AMHVoices: Arrogant Mpofu should be jailed

The behaviour exhibited by Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines can attract a recall of Parliament. His arrogance and the boss-mentality is strongly opposed, not only by portfolio committee members and its chairman Temba Mliswa, but also the Zimbabwean masses.

Digging deep into operations in Chiadzwa diamond mining and the missing $15 billion, is a quest for meaningful development in an environment that shuns corruption, nepotism, partisan politics.

Zimbabweans are against reinstating a primitive system characterised by flaunting the rule of law, gross human rights abuse, violence, plunder of national resources and collapse of the economy. Such leaders must be reminded that citizens have since fallen foul in the wake of their discord.

As the Mines minister back then, Mpofu is being accused of several crimes and misdemeanours, which speak volumes about the system and nature of governance when the alleged $15 billion went missing.

His replies, call to question the morals and ethics of the government and has the potential to tarnish the image of the whole political system.

Of course, we have been according him respect for his contribution in Parliament since 1991, but this should not end in such humiliation.

All we want are the basics: an economy that works, a conducive environment to create wealth for ourselves and the nation at large, the ability to transact within and outside Zimbabwe without visible and invisible barriers, a nation that is healthy with medical facilities that are well-resourced and personal security irrespective of one’s station in society.

Our leaders must be accountable when exercising their duties. Pardon Makunike,Our Reader

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  1. This barbaric tendency by the “Hon” has clearly paraded exactly what he has been doing and this has the capacity to dent #ED Has My Vote.

  2. Thabo Mbeki once claimed to have informed Mugabe about bride -demanding cabinet ministers. Nothing was done because it was Bob’s security strategy and a way of ensuring that he would be in power for life.
    Comrade E D: It is better to utilise a more sane and more appealing scheme that will endear you to the masses. It might not be bad to offload Obert.

  3. this guy shows has no respect for Zimbabweans .Thanks to his actions because they are the one’s going to show us if MR ED stands by his words.

  4. Mpofu reckons he was sanctions bursting hence his actions can not be publicly scrutinised. If truth be told they were in it together with the top guys

    1. its true imbwa iyi ngaiende kuchitokisi

  5. I think the guy Mpofu is is becoming big for his shoes, why is he so arrogant to the extend of not respecting the Zimbabweans.Those are the Ministers ED put faith to, and lead the Home affairs Ministry whose behavior are questionable

  6. Comment…the big problem is that nobody knows what ED thinks about the controversy surrounding this mpofu. But true to speak, this is one man to sunga! We cannot keep him in our taxpayers purse anymore the we can take care of RGM. Yavakadya yakawandisa.

  7. Pardon, i agree that indeed Mpofu must be jailed. Oh but for crying out loud, what’s this B.S about US$15 Billion? That was just a stupid gaffe by an old dictator being interviewed at his birthday. That amount of money never existed at all

    1. The Other Guy, what the hell are you flimsly trying to defend here?

  8. This just shows, nothing has changed, ZANU PF remains ZANU PF – thugs! and legalised looting of state resources and taxpayers money.

    We need operation Restore Legacy 2 – the removal of ZANU PF and all the criminal elements around it aka Wicknell, Pambuka, etc…

  9. Mpofu is talking like munhu akatsika pfuti. Any guesses why? He must have some damning info on some people in the this “new” dispensation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Supa exhibits the same traits.

  10. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Let the masses stage a protest against Mpofu. As a leader in government he was supposed to be exemplary. He is simply telling Garwe “NDEZVAKO IZVO. SOME OF US ARE ABOVE THE LAW” Heyo nyaya Mr President

  11. Mpofu is a joker. The power of the people must be shown to be greater than wahtever amount of money he has looted from us.

  12. This guy is an arrogant bastard,the government must take back everything this bastard stole and put him behind bars.

  13. Temba Mliswa should continue with the good work.I think Mpofu have gone too far,from looting our resources to insulting Zimbabweans

  14. Cde ED must offload Obert Mpofu if he wants to convince the nation that he is serious about corruption.

  15. Is he above the law? If not, he has to answer to the parliamentary committee.

  16. Minister Mpofu must just return the stolen loot & tell who he shared the money with. How he funded Zanu with diamond money, how he bust sanctions with it, how they paid assasins & political actors

  17. Chief Wezhira

    This is tribal cost which will sink ED if not properly hanlded.

  18. Cde Tonzikutota Zvamauya Zvanaka

    Pakaipa Obert was minister of mines ED was minister of defence our good general the VP was the then Army General Kembo was Home affairs minister, its a team guys hapana zvaanoitwa he is untouchable coz chances are most probably this team was involved in the same shenanigans that to Mr Obert amassing this vast wealth. its the same team again that was in play pa DRC era ana mkoma vedu vakafa to protect the interests of a very few people. Viva Zanu ………

  19. he is actually an enemy to the president snd the state at large

  20. Mugabe was the branches, the whole tree (ZANU PF) is corrupt and has to be cut by the roots. Or else we won’t experience any change in any way.

  21. How did E D choose him to be minister in the first place? Is he ignorant of Mpofu’s past?

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