Students give Nyagura ultimatum over Grace PhD

The Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) has given University of Zimbabwe (UZ) vice-chancellor, Levi Nyagura 48 hours to step down from the institution for reportedly presiding over the awarding of a doctorate to former First Lady Grace Mugabe in unclear circumstances.


According to a letter delivered yesterday to the institution, Zinasu, represented by its president, Achbold Madida, said failure to heed their call would result in intensified protests to force Nyagura to step down.

“It is our considered view that your continued stay at the helm of the institution further degrades its already tainted image in the academic field. This is because you presided over the awarding of a bogus doctorate to Grace Mugabe,” the letter read.

“The act of awarding the bogus degree represents the most deplorable conduct by your office. The issue is now being investigated by (Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission) Zacc, further putting the university on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.”
Zacc has since clarified that it was not investigating Grace’s PhD.

Zinasu alleged the quality of education at UZ had been compromised during Nyagura’s tenure, claiming the university was being run in an undesirable environment.

Zinasu said if their call was not acted upon within 48 hours, they would mount protests to force Nyagura out.

“Should you not resign in the next 48 hours, Zinasu will organise thousands of students to protest against your continued stay at the helm of the institution until you resign.”

Nyagura was not reachable yesterday.

This came as lecturers at the institution had written to Zacc alleging Grace’s degree was awarded in unclear circumstances.

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  1. Lets focus on issues affecting the nation, let due process be followed in withdrawing this Degree.
    To me the Grace story is a tired one we are just wasting energy and resources.
    Its true that in Zimbabwe we are full of theorists, what these are guys are demanding will never put food on our tables.

    1. the should not be swept under carpet

      1. Warumwa warumwa

        The students are on holiday the UZ is yet to open there are already threatening disrupting their core activity which is learning. Be serious students you have life ahead. Further think about the damage this will have to UZ internationally if indeed it is proved the award was dubious. All past and present academic awards issued by the institution will be discredited.

        1. Credibility has already been lost. It needs to be restored. A withdrawal of the degree is in order! We all know the degree is fake and was Conferred under duress. Nyagura should resign as well to save the university. These are the criminal elements and wrong doing that were surrounding the former President.

      2. the carpets is full….

    2. And this is one of the issues ‘affecting’ the nation, cde. Why sweep it under the carpet?

    3. So you dont mind then that Grace uses this degree to her benefit???

      1. what a benefit? she remain the same shit hole trump describe with doctorate or not .. she is just there for Greed… like thousands of others…

    4. “what these are guys are demanding will never put food on our tables.”

      Wrong. In many ways the awarding of a fake doctorate affects the university and its students. they will struggle to attract high fee paying international students and quality lecturers, their degrees will be looked at suspiciously by employers and international institutions and overall the country loses clout and above all money because of this misguided decision. You are so so wrong and poorly informed.

  2. The credibility of the institution needs to be restored as soon as possible. Prof. Nyagura made a blunder and it is high time he comes out clean on why a doctorate degree was conferred on Mrs. Mugabe. The only noble thing that he must do is resign with at least the little honour he has.It seems leaders in Africa always want to take the difficult way out; one of being disgraced.

  3. So what? let ‘bygones be bygones’?. I think not!!

    There are some bygones that can be addressed and shouldn’t just be swept under the carpet cause the dust will always affect those in the room somehow. Let dignity prevail in all institutions and the least that those can do is resign for they have lost the confidence of the nation.

    If we are to be consistent with the let ‘bygones be bygones’ thing how about we also give those who ‘externalised’ funds and assets a new clean slate to begin with?

  4. withdraw and replace it with adiploma

    1. i am suggesting a certificate of appreciation. a diploma is issued to someone who have attended college somewhere for a period of time.

    2. A diploma will be too high a qualification for ‘Dr Amai’. She cannot be awarded a ‘certificate of attendance’ either, because it is alleged that she never attended a single lecture.

    3. No, withdraw and have Grace charged with fraud. that’s cleaky a fraudlent document meant to deceive and give her undue advantage. also, given the high standing Grace enjoyed as first lady, she should be set as an example to deter anyone to ever attempt the same. She is actually the right person to set an example on.

  5. secretariat diploma

  6. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Vana musaita MHIRIZHONGA, gadzirisayi
    zvinhu nenzira yakanaka anditika. Ko mugodhi weShabanie zvowovhugwa University (MSU) ichaitaseyi??????????

    1. glkjdfgljkrb gjiopslbww booeoasf teuuascv,, gvq,,vbno34534 mvv,,

  7. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Vana musaita MHIRIZHONGA, gadzirisayi
    zvinhu nenzira yakanaka anditika. Ko mugodhi weShabanie zvowovhugwa University (MSU) ichaitaseyi??????????

  8. Don’t take these threats lightly, vapfana avo vanotodziya musoro

  9. Whats the noise all about. I earned my doctorate ask my husband Gabriel.

  10. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Orpah, then minister of higher education played a big role in awarding this bogus doctorate as she thought she would replace Dr Joy Mujuru as VP. Oppah even relinqueshed her post as post as secretary for women in zpf if of Gire. Orpah further claimed that Mugabe had edited the dissertation in defence of the award. Orpah, Prof Nyagura, the chairman of UZ council and Claude Mararike(dean of social studies must all be arrested for criminal abuse of office. Gire deserves the doctorate for single-handed destroying zpf from within and help asher the new dispensation. Blair, Bush, Tsvangirayi er at failed but she achieved it in less than four uears

  11. This doctorate, must be withdrawn as a matter of urgency and be replaced with an elementary CERTIFICATE IN SOCIAL WORK.

  12. We are clear Nyagura must resign


  13. university of zimbabwe is distinguished institution of learning and research… we all know that grace s degree was awarded under the arm twisting intervention of former dictator mugabe….nobody including the vice chancellor could stand in their way….leave the guy alone, he has had a distinguished career…

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