Mnangagwa, Zhuwao face off in Davos

A SHOWDOWN is looming at the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, has threatened to doorstep and embarrass President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “kleptocratic” government delegation in front of world leaders and potential international investors.


In an opinion piece penned from his secret base outside the country, Zhuwao at the weekend claimed that he would travel to Davos for a public showdown with Mnangagwa.

“I actually saw the coup conspirators and terrorist junta’s senior officials at Dubai airport on January 20, 2018 on their way to Davos. Handei tione tonosangana ikoko (Let’s go on ahead to meet there),” he said.

“ED’s (Mnangagwa) primary objective at Davos is the recruitment of more EDiots (a derogative name for the President’s supporters), who will be conned and deprived of their wealth and resources.

“He will find #2018Resistance waiting for him there; working the conference behind the scenes, thanks to the experience gathered within Zanu PF.”

Mnangagwa is among several heads of State and government attending the WEF summit, which starts today and runs until Friday.
He is leading a Zimbabwean delegation on a charm offensive to lure foreign investment into the country to jumpstart the economy.
Zhuwao is among several former Cabinet ministers who served under Mugabe, but went into exile to avoid retributive arrests after Mnangagwa took over as President in November last year.

Mnangagwa recently cited Zhuwao as one the three former Mugabe ministers who were “abusing social media” to “say funny things” meant to discredit his government, with the other two being former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and his ex-Local Government counterpart, Saviour Kasukuwere.

“Whatever wrong we might have done to you, we need to forgive … I have forgiven the cabal and they are in the country except for only three, who remain outside and [are] still saying funny things, but all that will soon come to an end,” Mnangagwa said while addressing South African businesses and potential investors in Pretoria last month.

But both Moyo and Zhuwao have remained defiant, routinely firing salvos at Mnangagwa from their hideouts, while there were claims Kasukuwere was said to have recently made overtures to engage Mnangagwa and negotiate his way back home.

Zhuwao warned potential foreign investors at the Davos summit that Mnangagwa’s regime was out to dupe them of their hard-earned money.

“The regime of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta is so kleptocratic that only EDiots will trust it especially at Davos. #2018Resistance will be in full force at Davos taking note of those EDiots engaging and dealing with the kleptocrats of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta,” he continued.

“#2018Resistance to kleptocratic primitive accumulation will take to task any and all individuals, who represent public institutions like governments or listed companies and bring such untoward engagement and dealings to the attention of their various stakeholders.

“The regime of coup conspirators and terrorist junta is not only kleptocratic, but is so ideologically vacuous that its only guiding principle is primitive accumulation.

“The regime is made up of the very same characters that were cited by the United Nations report on the Plundering of DR Congo Natural Resources: Final Report of the Panel of Experts (S/2002/1146), with particular reference to paragraphs 27 and 28.
“How can any right-thinking person take such kleptocrats seriously?

“These kleptocrats are steeped in the processes of primitive accumulation dating back to the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo two decades ago.”

Zhuwao accused the government of using violence to accumulate wealth.

“Mnangagwa is, therefore, coming here to Davos so that he can find takers for the resources that they have captured from Zimbabweans,” he said.

“The coup conspirators and terrorist junta have used this model to grab power in Zimbabwe and now want to abuse State power to further accumulate wealth.”

Zhuwao said he would be conducting his activities on the sidelines of the WEF meeting and urged international investors to “conduct proper due diligence on these kleptocrats and avoid being hoodwinked, as was done to a British newspaper, which attempted to put lipstick on the crocodile”.

He did not mention who was accompanying him to the meeting, setting the stage for a potential clash with the government.

Efforts to get a comment from the government were fruitless yesterday, with Mnangagwa’s spokesman, George Charamba’s phone was not going through.

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  1. Famba navo Joao. Ediots are murderers although your uncle was the number 1 murderer and you got a job thropugh kamarism. You are very shallow and never duserved a ministerial job. maiita nyika kunge tuckshop yekumba kwenyu.

    1. Patireki iwe ndiwe number one Idiotic raster. Waifunga uchagara zvachose nasekuru vako. Imba yekuChivero wakaitenga ne kuba futi

      1. Party-rick. Wakagara uri heartless namaLives avanhu, zvigodii kana Zimbabwe ikashaya mainvestor, todya kwaZhuwao here zvakapera zvohurumende yanga ine uHitler. Tinoda ma investor irregardless of political affiliations is tisurvive muZimbabwe hauna kuona vanhu vachipiswa kuSouth Africabetter wake up.

