Magaya predicts economic rebound under Mnangagwa

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverances (PHD) Ministries leader, Walter Magaya, has predicted an economic rebound under the new political dispensation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Addressing journalists during his cross-over all-night service on New Year’s Eve, Magaya said with the ascendancy of Mnangagwa as President, economic recovery and individual prosperity were now possible.

“It’s a new chapter for every Zimbabwean; we are in a new dispensation and, as a church, we are saying let us take advantage of the new chapter to grow our economy,” he said.

“As a church, we have declared good and we are saying to our people, let us open the gates. We have great opportunities lying ahead of us.”

In the past few years, the popularity of “prophecies” has shot up, with preachers trying to outdo each other by predicting the future.

Mnangagwa took over from former President Robert Mugabe in November last year following a military intervention.

The new President had been kicked out of the ruling Zanu PF and the government at the height of Zanu PF’s acrimonious factional fights pitting the now-vanquished G40 against Team Lacoste loyal to Mnangagwa.

Soon after his inauguration, Mnangagwa promised to deal with corruption, but critics accuse him of targeting people that were not in his faction, with none of his perceived supporters having been arrested yet.

Mnangagwa promised to lure foreign direct investment and repealed the unpopular indigenisation policy.

However, his reign has been met by a wave of price hikes.

Magaya said 2017 would go down in history as Zimbabwe’s best year, as itushered in a new political dispensation following Mugabe’s resignation.

Reading from Isaiah 60 verse 1, the PHD Ministries leader, who commands a huge following and had his cross-over all-night prayer oversubscribed, said Zimbabwe needed to open its “gates” and allow foreigners to bring in the “goodies” they have so that the hard-pressed citizens could reap from their sweat.

Magaya was allegedly close to former First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

The all-night prayer was graced by singer, Jah Prayzah, who mesmerised the worshippers with a well-choreographed act.

Earlier on, Magaya launched a social media platform to allow church members to chat with him directly, as well as to allow for advertisements among his congregants.

The platform is called Lets’ Chat.

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  1. This prophecy is not only stupid but very mischevious as everyone including a one day old kid will tell you the same and it is very obvious that the economy will experience a turn around, i do not understand why the Prophet decided to make a fool of himself during his last days of fame.

    1. The Headline says ‘Predicts’ not prophesy. Your statement is not only stupid but mischevious. By the way, a one day old child cannot tell you anything.

      1. Ha hah aha hiding behind the fingure “PREDICT”.
        By the wa is, he a prophet or a predictor?

      2. This is equally nonsense and we are not going to be deceived by the word Predict this guy has been issuing scandalous prophecies all along and now that he has run out of ideas he then hoodwinks characters like you with words like Predict, we will not fall for that and anyone knows that the economy is destined for a rebound now that the old regime is no longer around and we do not need this false Prophet to lead that chorus of the obvious as Zimbabwe is not populated with fools.

    2. You are the one who do not understand here. Predicting is different from prophesying please, do not read between the lines !

  2. True Elisha. His time to pay up has come. He is trying to create a smokescreen by praising the new Admin when everyone knows how he used his G40 connections to terrorise ppl. You cannot call this a prophecy Walter! That is common sense that things are looking up coz of the political changes and change in policy.

    1. do not read between the lines Prophet Magaya is only predicting not prophesying as such please !

      1. That is nonsense and the story does not even deserve to be written anyway, he has been predicting nonsense through and through. When one say a one day child its a metaphor to say anybody can say that so don’t be thick.

      2. One meaning of prophesy is to predict something that will happen whilst the other meaning is to declare the words of a deity to subjects even if the words are not predictive in nature.Using the first meaning ‘then the two words are synonyms unless if it had been pointed out that Magaya’s predictions were being done by his carnal person and not by the spirit of the deity that he claims to speak for.If you are saying he merely did the later then I wonder whether he is now an economic analyst or a specialist in that field since there is no evidence to that effect!

  3. Yes! We all know of the Tyson land deals and the Grace bus deals which you were fronting Sir. You are hurting inside bcz your cabal was put to the cleaners. Time to face up to your below-the-belt shenanigans. Don’t pretend you like the new dispensation. Uri kutotya kuti zvawe kuzobuda. That is the most nonsensical ‘prophecy’ I have ever heard!!!

    1. This is not a prophesy as such but he was only predicting. I humbly berg you to go to school and be learned a little bit sir !

  4. Nonsense! This is no prophesy. The boy is simply saying the same thing that everyone expects. How much more proof does one need that he is no prophet but a liar who tells people what they want to hear.

    1. You do not know what you are saying and God should forgive ignorance in you because you want things to go your way that is the main problem with you .Predicting is different from prophesying please , be learned you boy !

