Shiri targets Mugabe farms

NEWLY-APPOINTED Agriculture minister Perrance Shiri has reportedly ordered an investigation into former President Robert Mugabe’s multiple farms with the intention of leaving him with one farm in line with the country’s one farm per family policy.


The Mugabe family reportedly owns up to 14 farms covering over 16 000 hectares acquired since the fast-track land reform programme began in 2000.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe was reportedly in the process of acquiring more land, particularly in the Mazowe area, where the family runs the Gushungo Dairy project.

NewsDay is reliably informed Shiri has ordered a probe into the Mugabe family’s land ownership with a view to repossessing some farms, so they remain with one.

Well-placed sources within the Department of Lands, which used to be a full ministry under Douglas Mombeshora during Mugabe’s reign, told NewsDay that Shiri had ordered a compilation of Mugabe’s farms for possible reallocation.

“Minister Shiri has ordered, through our directors, that we compile a full list of the former First Family’s farms and we are already doing it,” a source from the Department of Lands revealed. ads Ads

The source claimed Shiri gave the order this week to all directors in the department.

Shiri could not be reached for comment yesterday, with his aide, who answered his phone, saying the minister was in a meeting.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha, under whose jurisdiction most of the Mugabes’ properties are located, yesterday declined to comment on the issue, describing it as too sensitive.

“I cannot comment. Talk to minister Shiri,” Dinha, who a few years ago was quoted as bragging that he would give Grace as much land as she required, said.

At the time of her husband’s ouster, Grace was in a process of evicting villagers from Manzou in Mazowe to allow for the expansion of the family projects that include the construction of Robert Mugabe University, a hospital and secondary school.

It has also recently emerged that the former First Family was leasing out land controversially seized from Interfresh Holdings Ltd’s Mazoe Citrus Estate in 2013 to businessman,Hamish Rudland, a major shareholder in CFI Holdings.

Mugabe, who was the face of the controversial land reform programme, had been attacking Zanu PF bigwigs for grabbing land, which they were failing to utilise, thereby, threatening agricultural productivity.

The family reportedly owns Gushungo Estates (4 046 hectares) in Mazowe; Gushungo Dairies (1 000 hectares); Iron Mask Estate in Mazowe (1 046 hectares); Sigaru Farm in Mazowe (873 hectares); Gwebi Wood (1 200 hectares) in Mazowe; Gwina Farm in Mazowe (1 445 hectares); Leverdale Farm in Banket (1 488 hectares); and Highfield Farm in Banket (445 hectares). In Norton, they own Cressydale Estate (676 hectares); Tankatara Farm (575 hectares); John O’Groat Farm (760 hectares); Clifford Farm (1 050 hectares) and Bassiville (1 200 hectares), putting the land holding of Mugabe’s family to about 16 000 hectares.

Mugabe’s close relatives that include his late sister Sabina, his nephew Leo, and his brother-in-law Reward Marufu were also reportedly multiple farm owners.

Several other Zanu PF bigwigs are also multiple farm owners.

Mugabe, who had ruled the country since independence in 1980, buckled under pressure from the military in November last year at a time Parliament had initiated a process to impeach him following a nasty fallout with his former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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  1. Nxa kuliqiniso, siyabonga sibili!

  2. iam surprised why people would be given more than two farms when Ministry of lands has a data base. The double allocation could only happen with the blessings of Mombeshora

  3. BUt the title suggest Shiri is doing something wrong. It is not the politicians who are polarizing pple or popularizing bad habits but the press.

    If the report is true then the title should have been put i such a way that it gives confidence tp proceed with the attractions rather than sending wrog signals?

    Why use “target”

  4. We can only hope that the report is true and the process will yield positive results. This should not only end with the first family but to every person who owns more than the stipulated number of farms (one farm per family policy).

  5. Thank you Shiri, but it also appears during the first days of the military takeover you were not present at the press conference ,had you developed cold feet and you are now brave enough and you want to show everyone what you are made of, that must be good of you.

  6. John Peters is correct. The Minister is not targeting Mugabe’s farms. Its like he wants to fix the Mugabes, when he actually wants to regularize the allocations. Targeting means, picking out, singling out or fixing on.

  7. I am hundred percent confident that all the information contained in this report is true.Howevermy worry is on the heading or title of the article .I do not think it should titled the way it is because shiri is just regularizing the irregular.He is therefore not targeting anything her but he is simple regularizing.Reporters ,make use of your computers to avoid the use of wrong words when writing some of these articles .

  8. Mugabe the Goblin is so evil. How can he grab all the land while the majority are homeless and poor? He preached what he didn’t do.

