Zimbabwe’s anti-graft agency investigates Grace Mugabe’s PhD

HARARE- Zimbabwe’s anti-corruption agency is investigating whether former first lady Grace Mugabe was wrongly awarded a university doctorate more than three years ago, an official said on Tuesday.

By Reuters

Grace, whose efforts to take over the leadership of the ruling ZANU-PF party prompted a de facto military coup against her husband, then-president Robert Mugabe, in November, graduated in 2014, just months after she had registered to study at the University of Zimbabwe.

Up to now, her dissertation for the doctorate has not been published and is not available in the university library, as such academic qualifications usually are.

“We indeed received a report from the sociology department at the university on how Grace Mugabe received her doctorate and that is what we are investigating,” said Goodson Nguni, the head of investigations at the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Local media reports say the sociology department told the commission that Grace’s doctorate was “suspicious” and needed to be investigated.

Grace, who was called “Dr Amai” – or “learned mother of the nation” – by adulating followers, has previously defended her academic record and last September told a ZANU-PF rally that she had earned her doctorate even though her detractors thought otherwise.

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Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was on the receiving end of vicious attacks by Grace last year, succeeded 93-year-old Mugabe as president in November.

Grace has not appeared in public since Nov. 15, when army tanks rolled into the capital and confined Mugabe and his family at his luxurious mansion in Harare.


  1. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…We queried the PHD and among those who defended Gire were Prof Jonso Moyo and Orpah who was minister of higher education. Orpah, who claimed that Gushungo had edited the thesis should be arrested for criminal abuse of minister if corruption investigations are not factional. Orpah then relinguished her post as secretary for women’s affairs in favour of Gire. Maybe she thought if Dr Joy Mujuru was fired as VP she would be appointed.

  2. Goodson Nguni is investigating others yet he is corrupt himself. he is blind to corruption done by his friends. There is abuse of office at ZTA by Karikoga Kaseke the CEO and i bet my last penny he will do nothing about it because he receives cash from the latter and has a daughter whose fees and upkeep is done by Kaseke.

  3. Akomana, why don’t you advise Gire kuti angoita alter her birth certificate to First Names: Doctor Grace; Surname: Marufu since she maybe obsessed by it Inga there are people with first names dzinonzi Doctor. kkkkkkkk.

  4. What is there to investigate? This is stale news! Its as clear as daylight that this PHD was fraudulently conferred. There are much bigger cases to investigate and prosecute. By the way Grace should be jointly charged with her husband because he was the Chancellor when this fraud was committed!

  5. the same Marufu[Headmistress] is troubling teachers and parents ,workers at chaplin high school to an extend yekutuka the karanga tr’s especially during DOCTOR AMAI’S ERA the same was happening at CHAPLIN HIGH SCHOOL IN GWERU,I dont think she is the best personality to head such a big school.she better go back to setlitesschools or MKOBA 3 Where she was previous before smuggled to CHAPLIN high WITHOUT PROPER PROCEDURES followed.She own the school,kutsvaga nzvimbo yenge mhosva paCHAPLIN

  6. Comment…Zimbabwean its time you concrete on developing the nation now stop childish politics.

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