      1. Kangaira, who told you I am a boy? Besides, no need for semantics. The article mentions popularity of “prophecies” which for all intents and purposes is how the lying Magaya was conveying his message. It’s you the gullible one who does not know who you are following you think your Magaya chap is a so-called man of God. He isn’t. He is a lair who preys on your gullibility.

  5. Prophet Magaya vanokurwadzai. YOu have nothing to contribute. YOu fear him haters, why dont you come out in the open and tell him in his face. MANJE HAPANA KWAANOENDA MAGAYA

    1. AMEN!!!!!!!

  6. Magaya ukawana nguva utikwanire

    1. Adiyi. you are the one who is displaying ignorance here as Prophet Magaya has only predicted what will happen he has not prophesied anything . Do not hate someone for the sake of hating please !

  7. This is rubbish! Predicting the obvious! Please don`t take us for fools you false prophets. The other time it was Makandiwa prophesying the demise of the Kariba dam wall if it was not repaired, something that is public knowledge and has been in the public domain for several years. Please false prophets give us a break!

    1. Who is rubbish here ? I think it you who do not understand simple things that he is predicting, go to school mhani !

      1. kikikkikiki I said this is rubbish meaning the news item not a person its you who`s supposed to go to school. Kana une pfungwa dzakakwana do you need Magaya to predict the obvious for you

  8. There is nothing new. That’s obvious

  9. Janana wa Bikaz

    Shame on this stupid boy called Magaya.Trying to appease Ngwena so that you may become closer to him and his wife so that you can always get protection for your satanic deeds.It really beats me to see some very learned people rallying behind this boy and are always ready to defend him at any given time.The Holy Bible says ‘My people perish because of lack of wisdom” not education.False prophets will arise and will lead MANY people astray.False prophets will never announce their arrival but theirs works and deeds which are not in tantem with the Holy Bible will give them away and only those with spiritual eyes will see them for the wolves in sheep’s skin that they are and abstain from attending their cult gatherings disguised as
    ministries and churches.Take heed people and repent from worshipping mortal human beings.

    1. ndinowirirana newe Janana kutaura kwako kune hungwaru huri kushaikwa mune vanhu vamwari vakawanda varikurasiswa ichasvika nguva yokuti vanhu tichachema nokuty takatadza kusarudza chakanaka ticitevera munhu anozviti munhu wamwari kose ikoko kuri kunyepa regai zvikurirane

      1. Thank yu JANANA pple will just believe anything said by these prophets

    2. 11 Your gates will always stand open, they will never be shut, day or night, so that people may bring you the wealth of the nations— their kings led in triumphal procession.

    3. saka wati chii apa ndiwe wotiudza manje

  10. Magaya is stating the obvious expectation of everybody. Remember God is Sovereign and nobody should interfere or claim to be God. Ari kuhumana humana zvake kuti agodya mari dzemarema anomhanyira kumupa mari ivo kumusha kuine nhamo inosemesa.We are all people of God and not Magaya oga vanhu vanorasika papi. Ndosaka musina cash because munobviswa brain moiswa dzimwe netsotsi rine tundebvu twamacho man.

  11. kupi kuobvious kwaataura haasiriye akataura kuti bond note is ok what became of it?bev anzi anamate zvikadiii?as long as zanu is in power forget about economy turning around ndicho chokwadi kwete prediction sekutaurwa kwaaitwa.l suggest Magaya stick to the Word of God kwete kutaura kwausina kuswera.waiparidza about favour uchidururira MAI GRACE mari kuitira mastands akooo shame on ur followers who doesnt understand principles of the Word n life in general #nyeperwai iye achipfuma muri varombo

    1. Mufana wacho haatorina shoko at all! Ari kungodzimaidza vanhu maziso. How can a prophet of God invite vaimbi venziyo dzemunyika dzoimbwa mu`church` pachitambwa zvetsvina nevanhu vakapfeka zvetsvina. That Magaya boy needs to be born again itsotsi riri kuteverwa nevanhu. Shoko raMwari rinoti minana ichatevera vanotenda but vanhu vari kutevera the so called minana iri kuitwa netsotsi. Vanhu svinurai mhani verengai shoko raMwari kwazvo

    2. former yako church uudze vanhu chokwadi do give us your programm we have our own at phd

  12. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Comment…NdiMagaya here kana munyori wenhau?

  13. kkkkkkkkk. Ayaz!!!!!! Panonzi pano ipapo

  14. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Comment…Vakuru vemakereke siyanayi
    nezvekuda kufadza vanoita zvematongero enyika. Asi itayi zvinofadza Mwari. HOTO kwete vazodziwa.

