Botswana tells Kabila to step down

DRC President Joseph Kabila

Botswana has urged the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, to step down.


The foreign ministry said the situation is DR Congo is particularly bad “because its leader has persistently delayed holding elections, and has lost control over the security of his country”.

Read the full statement:

Government troops have clashed with opposition supporters following the refusal of President Mr Kabila to leave office.

He took power in 2001 after his father’s assassination and had been expected to step down in 2016.

He has however reneged on two deals to get him to leave office.

Another deal has set December this year as the deadline for him to hand over power but opposition supporters suspect that he will not.


  1. And our president is in DRC !!! ED this is the beginning of you losing my vote. What on earth are you doing in DRC ?? Kabila has demonstrated a blatent disregard for human life 17 years in power and still wants to cling on. People dying of Cholera and other infectious diseases of the 80’s government crackdown of protests. Why do you put your relationships first at the expense of the ordinary citizen. Down with Kabila !!!

  2. You better be honest with yourself. Don’t pretend to like ED and his gvt. What you fail to understand is that in as much as we may not like Kabila, he is the recognised President of DRC within SADC, AU,UN etc. Gvt business cannot stop or that ED cuts diplomatic ties based on what we think should happen in DRC. International relations is at a higher level in terms of interaction than domestic squabbles. It is up to the people of DRC to kick out Kabila and not ED and his gvt. We have Zimbabwean businesses operating in DRC and how can they survive without gvt of Zimbabwe support? should ED ignore them until Kabila leaves power? In any event where did you get the idea that ED is on a personal visit and not gvt business? It is within your rights not to like ED’s gvt but it is also important to understand diplomacy between nations.

    1. Are you not jumping the gun by assuming that his criticism shows that he does not like ED. And does he have to like him anyway? I think that a very simplistic argument. ED has visited Kabila when the situation in that country is at its worst and with the whole world calling on the dictator to leave office. Surely we have to question the rationale behind ED’s visit which on paper would appear to be a show of support to someone who is blatantly trashing the rights of his people. ED even mentioned his as his “friend”! We have every right to criticize leaders when they act contrary to our conscience.

  3. Let the Botswana president up the rhetoric by commenting on other countries east of DRC

  4. I dont doubt the situation in the DRC is deplorable but I wonder why Botswana is always acting like the annointed class monitor of the SADDC class

    1. Because they are NOT violating any law…that is one example !!! If anything it is them and the Mauritians who have given the region some semblance of accepting and working within the confines of the ‘rule of law!’

  5. Botswana and Mauritius are indeed the monitors of the SADC class…If anything they are the prefects of all the continent..and it is quite simple..It is “SIMPLY because both countries observe the international rule of “decent governance..that is firmly rooted in something which is practiced nowhere else in Africa. It is called the rule of law….!!!

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