of Him on High.

    4. you are a liar Kudzi. Dzidza kutaura chokwadi. Makandiwa imbavha inoba nebhaibheri chete. Kuva kwako kuUFIC hazviite kuti Makandiwa aite wechokwadi. Shoko rinoti kana tiine zvekudya kana kufuka tichatenda Mwari naizvozvo asi Makandiwa anoti unofanirwa kuva nemari. Pfuma inorehwa neShoko ipfuma yekuziva chakavazika chaKristu (Colosians 3: 1-) kwete mari inoora yamuri kupihwa naManu. Matoto enjiva nemisoro yembongoro yamuri kudyiswa naShingirai. Unofanirwa kunyara kuti unoendako kana ukanzwa Shoko rechokwadi ikozvino uchiri chitunha, hausati waponeswa nekuti uchiri kurwira munhu mukore uno. Vese Mashangwa neMakandiwa family zvinyaho zvigure chaizvo. Hapana akachenjera ipapo. Makandiwa munyepi nekuti akati muneimwe service yake achadzorera vanhu mari dzavo dzechegumi kana vachiti iye haasi munhu waMwari saka ngaadzorera Mashangwas mari yavo. Izvezvi akuramba zvaakataura saka what does that make him? A liar of course. Who then is a liar? John 8: 32-44 verse 44 says ‘you are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of hs own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.’ Repent and stop following after men. Munhu anowora shamwari ndosaka achienda kuchimbuzi everyday kuratidza kuora kuri kuitika zuva nezuva. “for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. therefore let no man glory in men. for all things are yours.” There is only one Spiritual Father (Jesus Christ which is God) kwete zvigevenga zvinodya sadza zvichiora izvi. Follow Christ and not men. Muchanyadziswa manje manje iyemi munovimba nevanhu. my number is 0715100700

      1. hande tione…. uchingovukura #MwariUyu


  11. You know the bible very well by far than me and keep the standard. Lots of people think that we are against their prophets we are not but the way they are harvesting money from them is not even Godly people just believe in miracles as long a man says come out to a demon they will think there is God which is very wrong

  12. Really, you guys you want to attack a genuine man of God because of those 2 criminals.ngavaende kuchitorongo period. Those mashangwas will be be made an example by God himself after swindling money from pple by selling the same property now they want to try it to the great prophet. and those junior pastors “REVELATIONS” i think u need to seek the holy spirit for spirit of discernment ndaona kuti chirungu chisina mweya hazviperere kubible school chete.

    1. If the 2 Magaya and Makandiwa are the true man of God why we not see other Great prophets arising from them? Where are we going after the 2 Prophets? Hakuna church pasi pezuva yamwari inoita muporofita 1? never ever that is a great sign to doubt enda kune amwe ma church unoona ivava vanaZaoga vana 7th day kuma positori hatitotauri

  13. What makes me sad is realising that when our Lord Jesus returns He will find us Christians fighting and soiling each other. One fact for sure is that we all have different levels of revelation and understanding of scriptures, the moment we acknowledge that we are not learned in everything the better positioned are we to search for the truth. Tithing is not for those who still feed on the milk of the Word but only for the mature in Christ.

  14. 2 PETER 2V1-3…

    2 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does[a] not slumber.

    People should study scripture and stop follwing these GOSPRENEURS…

  15. 2 PETER 2V3
    By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does[a] not slumber.

    People should study scripture and stop follwing these GOSPRENEURS…

  16. If the 2 Magaya and Makandiwa are the true man of God why we not see other Great prophets arising from them? Where are we going after the 2 Prophets? Hakuna church pasi pezuva yamwari inoita muporofita 1? never ever that is a great sign to doubt enda kune amwe ma church unoona ivava vanaZaoga vana 7th day kuma positori hatitotauri

    1. I don’t know about the other one but Makandiwa is raising so many gifted young men who can prophecy. Some are becoming pastors within the ministry. Some are even starting their own ministries like Prophet E.Chari

    2. Gospero imbouya pa UFIC uone, then you will have the true picture. Unofunga kuti hurombo hunoita kuti munhu awe mutsvene. Don’t rely on hearsay. Find time to visit and see and hear the depth of the word. The demonstration of power. Kana usina kumboutya zveshuwa rinodoka uchingovukura usina chawaziva

  17. May the word of GOD guide us in every judgement

  18. THis couple should stop playing nevanhu.How can they manage to pay $1.1m in tithes and offerings and they fail to pay $30,000 for the bank.

    They should use the money that they are paying fo rthe leagal fees to settle the debt they have.

    hapana nyaya apa.You are not forced to pay tithes or offerings.

  19. This Mushangwa couple are crooks for sure

  20. mwari vanoona ave mazuva ekupedzisira

  21. Vamwe vanhu kunyangwe wakavenga makandiwa asi ruvengo rwako runobva rwakutadzisa kureasoner kuti apa parikunyepwa.Zvinobva zvangoratidza kuti even kuvenga kwacho kwawakaita iye Makandiwa wacho wakamuvengera pasina nekuti dzakao hadzitodhonze mushe…rovai basa raMwari vaMakandiwa vanovukura vachingovukura…

  22. Hakuna church isingabviswe tithe. I think the Mushangwa are now broke and are looking money to sustain their business. Where do they sell their perfume because i do not see anywhere?

  23. Do they a video of them being prophesied to. Do they have proof. Couple iyi is very calculating. Tiri kuona zvedu tiri kumateresi.