  9. Well Done Air Marshall Perrence Shiri. Our input back at University when we discussed the land reform programme with you sir is what you are doing. Do not stop there. A full Land Commission is what is required and we bring order and sanity to the Land Reform Programme which was amongst other ills, the major reason of the Chimurenga. General Tongo is smiling from the heavens

  10. iye ane mangani mapurazi Perence i bet you these fellow each has at least 2 or more farms some you just dont know they own because they lease them out .Its not Mugabe alone who must be investigated hapana zvamurikuita air marshal you are simply going after your enemies which is natural when you were once targeted this is vengence it has nothing to do with what is right.We need real change not facade of change that is targeting those who are not in your corner what a shame

  11. Its just targeting the old and weak .

  12. I disagree with most of the commentators , this process of finding out multiple farm owners must not target individuals though it’s good to start with Grace Gucci Mugabe , this must apply to everyone including Shiri himself , ED , Chiwenga etc , the slogan was one man one vote , one man one farm . This old new ED administration is biased from the onset , they said the process was to clear the thieves around the former president but they staged a coupe de dat and removed him , its’s well know that the 15 billion plus which is missing Obert Mpofu was the minister then and he once ran the ministry for more than 3 months without the board after he had dissolved Masimirembwa , food for thought . Supa Mandiwanzira fired Reward Kangai to cover his corrupt misconducts and Kangai is exposing him but these people sit and share the same table and office building with ED , so were is the difference with Bob. Cry my beloved Zimbabwe . Zanu PF is rotten and it needs to be replaced not repaired . ICHO , CHARIRA , KUPIKO , MUZIMBABWE .

  13. If this ever happens, that Mugabe family has farms taken back to give others, ED is assured of winning this year elections. I will also vote ED, he means business. God bless Zimbabwe!

  14. Mugabe left power and he made you to be Air Marshal though he was wrong why are you doing such an evil to him

    1. You are selfish and silly at the same time, so you are saying just because Shiri got his promotion from Mugabe he then shouldn’t correct Mugabe’s stupidity of owning that much farms when 95 percent of families in Zimbabwe dont even own 50 square metres of land. Stupid !

  15. Targetig or regularizing please dont stop with the Mugabes but embark on a full fledged targeting or regularizing process and the proceeds should benefit the common man.Dont rob Peter to pay yourselves.If you dont do it correctly the the opposition will once they get into government as they certainly shall.

  16. All good that you’re doing minister Shiri but my problem with all ZANU PF leaders is that they are not loyal to the country but to their party & their cronies. Everyone one of you knew that the former first family had multiple farms but remained quiet. The question that begs for an answer is “so what else do you know but you’ve kept quiet about?” One thing that is certain is that democratic change is slowly setting in Africa and good governance is a must as we forge ahead.

  17. The headline is meant to sell the paper I guess. Kanti osiphatheleni ke mina yibo abantu angingazwisisiyo ngabo.

  18. I think the one farm per family is good and fair however the farms taken back must not be given back to white people. Zimbabweans can learn to grow their own food. We dont need white farmers at all. Look at Rwanda and Ghana where there are no white farmers. They are doing just fine and better each day. White people only look out for themselves and even those who claim Zimbabwe to be home cant intergrate. They isolate themselves. They were on the streets cheering for Mugabe to go but did you see a white face at the inauguration ceremony. None. They think they are too special for that. Zimbabwean farms for true zimbabweans.

  19. NewsDay thank you for your professionalism when reporting issues but please please please fix your 2 cents website. Its just pathetic and poor standard, copy from Nehanda Radio. Thanks

  20. @John Peters mukuda kunzi zvinzii..
    Yaah Mugabe aiba

  21. @ Asante Sana and some if u are not comfortable with the way newsday editors write their titles Nyorai renyu bepa cz this is is also aimed at selling newspapers kutsvaga mari paDhorobha

  22. Chigore Mapungwana

    Time will tell. I am one of those that hated ED with a passion before his ascendancy to the top job but that has changed quiet a bit. I personally like the way he is cautiously approaching and dealing with the issues of Zimbabwe. He is not bowing to pressure. Zim had rot to the core and we can’t expect 15-20 years of utter destruction to be righted in two months. Mugabe was the “Top Dog” in all the mess up on land and everything else hence the spicing of the story title but I don’t think think Shiri and ED are that dump to only target Mugabe because they know that that rine mayanga hariputirwi. Only time will tell. Keep up the good work guys.

    PS Newsday your website is good enough for I and I

  23. Comment…target or whatever word used, the point is, just move on with your plans mr shiri. Under public services reforms we call it rationalisation. This shd also be done to multiple farm owners so as to encourage high utilisation of the farms. How can one family fully utilise 16 hectars of land?

    1. kkkkkkk! Speculative purposes


  25. In the Mugabe land issue, Dinha was a very willing and garrulous partner. He should be charged with complicity

  26. The subsequent time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I imply, I know it was my option to read, however I really thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you can repair in case you werent too busy searching for attention.

  27. Torai ivhu Mugabe was taking Zimbabwe like a personal property.

  28. Can we also get ED, his VICE, Shiri to be also audited and all the current ministers in Govt.

    The last time we heard ED had 14. We were not told how many hectares though????

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