  15. I find this sentence interesting ….” In the past few years, the popularity of “prophecies” has shot up, with preachers trying to outdo each other by predicting the future…”

    How true, and it appears like this mostly comes from 3rd World pastors fooling their 3rd world audiences. How come we hardly hear of any 1st World pastors making these predictions or prophecies of instant riches or wealth etc but nothing about hard work?

  16. This is rubbish no economy will improve look around and tell us what has changed since Mugabe was removed ? Nothing will change ques at banks still the same prices of basic goods in shops still going up people who demonstrate still being arrested money changers still control money . That is wishful thinking that Munangagwa can turn around our ravaged economy Magaya and Bar Jesus same same fake .


  18. Please leave the prophet alone. He predicted and there is no problem with that. its a good year indeed for zimbabwe. a year of GOOD OPEN GATES. #TRIBE OF YADAH

  19. Ndinosuwa church inotaura zvekuuya kwaJesu. Kana mainzwa kwairi ndiudzeiwo. Mkoma Paul anonyorera mkoma Timothy anoti mumazuva ekupedzisira vachazviunganidzira vadzidzisi vanotaura zvinovavira nzeve dzavo. Nhasi tinozviona asi tinotenda mazviri. Pane ane wachi yekudenga here andiudzewo kuti dzave nguvai takatarisana nenguva yairehwa na mkoma Paul. Ndinoverenga Danyere naZvakazarurwa ndinorohwa nehana nokuti ndinoona kuti nguva hapachina. Ndinoenda kukereke inozviti ya Kiristu muridzi wenguva. Ndinobvako ndichivhiringika nokuti vanondiudza zvepanyika iyo iri kunzi yave kuparadzwa. Vanondiudza nezvepfuma sirivheri nendarama. Ndatarisa akumbira nguva kuna Kristu ndamushaiwa. Ndaona vanhu vachifara ndikasvimha misonzi nokuti muridzi wenguva ari kushevedzera kuti yakwana asi hapana ari kumuzwa. Ndatarisa vamire mberi kwevanhu ndaona ruzhinji rwuri irwo rwakarehwa na mkoma Paul. Tavaunganidza kuti vataure zvinoda nzeve dzedu. Zivo tinayo nokuti magwaro akanyorerwa isu uye kune vakaafira kuti tive nawo mumaoko asi hey hama dzangu topera takabata chokwadi.

    1. MHANDUWEE come join us ku catholic church hatina vanotishopera kuti tichapfuma asi we are taught to work hard

  20. Ngavambotisiya akomana Ndivo vekuti 2016 zvichabhadhara, zvinhu zvikazowoma zvekuoma zviya gore rikapera vanhu vakusatobata cash predict or prophesy hameno ikoko ngavambonyarara zve economy varape zvirema nemapofu nezvimwe zvakadaro zve economy ngavasiire ivo Nyadenga and those he gave brain to study economics.

    1. to those who believe is a prophet zvakabhadhara pavanotaura havarevi munhu wese vanoreva vana vavo

  21. Munenge muchiri mumweya semaKristu here kana kuti Satan avakutonga mamuri kutukana nenyaya yakanyorwa nemunyori expressing his views. Christians let us control our tempers.

  22. 11 Your gates will always stand open, they will never be shut, day or night, so that people may bring you the wealth of the nations— their kings led in triumphal procession.

  23. Hakuna prophecy inodzoka kumashure izvo zvinhu zvinozotaurwa zvaitika sei why maprophet enyu asina kukwanisa kuprofita kuti Mugabe achabva pachigaro makutaura kuti he predicted that Munangagwa will make a change when wqs this prediction made. There is freedom of worship in Zimbabwe but you people are trying to force us to believe in that false prophet of yours. If you want to follow Magaya please do so yourself and stop publishing it and forcing everyone to follow him.

  24. magaya ngaambomira zvake ati ziiiiiiiii

    1. he never come to your church

  25. We have turned our country into a pariah state that is dominated and controlled by such nothingness and hogwash. It’s a mystery why we have been turned into this rubbish and trash. The things of God should not focus on wealth and we have repeatedly heard such rhetoric since the time of RG and his wife Grace Antoinette. There is nothing new here, whether ‘prediction’ or ‘prophecy.’ People should learn to work and through their sweat, eat and feast, rather than donate their hard earned monies to these crooks…fro some reason, Zimbo’s have learnt nothing and we continue to learn nothing…

  26. Mr Editor, Why did you block my comment. How can you say I am posting comments too quickly, I should come down. I am not angry with anybody. You should have read my contribution before just rejecting to publish.

  27. Regai munhu adye mari dzemarema uyo.

    1. akadya yani


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