  24. conmen of the century makanzwa butter mukaudzwa kuti imbavha idzi munoramba pedzeranai ikoko nanapapa venyu

  25. Where do they sell their perfume. I really want to know. Pliz someone tell me

  26. Vagara vanongovenga chero usina pawatadza

  27. Vanhu tingatoramba tonetsana, you can never expect vana vabelial vasina chavanoziva nema principles ebible, vanhu vasingazive Mwari whatsoever, I wish people knew integrity one muporofita Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophetess R Makandiwa, if only you knew even fraction of what these people of God are carrying, my prayer is muwanirwe Nyasha muvhurwe ndangariro nemaziso, I rest my case

    1. Son of Emmanuel

      Very True @Mwana waMhamha, it’s my prayer as well if you people who are calling names on Prophets of God that you come to you realize and repent. If you don’t know something rather keep your mouth quiet, it will save you a lot of trouble.

  28. Saka vanaMushangwa vachanamatira kupi? Nokuti hakuna church isingabviswe tithe and offering. Kana ivo judge vedu vari kutonga nyaya iyi vakaenda kuchurch kwavo vanobvisa tithe and offering.

  29. Saka ivo vaienderei kuchurch vasingadekubisa tithe and offering

  30. It’s a pity we have people who use pseudonyms like Gospel of God, Gospreneurship etc yet these people are blind in the spiritual real, they should be crying out to God that, Oh Lord open my eyes.Remember song by Mai Charamba, “kana tashaya nyaya ngatitaurei ngano dzatsuro naGudo pane kutukaMwari. We as a country are blessed for we saw it with our own eyes that if you blasphemy like Chipanga you end up wearing the apology sweater. Tambai ne zvimwe, Mai havaroodzwi.
    I irrevocably support the statement that tithes and offerings where invented in the Holy Books and they are not forced on anyone. I have gone to lengths in my upcoming book, Faith on Trial, to demystify the whole issue. Will try and post on my page @

    Musanyeperana rather be the Church at Berea, Acts 17:11 than to make empty noise, kana usingazive nyarara

  31. we knw whom this couple is dining with ,the very guy who bought the house is the culprit.Its a smear campaign manje mushonga haunamire pasina chironda.kana unetsvina dzako usada kupomera vamwe kuti mufanane.magaya wy can’t u learn frm G40 Makandiwa haarwise,unenge wakanyanya chidofo unoita basa raMwari kunge makasa.tendeuka pachiri padhuze cos ichakumedza mese naana mashangwa vako.hapana munhu anomakidzwa kubvisa tithe or freewill offering munoshupika ana mashangwa bhadharai chikwereti che$30 000 musatinyangadza nezvinhi zvisaina basa.if u think ndimi maiva nemari stereki in UFIC wy is the organisation still running mabuda,musafurirwa nemadofo.

  32. No one is held at gun point to pay tithe or offering in church.

  33. Comment…I does not need a rocket scientist to work out and come up with a conclusion that this is pure extortion. How can one claim he lost $1million and yet failed to service a $30000 loan. its not adding up to me.

  34. touch not the annointed…..chombo did…where is he now….jona moyo did, where is he now

  35. Opinions are like belly buttons …..everyman has one

  36. Funny how the advocate is exposing the Mashangwes’ foolishness. Honestly, you cant pay $1m for a $30k debt to go away, that just unreasonable. In fact, they are the conmen for double selling of property. Soon they will be in the dock to answer for their crimes

  37. GLORY BE TO GOD. Now that the true man of God the truth is coming out
    We told you before that this Mashangwas behavior is like grace vs the croc.
    Kunyarara hakusi kupusa , you are just giving your enemy time to hang self. The devil used Mashangwas are now pissing in their pants like the g40.
    I agree with kumaterraces. we will watch it from there as the real truth now unfolds. Why would we fight for God like the prophets of Jezebel.
    You touch Makandiwa you follow the footsteps of chombo Jonah and grace

  38. Prophet Makandiwa is indeed a true man of God.

  39. I will say it again and again, Emmanuel Makandiwa is a True Prophet, if you take the time to watch him, you will notice that he adores his wife, loves his children and family. His family deeply respect him. He defines love as he lives what he preaches. This cannot be faked no matter what, it shows that he has true character. That,ladies and gentlemen cannot be faked, it cannot. His life is his true testimony. So watch him and pray, you will notice this.

  40. I will say it again and again, Emmanuel Makandiwa is a True Prophet, if you take the time to watch him, you will notice that he adores his wife, loves his children and family. His family deeply respect him. He defines love as he lives what he preaches. This cannot be faked no matter what, it shows that he has true character. That,ladies and gentlemen cannot be faked, it cannot. His life is his true testimony. So watch him and pray, you will notice this.

  41. I will say it again and again, Emmanuel Makandiwa is a True Prophet, if you take the time to watch him, you will notice that he adores his wife, loves his children and family. His family deeply respect him. He defines love as he lives what he preaches. This cannot be faked no matter what, it shows that he has true character. That,ladies and gentlemen cannot be faked, it cannot. His life is his true testimony.

  42. Chinorwadza kusaziva maprinciples eshoko raMwari saka wakaipa unoshandisa mukana weruvengo. Chokwadi chinozivikanwa nevana vechiedza chete kwete neverima. Saka zvakavanzika zviri muutsvene kwete muudofo kana mukusaziva murawo weshoko ra Mwari. Tithes ne FREE WILL OFFERINGS zvose izvozvo zvinotofanirwa kuendendeswa kuimba yaMwari saka avo vanoti kuba haisi mhoswa yenyu inhau yekuti zvakavanzika zveshoko zvinenge zvakashomeka kwamuri. Tithes its a principle of God to spiritual people/ saints.

  43. Chombo na Jona Moyo vakabata muporofita vachidii? Saka muno munyika vanhu vakawirwa nematambuziko vakatuka ani? Ko mubaiberi hamuna vaiva namatambudziko here? Vose vakanga vaitei?

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