BREAKING: 2017 O-level English Paper II nullified

Primary and Secondary Education minister, Paul Mavima, has nullified the November 2017 Ordinary Level examination English Language Paper 2 results and ordered a resit on Friday next week following widespread cheating through social media.

Mavima said the anomaly was picked up during the marking of the paper.

The examination will be reset and candidates will have to rewrite on Friday, February 16, from 1000hrs to 1200 hours. Meanwhile, O-Level results remain unannounced until the paper has been marked afresh.

More details to follow…


  1. this minister is crazy. stop acting like an idiot

  2. KUTONGA KWARO! Just confussion chete chete. Lets go back to Cambridge.

    1. I think your problem is that you think that things from other countries are better than our own… Cambrideg exams leak as hell but you only dont get to hear about them coz they just dont publcise it as much….so as to keep their exams prestigious to people like you. I guess you are bent on smearing dirt on anything from Zim and praising anything from beyond our borders… Cheating in exams is as anciant as the word itself. for once be objective.

      1. BHODHO is VERY right. Its only that we have a lot of naive [and times foolish] people around here who want to sound very intelligent. They know totally nothing about the running of public examinations yet they are bizzy shouting about the same examinations everyday. Those that what Cambridge can still register at some centres. Please go ahead.

      2. No need to defend an institution that refuses to admit that they leaked a paper. It’s dangerous and unprofessional. We do’t care how the paper leaked. We want to know who leaked it. How can a teenager ignore an exam that’s circulating on social media? Now they punish even the innocent ones who never had access to the leaked paper! What’s reasonable about that?

  3. Our education system is now a total farce

  4. Ndoo zvakafanana nekuti wapinda ku Traffic (ZRP) kobva kwaitika COUP…

  5. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Friday 16 Feb 2018, vana vose vaziviskwa here kusanganisira neavo vakashanya kunze kwenyika? Varume rongayi zvinhu nenguva, musaronge marongero anorwadza kudayi veduwe.

  6. May you please help me am lost, who is ‘social media’??? being blamed here?

  7. and who will bear the costs? will kids write at the centres they previously wrote. Am in Mutare, my kid was in Plumtree at a boarding school.

    1. Kids are to write at their original centres. This education system is a total mess. These people have failed drastically in regard to improving our education. Now Zimsec credibility will be questioned especial outside Zimbabwe.

      1. Do you question the intergrity of Cambridge exams, coz they do leak as well? for once be proud of who you are (Zimbabwean) and work towards building this nation of ours.. all i hear is you pointing fingers and not being part of the solution to what has befallen us. We can have leaked exams but without doubt we still have a good education system which is an envy of many.

  8. The most stupid thing ever to be done. Surely who then can blame parents who fork for cambridge if we have idiots running our education system???

  9. This clearly shows that kuti Zimsec matadza basa its better kudzokera ku camprige than bullshit yamurikutiitira nearly 3 mounths makanyarara zvenyu motiudza this time kuti toda kudzokorora
    munoda kutoita zvamunoda nese plizzzzzzz plizz fungai kunge vanhu vakuru

  10. social media yakawanepi bepa reEnglish????????? something wrong with the system maSerious arikudiwa kuti education system imire mushe

  11. Social media kudii kwayo, ZIMSEC system ndoyakakonzeresa

  12. Hakuna nyika yakadai

  13. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Nhayi Gurukota redzidzo, 01 Nov 2017 rimwe remapepa nhau rakanyora kuti pane murume
    akasungwa mayerano nenyaya iyi. Murume uyu kawanika ane bvunzo iyi munhare bozha yake SAMSUNG. Zvino chokwadi kubva musi wa01 Nov 2017 manga musati maziva zvokuita? Saka maform 5 acho achavhura rini? Mari yechikoro muchaida yakakwana. Mwari! Mwari! Mwari!!!! Pindirayi, tatambura Samasimba.

  14. wotoona bepa ririkunyorwa friday rotoleaker futi (*-*) kkkkkkkk

  15. What about those children who visited outside the country. Ngumsuzo lowu.

    1. Iguess you sat for Cambridge exams.. cant you grow up for once why the insults.

  16. ZEC yapindira vari kudzidzira kuzo rigger ma results mirai muone


  18. Umbhedo lowo

  19. guys let us revolt against this so called idea of re-writing , this beyond professionalism

    1. who is going to hear your voice Sirgeo? those pple are killing the country

  20. this is the worst decision to be made by a board such as ZIMSEC. this will affect the most pple negatively the parents, candidates, schools. better decesions to be done with imediate effect.

