Government slashes excise duty on fuel

FINANCE and Economic Planning minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday slashed excise duty on all fuel products in a move meant to reduce overall production costs and stabilise the country’s pricing system.


In a statement, Finance and Economic Planning permanent secretary Willard Manungo said the reduction in excise duty was with immediate effect.

He said duty on petrol had gone down from $0,45 per litre to $0,385 per litre, with diesel and paraffin duty now pegged at $0,33 per litre down from $0,40 per litre.

“The reduction in excise duty will have the impact of reducing fuel prices. This will also have the effect of reducing the impact of fuel cost in the economy’s overall production cost structures across all sectors,” Manungo said.

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  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Ndovimba zvinhu muzvitoro zvichadzika. Uye vana muzvina zvitoro ngavasiye tsika yekutengesa zvimwe zvinhu $1.99, $1.98, $1.97 ne$1.96. Ivo vachiziva kuti avakwanise kupa vatengi masenzi acho, vachiti avana masenzi. Imari yakawandisa yavarikubira vatengi zuva nezuva. Semuyenzaniso, 1000000 2kgs sugar x $0.01〓 $10000. Imari yakawandisa chaizvo iyi veduwe. CCZ gadzirayiwo nyaya iyi mukati memazuva ZANA. $10000 pasugar chete, ko munyu, mafuta ekubikisa neekuzora, mushonga wemazino nezvimwe zvakawandisa. Ana muzvina zvitoro varikuita millions $ nekubira vatengi.

  2. Long overdue. This should have been done 20 years ago. Remove other senseless charges, fees and licenses by EMA, local authorities, etc.

  3. The margin is just too little to effect meaningful change.

  4. I doubt it if this will filter to the consumer. Our profiteering businesses will cite the need to clear old stock before effecting the new price. A marginal change will then be done for a very short time and no sooner will the price be above the initially reviced prices. Thats how our economy operates. After all the policy makers are the same business men.

  5. Commander Guvamatongo

    Positive move, but the quantum is too little to make an impact. Should have reduced the duty by at least 20 cents or more. Government will actually get more if they reduce the fuel price as usage will also increase. For example, I would rather take a bus from Harare to Mutare instead of driving as this will cost me only $6 in bus fare. If I drive all the $6 will be consumed by toll gates and I still need $26 for fuel and more to pay the police. The Government should stop being greedy and be sensitive to the plight of the ordinary people. That fuel duty must be slashed by 50% as soon as possible so that the ordinary person can also benefit from price reductions in basic commodities. Why should Government want to take 67 cents of duty on every litre of fuel. That is being greedy. STOP IT!!!

  6. The reduction is meaningless, 6 cents doesnt have any impact on prices. our fuel is way too expensive. remoce the zinara road levy on fuel, remove the carbon tax cz its not even serving any purpose. that way taakutaura kuti mitengo yaderera, otherwise hapana apa

  7. Comment…7 cents kklll

  8. Totally agree with the comments…. the efforts are rendered meaningless if the value reduction is not noticeable. From various calculations and comparisons of regional prices the retail price for fuel should be between 0.84 to 0.87 anything above that is revenue collection. Same with ZESA!

  9. A further reduction is needed there otherwise the its effect can not be realized.

  10. A further reduction is needed there, otherwise its effect can not be realized.

  11. dejected pensioner

    Comment…On a different note that still has to do with our livelihoods, I was reading elsewhere that Govt is considering setting up a compensation tribunal to compensate White farmers who were driven off their land. Please consider us also pensioners whose lump sum paid out in 2009 could not buy a loaf of bread. Please it is painful that after saving the Government for 40 years one gets that kind of lump some. Please ED do something for us in this regard.

  12. Please guys its to early to oppose. Let us give the authority right time to perform their duties. A slice of bread is always better than none

  13. at least a range from 15 to 20 cents was meaningful.a

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