    2. Patrick is stupid and is the guy who chased investors with thr satanic indigenisation policy,Ever since he forced foreign companies to align with stupid policy we started facing cash shortage.

  2. zvakaoma.
    a grown up man anochemera kuramba achitonga iye nechikhule chake vakauraya nyika……kwaaa

  3. Kurwara pfungwa mfana. Sekuru vakati zii wanii. Dzoka urewurure Patrick

  4. I rabishi iro siyai rakadaro rinongo ukura Nzou iri kufamba zvayo. Even if we had to have a clear coup, it would have been welcomed world over because Robert was now a nuisance. When last was Robert invited to such a prestigious summit by the way???? He would only be called in nema Rasta who would go out and say he says it justa like it is man and bring home a chain of marijuana smokers who also taught Zhwawo Chatunga etc how to smoke the weed.

  5. sascum iri rakuda kunetsa manje vamwe varikurwisa kuti nyika iende mberi iro rochemera kutidzosa shure.

  6. criticism should come from those who are morally right and not Zhuwawo who is ever under drugs. Dai vangomutora vadzoke naye kumba vambotipawo timuite party. His uncle destroyed this country. Someone tries to rebuild it he campaigns against it. Please. We do not need such an idiot. Anyway he is not Zimbabwean

  7. Comment…go to mozambique you idiot leave our country ED is right,go to hell with your uncle bob

  8. This idiot must just keep quiet. When he was looting, we kept quite. Shut up Zhuwawo, or whatever your name is

  9. juawo you are not fit to tell us your own cries , we are now free in Zimbabwe. you and your uncle thought Zimbabwe is for you alone. which resistance are you talking about. Your dull uncle is not the best leader , he was ruthless and selfish , he only thought about his kinsman. See how you destroyed this country.
    You have a lot to give back. We will soon take back the 20 farm your uncle stole from us and give them to the people. By the way are you now in your fathers country Moza, because in Zimbabwe there is no name or village called Zhuwawo.

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  11. There are thousands of mad people in this country. However, when it comes to showing off one’s own madness, noone beats Zhuwawo and Jonso.

  12. Zhuwawo is not Zimbabwean. Ngaaende anowukura kumusha kwake. The guy hasnt come to terms with the fact that His Sekuru is no longer the President of Zimbabwe or let alone the president of anything. Leave Zimbabweans alone and let us solve our problems iwe naSekuru vako u are done……What Coup? Accept reality and move on with your life.

  13. Patrick is the idiot. You are a cry baby still wanting to be a minister which you did not deserve. It was nepotism because your uncle. They were mant Zimbos who qualified but you were favoured. ED pamberi nhaye. Go to Davos and we will beat you. Pasi newe gayster.

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  21. I am so sad with this fool called Zhuwao. When his Sekuru was under pressure he ran away for dear life. In our Shona muzukuru akakosha kuna sekuru and you are expected to stand by your sekuru till the last breath, iwe wakatiza. When the former President needed your moral support, you were hiding. Ikozvino the storm is over ndopooda kutaura nonsense. You are a failure kumhuri nekunyika. SHUT UP IF YOU DONT HAVE SOUND AND PROGRESSIVE ADVICE FOR THE INTERIM LEADERSHIP. CHUPETI.

  22. This guy is a pure genius & gift from the heavens, we need guys like this to help keep the Lacoste military govt in check & not relax. We’ve come to realise that it takes zanupf to fight zanupf therefore any faction of whatever shape & form of zanupf fighting against itself is always a welcome development

    1. Musorobhangu(G40)

      True brother…we need an opposition that is so strong to keep checks and balances. One thing,why should we trust ZPF?. Can someone please give me one reason?

      1. Dear VaMnangagwa

        Vakagara vanozvishandira neveLacoste nemaZimbabweans ese havana usimbe, regaiEmmerson asi atsvakire mhuri yake Zimbabwe yaakapuhwa naMwari from Irrelevant thieves of [ 40 ].
        Pamsoro pazvo iwe Party-rick maingotiudza news dzenhema muchiziva kuti maigaridzisa mabusiness enyu.

    2. Zhuwawo is no longer ZANU but a lonely figure in the middle of confusion and intoxinated

  23. Sad he is hurting so. He possibly was eying nhaka ya sekuru vake. Come back home Patrick. E.D. is very forgiving. Stop making it difficult for yourself to be forgiven. Your file is there and facts are there too.

