Chiwenga in health scare

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga was last night spotted coming out of a top private hospital in Borrowdale, Harare, amid reports of a health scare.


Chiwenga was being helped by aides, who surrounded him as he got into a silver Mercedes Benz S class vehicle through the back door after spending hours at the facility.

It could not be immediately established what Chiwenga was doing at the institution.

Although an official at the private hospital claimed the VP was visiting a relative, another official alleged that Chiwenga had been taken ill earlier and stabilised.

Chiwenga was later driven off the hospital premises in a motorcade whose other vehicles included a Black Mercedes Benz S class and a maroon Range Rover with South African number plates.

A military police double cab vehicle was also parked at the hospital although it was not part of Chiwenga’s motorcade.

Media, Information and Broadcasting Services ministry principal director Regis Chikowore was not reachable for a comment last night.

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  1. Comment…Chiwenga is a normal humanbeing and needs regular medical check-ups. This is reason why Mugabe and Tsvangirai prefer seeking medical check ups in foreign countries instead of local. A normal visit to a medical unit is viewed with suspion and is splashed on the private media newspapers

    1. Sekuru Kaguvi revisit literature and find out what check ups are. Morgan is seeking treatment abroad, not check ups. It’s different from what the geriatric used to do – go to Malaysia for check ups.

      Morgan seeks treatment abroad and he wasn’t using public funds until recently when ED gave him a facility. In any case the health system had long been brought to its knees by the Mugabe cabal.

  2. But whats so suspicious about a VP visiting a hospital .Truly speaking do u ever plan to get ill ?? Mongoda kuti munhu asatariswa nanachiremba basi.Akaenda kusouth moridzazve mhere ….Ngatikwaneyi varume .Muviri unototi uvane paunodzimba basi

    1. ndonews idzodzo ibasa ravo vemapaper kupa information . there isn’t anything wrong about reporting on any issue concerning public officials.

    2. taura hako wangu

  3. This type of reporting shows that you have a post ‘O’ level qualification. Mr Editor I think you are sleeping on duty.

  4. murapi aripano chiremba wemudenga

    VP is just like u even the bible tells us there is time for everything so i dont understand why u are so curious to know abt his health.pray for our leaders against sickness.

  5. pse enough of these scares for now the nation is seized with tsvangirai scare and we do not want more

  6. Comment…this is y at e end of e dae our economy z in such a shape…..instead of reporting zvinr msoro u busy gossiping….i thot tts y h metro was 4md

  7. headline……’chiwenga in health scare
    in between the story…..’it could not be immediately established what chiwenga was doing at the institution’ so where is the ‘health scare’

    1. pwaaati

  8. The Author of this article is sick in the brain for sure. The General was visiting a local hospital in Zimbabwe and is it a crime to be sick. If he goes to SA or Singapore you complain again and make it top story so that you sell your press. Be warned against such practices

    1. Munondidii 29/01/2018 this Author is very sick he beiongs to cabals thats why is reporting nonses things

  9. A very stupid article.

  10. Kare Kwaivanani

    Makuitawo kunge Herald imi.

  11. Poor piece of news

  12. There is nothing at all to report anything about a public office bearer…they are 2 pple a private person and a public person….even zuma..trump etc their private lives are reported

  13. Comment…saka mnhu akaenda kuchipatara zvakaipei mashaya zvokunyora hre mumapepa.

  14. The journalist personal at Newsday you are such a pathetic news writers. As it sounds you dont have concrete evidence as to what General Chiwenga was up too at the Hospital. Your sources are not reliable and they are faceless. Therefore your piece of news is baseless and useless. Not worth to take into account. Idzi ndonyaya dzinotaurwa mubhawa buying time. That is why your sales are plummenting because munonyora nyaya dzisina basa and misleading headlines. Mr editor do you job in a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. Dont waste newspaper space, place adverts if you dont have anything worth to write.


  15. Maybe he was poisoned in a helicopter

  16. trevor ncube, please re educate your editors especially that your paper like econet had Christian ethos behind it.

  17. Comment…kkkk


  19. mmm EDITOR,Regai kusarudza misoro yenhau iri so alarming makatarisa only your sales in terms of your paper readership zvinokunetsai izvi rimwe zuva matovaraigwa zvenyu, mobvunziwa kuti ndinogwara nechii imi mochishaiwa, Vakuru vangu regai dziveshiri mazai haana muto.

  20. very silly news indeed ,is it that the VP Can no longer visit any Hospital now ?You seem to be a distance away from being a journalist

  21. It’s a good thing to visit a hospital if u are not feeling well than to rot in yo house bcoz u are shy.

  22. Chiwenga as a public official moreso a VP,his life is always going to be under the public radar/scrutiny represented by media such as this news print. Though the reportage is incomplete but the visit has more questions than answers thus the onus is now in the VP’s office to allay any fears. Anything amiss about him (even a flue attack) has a direct effect on issues such as investor confidence, the stock markets to mention but a few.

  23. editor hauna nyaya


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