  21. the whole zimsec board should resign.NOW

  22. ED please recall Mwenje and his useless board

  23. Minister Mavima is an idiot wont prefix that with ED. What percentage of children who wrote this exam had access to the leaked. Mavima, u do not deserve to be a minister. How do you punish the generality of students 4the crime ye a handful of students.

    If I am wrong and a 100% let alone 1% of the students had access. Show us the proof and how you arrived at the the figure. It is sad there is this much incompetence in government.


  24. Retius Chifurira

    Its so sad that ALL students are to re-write this exam even those in 1. Rural areas and very remote some cannot access or have no money for social media platform. 2. Boarding schools that do not allow cellphones at school, thus no access to social media. Moreso, these poor students are asked to write English without any preparation. Education is a tool that can be used to fight poverty….surely vana vevarombo vachafoira this re-write…..A blood coup is happening to our kids and we allow this government to destroy the future of our kids.

  25. This is a national disaster. Why punishing innocent pupils if they know the culprits. The ZIMSEC Direct must resign and the Honourable Minister as well.

  26. Zimsec is RUBBISH. I blame the previous regime for a stupid decision of creating Zimsec. The whole education is total messy. There are lots fake degrees, fake Zimsec results, fake teachers, fake schools etc. I BLAME MUGABE AND HIS STUPID GOVT.


  27. Zimsec management should resign forthwith .that’s gross negligence to say the least

  28. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Musi 26 Oct 2017 matikitivha akarumwa nzeve kuti pane munhu ane bvunzo iyi panhare mbozha yake. Matikitivha vakaenda kuMabvuku vakanobata Tamanikwa. Ndinovimba munhu uyu akamira pamberi peMuchuchisi. BVUNZO IYI YAKANYORWA MUSI WAANI, UYE IKAGO MAKWA RINI? Nguva yese iyi manga musati mafunga kuti modiyi chokwa nhayi Muzvinafundo? Chizivisayi kuti
    form 5 vachavhura rinhi, hongu mati vaite dzokororo. Ndinovimba makaronga uye mava nezuva.

  29. i cant believee thiss….ndpo 100 days dzachoo idzii

  30. The minister could not say it loud and clear that ZIMSEC staff leaked the paper. We do not care how the paper leaked. it’s about who did it. The worst decision the new minister has made so far. I WONDER WHAT COMES NEXT. Ndonzwa kuda kupfira munhu.

  31. Comment…Semubereki ane mwana akanyora ndarwadziwa I was expecting maresults emwana wangu kubuda nhasi kana mangwana.But am suggesting kuti vabereki vose ngatibudei ti marche takananga ku Zimsec kurakidza kusawirirana nedecision yavo.The whole Zimsec department must go.

  32. Hazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Profesor, you said the culprits have been banned from writing exams. May you let the nation know them and the culprit from Zimsec. The country has no money and because of known culprits, the country has to pay more on printing, allowances, zesa and fuel. Parents and guardians have to meet traveling and accommodation expenses. Just imagine, some of the candidates are out of the country, some have to travel from Mutare to Lupane. Harare to Beitbridge and so forth. The other thing is, are you sure that by Thurs 15 Feb all the candidates will be aware of this and ready to resit? As you kwow it’s rain season, are you quite certain that, exam papers will be at the centers on time. Have you arranged all the logistics Profesor?
    Have you notified boarding schools to arrange accommodation for candidates? LET THE NATION KNOW THE CULPRIT/CULPRITS AT ZIMSEC, because that is the source and that is the source for sure. The board must be disolved.

  33. Comment…yaa nepotism yauraya nyika veduwe

  34. Correcting injustice though it may seem unfair to the ignorant

  35. Comment…Heishh but squad ino leaks mapapers ngavaongororwe

  36. Bhodho we know that any paper can leak but there’s damage control, how on earth can you order for rewrite now but all along they knew about it. Why were they quite all along. I think this minister is confused and he needs help or he must be fired because this is not fare. ED must intervene or else he is like his minister.

  37. Comment…ndinotenda nekuronga kwenyu vakuru asi toita seyi isu vana venyu zvamafumira kureva kuti Friday kunosangana nepaper rechirungu isu tirikure zvakadai munoshuvirawo here chakanaka kuvana venyu

  38. Comment…ndinotenda nekuronga kwenyu vakuru asi toita seyi isu vana venyu zvamafumira kureva kuti Friday kunosangana nepaper rechirungu isu tirikure zvakadai munoshuvirawo here chakanaka kuvana venyu

  39. Comment…leading a group of pple is totally defferent to hearding cattle

  40. otherwise dokorara aive nani

  41. vana vavo havanyori zimsec so they do not care about us. to be honest how can a sane person ask for rewrite after 3 months? vaimbovepi pese apa? they should admit that both the ministry and zimsec have failed.

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