AMHVoices: Succession war devouring MDC-T

The acting-president-of-the-MDC-T can only be described and defined in two words: succession war.

By Pardon Maguta,Our reader

After nearly two decades of political existence, MDC-T allowed itself to fall into the same trap, which has destroyed many political parties over the past centuries. The idea of creating a political god out of supposedly elected official is what has brought chaos in the opposition party.

If MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and crew had allowed term limits for the party’s presidency the party would not be in this mess. But with three vice-presidents and power hungry standing committee members hovering over Tsvangirai’s position, it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

All of the vice-presidents want to be president. Under such circumstances blackmail, lies, violence, intimidation, assault and other vices like what is obtaining in MDC-T take centre stage.

To end the leadership crisis MDC-T must urgently and without fail either go to an extraordinary congress to select new leadership for the party.

Secondly, they can use any other methods, which is legal in terms of the party’ rules and regulations to come out with for the party, while Tsvangirai recuperates.

Failure to resolve the succession crisis immediately and in the best interests of the party will result in a split and disastrous consequences for the MDC Alliance, which many people has hope that it is the only political grouping that can dethrone Zanu PF.

That Tsvangirai due to health complications has lost control of the party at all levels is neither a hoax nor one’s figment of imagination.

This is demonstrated by conflicting statements with regards to who he appointed, as acting party president between Elias Mudzuri and Nelson Chamisa.

A stitch in time saves nine and the reverse is true. The sooner the succession question is resolved the better. A win-win solution is the way, if the party is to remain united.

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  1. This should never have happened if they have respect for each other and if there is a need for change of leadership it is the ordinary people that must choose

  2. The original MDC had set time limits for party presidency which Tsvangirai tempered with in 2005 & overturned to remain up to what the incumbent wishes hence Tsvangirai remained to this day-a clear sign that he is dangerous state man once he would obtain 2 thirds majority in parliament as far as national constitutions are concerned

  3. People will vote for the candidate that they want.The people are watching those leaders who are not behaving.Responsible leaders do not disparage themselves in public.

  4. No its over zealous VPs who are devouring MDC and when Morgan recovers he now need to sit down and take a good relook at the choice of his deputies

  5. Tsvangirayi thought his woes were over with the departure of Secretaries General Ncube and Biti, and the coming in of Mwonzora. In some ways it was going quite well, until he decided to appoint two more Deputies. Now they are the ones creating havoc. He should have left Khupe only as Deputy.

  6. Why do attribute Addmore Gudo’s comments here as from n anonymous person or fr n one called Anonymous?Who changed my my name above?

  7. The state machinery is on full throttle in the MDCt to cause confusion. What Chamisa is doing is naked usurpation of power.the sooner people realise kuti system ine interest the better.

  8. These guys in politics they are after positions instead of doing what they preach on rallies. It seems as pple are itching to hear their eloquence, pple need leaders who provides proper services action and tangible things on ground. As of MDC has lost its founding message and protocol. What is left in their minds z to be superior over one another. Very soon will be having more than twenty parties from MDC. At first they wanted to remove decayed Zanu pf but now they want to remove one another from posts. Go to elections for tsvangirai’s replacement not those nonsense

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