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Singer castigates ‘fake’ preachers


UPCOMING musician, Prosper Kutyauripo yesterday said it was disheartening that the church had been hijacked by unscrupulous individuals masquerading as preachers, when they were just after money.


The artiste, who recently released his debut album, Nguva YeChokwadi, castigated preachers, who were extorting money from people under the guise of performing miracles.

Kutyauripo said it was time to attack social injustice in the church, which he said had been infiltrated by people with ulterior motives.

“We used to know the church as a sacred place of salvation and deliverance, but it has been hijacked by people after money. These greedy and heartless leaders exhaust the little in the pockets of the poor,” he said, adding that such preachers were just out to enrich themselves.

“Instead of preaching salvation, churches are after purchasing items during church services — anointing water, anointing oranges and bricks — turning a deaf ear to issues of life after death.”

The title of the seven-tack album is derived from the sixth song, Vanhu Vangu, while in MuSamaria, listeners are challenged to do self-introspection to who they are following.

“It’s another track for fake prophets. It asks whether Christians are following prophets from God or Baal. Christians should lean on God not on prophets,” he said.

The other tracks on the album are Satan Ibva, Mwari Havasi Munhu, Shinga Mutendi, Simukai and the instrumental, Shinga Mutendi.

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