Bloodbath in ZRP

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s nephew and Deputy Police Commissioner-General (administration) Innocent Matibiri and hordes of other top police commanders were yesterday fired from the force.


More officers were set to be shown the exit door as President Emmerson Mnangagwa moves to weed out top police officers who allegedly presided over the rot in the force alongside ousted former Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri.

The purges – disguised as retirements – have so far affected commissioners and senior assistant commissioners who are unlikely to be replaced as the police service moves to a leaner and more effective command element.

A highly-placed government source said the ongoing realignment of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) was a continuation of Operation Restore Legacy started on November 15 by the military.

“This is part of Operation Restore Legacy which will see nearly all the top brass who allegedly helped Chihuri preside over the rot in the police force being forced out. Their posts are not going to be filled except crucial areas. More than 200 bosses will leave office in the next few months,” the source said.

The sources told NewsDay that Matibiri was fired along with Commissioner Grace Ndebele (training and human resources), Senior Assistant Commissioners Douglas Nyakutsikwa (Mashonaland East), Eve Mlilo (legal) Wiklef Makamache (finance), Erasmus Makodza (anti-stock-theft), Prudence Chakanyuka (printers) and Justice Chengeta (human resources), among others.

The retirement of senior assistant commissioners and commissioners follows the decision to retire Chihuri, who was a perceived sympathiser of the G40 faction in Zanu PF which was reportedly opposed to Mnangagwa’s ascendancy.

According to a letter written to one of the commissioners, Ndebele, by ZRP Acting Police Commissioner-General, Godwin Matanga, the top officers are set to be paid three months’ salary in lieu of three months’ notice of termination.

“This letter serves to advise you on your retirement from the Zimbabwe Republic Police in terms of section 22 subsection (3) of the Police Act (Chapter 11;10) effective from midnight of the 19th of January 2018,” part of Matanga’s letter read.
Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said she was unaware of the dismissals as she was not in office.

But sources said Charamba was part of the team that was in the firing line.

“I am not at the office, I don’t know, talk to the Ministry of Home Affairs or the Police Service Commission,” Charamba said.
Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu refused to comment, referring all questions to the Mariyawanda Nzuwah-led Police Service Commission.

“That is an operational issue, talk to the Police Service Commission, they will give you the actual position,” Mpofu said
Nzuwah could not be reached for comment.

Others who were said to have fallen by the sword include Commissioner Olga Bungu (former aide to former First Lady Grace Mugabe), Angeline Guvamombe (Support Unit), Mekia Tanyanyiwa (Support Unit), Godfrey Munyonga (Criminal Investigation Department) and Robert Masukusa (transport).

The dismissals are, however, in contrast with what is happening in the military where a number of officers have been promoted while others have been retired and redeployed to government departments. So far, Mnangagwa has promoted officers in the military, raising speculation that the move was meant to reward those who participated in Operation Restore Legacy which forced Mugabe’s resignation.

The police force together with the State intelligence were said to have been working against a Zanu PF faction loyal to Mnangagwa dubbed Lacoste.

Since Operation Restore Legacy, the police have been forced to take a back seat with some of their duties such as highway patrols being stopped.

According to insiders, the retirements were also aimed at weeding out those linked to Chihuri, whose reign had been characterised by corruption and brutality.

Posts that were likely to be rendered redundant were those of staff officer, chief of staff and commissioner operations, which roles would be rationalised and taken over by other members of the service.

“Provinces will also be affected because there are redundant posts which were created just to loot. These will be thinned in due course, while in-house training to refocus the police service is pursued,” the source said.

All top police officers who have reached the age of 50 are being forced out, while those below 50, but have served for more than 20 years, are also being shown the exit.

Others were kicked out for dabbling in the fallen G40 factional politics.

The source said this was also in line with Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s budget statement which proposed the retirement of all government employees who have reached pensionable age.

From the police, insiders said the purge would move to the Central Intelligence Organisation.

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  1. Fambai nebhora ED next kumasvutu uko bvisa kana 5000

    1. kkkk

  2. On reaching intelligence, just abolish the whole unit because it serves no purpose. They are there to inspire terror, fear and awe into ordinary citizens.