  24. Comment…I told yu already if yu still remember me that one day yu will be in hide out

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  32. This is denial at its best, mfana uyu is still dreaming…..wakadzingwa usati wapedza kuba kaaaa, you were promised this land nambuya vako kaaaaa, mainyeperana nambuya vako manje nhasi wakuchemera kuda kudzoka pakuzoba futi,….to hell with you Zhuwao…wakashandepi iwe kwawakawana upfumi hwese wawanga unawo..nxaaa IDIOT>>>

  33. is zhuwao really a zimbabwean

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    1. Spot on !!

  36. Poor Zhuwau, they will laugh at you because they all know that you are related Mugabe.

  37. And Zhuwau you have no support at home..Zero. We are all supporting the President Mnangagwa…i dont know who you are fighting for..maybe you are doing it for Jonathan Moyo.

  38. Now you see the caliber of people that we took to be our leaders. Just throw them off the gravy train and see how they cry. Useless nonentities. And to imagine that he really thinks all this noise he’s making will amount to anything. Sorry sha. Its a done deal. The gravy train has just gone past but be grateful too that it didnt run you over.

  39. this illegal immigrant called zhuwao must go back to mozambique and eat karapawo you and your uncle destroyed zimbabwe you chased our farmers companies were closed because of you now president mnangagwa has come he repented and saw we were on the wrong move he now fights to build zim and you the mozambican wants to destroy zim go to your fathers land and back there i told you that mugabe will go i send many messages telling you what i was forseeing now it happened you are on the the run you better run fast bakayawe

  40. i remember when you showcased one of your nice convert-able car zvaifaya but today tables have turned we entertained you for too long. No body will ever want to hear the name of MUGABE in political circles. To hell with you go and remove that dread loggs utange kufunga afresh

  41. Ya pakaipa zvakurwadza sure

  42. Patrick, I think your misguided efforts and thoughts have gone a bit too far and I suggest you reign in your behaviour to reflect ramose. You mismanaged your then ministry, infact it was characterised by corruption and confusion and now you think your the righteous..
    Your Uncle has the same character but here’s the truth we the people reject you and for all you stand for so stop taking up our space, least we charge you with treason…

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  44. Zhuwawo needs brain observation, he acting like ambuya vake Grace manje, those leaders there will only laugh at u, your grolling only symbolises that of a loosing bull, why did u ran Away from Zimbabwe? Shame Manga majaira Kuba, if u distublise that meeting there, make sure you never step in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe does not belong to your regime, nguva yenyu yakatopera

  45. Comment…usarwadziwa rasta. puta marijuana ako uri zii

  46. Zhowawo ave kurwara

  47. No sane person would listen to this Patrick. You destroyed our beloved nation, enriching yourselves, when the general populace was struggling to make ends meet, purporting to be a legitimate government when infact you were an oppressive bunch of people. Allow ED to give you lessons on democracy.

  48. pasi newe Zhuwawo mfana unofira mahara gara kuDubai ikoko muHotera dzamakavaka ikoko otherwise wakuda kuzvimbirwa manje

  49. Mufana uyu fodya dzinomukanganisa

  50. Comment..Things can change,why dnt u put ur hands up nd take defeat zhuwao,u led the loosing team,its over my party-rek

  51. mbanje mucabinet nasekuru

    wakadya naSekuru vako zvakakwana ,mukana wakadarika sekuru vako havakuzive waida ku indiginiza standard chartered bank hauna kukwana saka uri kutsvagei kudavos

  52. yoo u “Matsvina”Zhuwao together with yo uncle Mugabe were running this country as a family business and busy stealing from our coffers, now that’s the end face the consequences. Idiot !

  53. Zhuwao is BITTER because, together with his SEKURU and acolytes, they have been removed from the FEEDING TROUGH.

  54. I had never imagined this in my life, Zhuwao in “exile”.. maiti nyika ndeyekumba kwenyu ka. Ndikuda kuvhotera Garwe kuti zondo rako iwe Patrick kana uri kuexile risazombofa rakatika ivhu redu as a free and equal citizen to others. uri kadu kanopera na’zvi’

  55. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thank you!

  56. Isn’t that a cute kitty?!

  57. He’s just waiting patiently for the place to open up.

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  59. Best view you can finde , in this side of world!

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