We’ve no plans for dynasty: Mnangagwa family

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son, Emmerson (Jr), has quashed speculative reports that the family is plotting to grab the country’s key political posts with a view to establishing a dynasty as was the case with former President Robert Mugabe’s family.


Emmerson (Jr) made the remarks yesterday following reports that he had set his eyes on inheriting the Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency from his mother, Auxilia.

“The speculation about me eyeing a National Assembly seat is categorically false. I am not planning, nor have ever planned, to run for a parliamentary seat, there is more to life than politics and occupying public office,” he said.

Incidentally, Auxilia inherited the same constituency from Mnangagwa when the latter was appointed Mugabe’s Vice-President in 2014.

Emmerson Jnr added that speculation about his future was just meant to tarnish his image and that of the family.

“It is not part of the family agenda to establish a dynasty. Those who are pushing such speculation want to paint the family as greedy and personalising the national political space. We do not stand on that platform.

“This is purely fake news sadly being propagated by mainstream media. There was not even an attempt to seek clarification from myself, which is sad,” he said.

Mnangagwa (Jr) has been supportive of his father, accompanying him to Mozambique en route to South Africa, where they briefly sought refuge after the latter was expelled by Mugabe at the height of Zanu PF factional wars in November last year.

Before their unceremonious departure from the country’s political landscape in November last year, the Mugabes had become dominant players with the veteran politician’s wife, Grace, occupying the all-powerful women’s league secretary post while their daughter Bona sat on several parastatal boards.

Dozens of other close Mugabe relatives occupied Cabinet and several other key government posts including in State security with Grace reportedly angling to succeed her 93-year-old husband both at party and government levels.


  1. My advice to the president, mr ed mnangagwa. Mr president, you are a very intelligent man. I can safely say the majority of people in zimbabwe support you. Me included. Why? Because you were able to remove the most hated, bloodthirsty, ruthless and corrupt tyrant called robert gabrial mugabe. We thank you for that and we will vote for you. But for you to go on a crusade, both local and international, glorifying this man we hate so much, i think you are taking the people of this country for granted. That man is the source of our suffering today and for you to continue praising him is like rubbing salt and sulphuric acid on our bleeding wounds. You are being very insensitive to our feelings towards this monster. Keep that love you have for that man private. Dont take the love that we have for you for granted. Thank you mr president.

    1. he is not the one who removed him.

    2. What rubbish.Ed did not remove Bob. He was removed by Bob and the army removed Bob under duress!!Ed is not really intelligent either!The man cannot count 1,2,3,4,5, cabinet ministers who are not mps but goes to 6,7,8 then reverses. Now we have no information minister with SK acting until further notice!!!Are there no sitting mps where he can choose one?pulizzzzzzz

      1. very toxic……you sound like the devisive and disgruntled professor, or maybe you are the one, unfortunately there is a brand of Zimbabweans and lot of them who are happy and very positive about the new dispensation & we are solidly behind the leadership of ED. Being in opposition does not entail working against government…..this new order has set Zim in the right trajectory, very sound policies, all we need to do is support by playing our part.

        ED has my vote……may God bless Zimbabwe

    3. Hauna kukwana. Don’t speak for us please we have our own mouths and ways to express our selfs. Which we will do come “Free and Fair elections

  2. Thanks Jr. for the clarification. Remain sober-minded and down to earth. We would also be even happier if mum gives up her parliamentary seat. ED has my vote.

    1. Yes, the mother must also give up her seat. For a model first lady she should look at Sally.

    2. Hold on a bit with the thanks. Ed Jnr speaks like a true politician!! Deny deny deny then act the exact opposite. Lets wait and see.

  3. you have and there is no difference between u and the mugabes

  4. You want to teach old dogs new tricks ha, its called political survival , they would say anything to make you think you are on same boat, you wait and see the true colors .Totenda maruva tadya chakata

  5. @Mutakura…I totally agree with u, the way Mnangagwa is full of praise & protection for Mugabe really makes one sick to the stomach. Mugabe was overall a bad leader period, otherwise we are starting to doubt ED’s own abilities of judgement

    1. Maybe the respect comes from the way the liberation struggle was prosecuted and perhaps the Lancaster House talks. Remember Mugabe was a darling of many people before 1990. But @Mutakura is right. The way Mugabe is being extolled by Mnangagwa gives doubt as to his judgement. Mugabe is reviled in Zimbabwe and in the Western world is not only hated but is seen as a despot. To describe him as an icon, really shows Mnangagwa as having failed to read the mood in Zimbabwe.

  6. He is trying to charm the regional and continental leaders who hold Mr Mugabe on high regards. That’s where the intelligence in politics comes in and manifests itself.

  7. You said it well @Chitaka thats intelligence in politics

  8. Political intelligence at its best. He has managed to charm the world thru that.

  9. mugabe ,mnangangwa are the same .i dont suppotr murderers

  10. mugabe ,mnangangwa are the same .i dont suppotr murderers

  11. mike somusa moyo

    mugabe and mnangagwas are the same and i cant support the muderers look what these two did in matebeleland but now he
    talk like he wass not there

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