  3. Police Service Commission or Public Service Commission??

    1. there is police service commission as well for the welfare of the police. public service commission oversees the entire public services

  4. i agree with you prophet clearly maCIO basa ravo raingove rekuti zvichemo zvevanhu zvisanzwike nothing productive about the unit

  5. it never rains but it pours for the G40 guys, kikikiki, Matibiri, Chengeta and all the rest you deserve it, okungapheliyo kuyahlola madoda, , “chisingapere chinoshura”, that is what elders say

  6. This is a very good first step!
    Reorientation and training of the rest is essential. Police need to be public friendly yet professional, afterall they are paid by public taxes!
    As in most civilized countries they should Not be involved in politics.
    A lot of work to do in ALL public sectors.

  7. fORWARD with removing all the useless Mugabe idiot projects.

  8. ED administration has scored points on this one.

  9. Well done Mr President,good move

  10. Im more intrested in seeing the replacement list i bet solideirs make up the list!! but above all well done Cde Ed slowly you are wining the hearts of many this crop of Commanders were abusing junior officers becsuse of greedneness

  11. this is nice move police was rot chihuri was taking police for a ride weed out all rot people and Zimbabwe is for true zimbos bhora mberi ED

  12. This is unimaginable but we could see kuti zvichapera. Those marimba police who mounted a roadblock paye pamarobbots epaMufakose Highglen Road. Vaitakura homwe dzokuisa mari,and spent the whole day into the evening collecting money.Homwe dzichizara . There used to be this fat lady policewoman aimira ipo paye akangobata homwe. Ndafara nezvaitwa naED izvi and my vote is his. Kushungurdza mweya yevanhu and God is was watching.

  13. Meanwhile the $15 Bhidza is still missing

    1. Iwe wakatodhomoka hako iwe. Itsvage ka iwe kana iriko


  15. Thats what people dont realise. The police force is being militarised. If it was about cost saving and rationalisation – then why all the promotions in the army?

    1. The promotion in the army shows that they did a good job. Simple !

      1. What job? Violating the constitution?

  16. Vachinja mutemo , ngava vharirwe panze mapurisa vainyanyo vhaira vachiti ndisu tirikutonga , kunyanya vepa Norton road block kkkk .Nyika yose iri kufara kkkkk !

  17. This is a good move by ED he must also make a plan to change even the police uniform and also name it Zimbabwe Police Service , but we don’t need military personnel . I also agree with retiring officers above 50 years , the same must apply to the civil servants retire all above 60 years , this will help create employment for the youth , he must also retired old minister and hire young ones below the age of 60 years . ED is showing us how it must be done though he sometimes gets it wrong at times , he must not follow the Mugabe system of hukamalism , we have July Moyo , and Subisiso Moyo in his cabinet , he must be a proffession and fair leader .

    1. And yet you have a President who is how old???? And the Army Generals???
      Why should there be an age limit on Public Servants or Police Officers if they are still capable of performing their duties? It is discrimination and should never happen based on age.

  18. Comment.These Sinior officers were not perfect that we know but Before we give thanks l think we need to know the main cause of discharging these people from the force.The fact that they have served for 20 years or they reached 50 l think that not a true reason because in Army and in Prison they are officers who reaches 50 and most served for more than 20.It’s non of our business to know what is happening between the police force and other security forces but since the story reached our ears we need to know. 30 people from a security force is a large number.It should be clear on which crime each one have committed and they should be investigated not just to fire them for silly reasons.Allegation first then discharging of person follow not discharge then allegation. Here l can see not all of these people have committed crimes to be investigated but ED want to politicize the police force by employing their own people to senior ranks and this will affect policing because the police will work in favour of ZANU PF.It will be as the days of Mugabe. It will be difficult to file a report against a ZANU PF supporter when you are from the opposition and win the case since the Police will remain ZANU REPUBLIC POLICE. Mark words paxharohwa Vanhu panaElections

  19. My heart bleeds for the retrenched cops and I just hope they will still be able to fend for their families that had gotten used to living large out of the sweat of the disadvantaged Zimbos who financed such life style through extortion by the evil cabal of cops. May the cops sense that the generality of Zimbos really look at them (cops) as enemies of Zimbabwe. I hope those cops that may find themselves remaining in the force will learn their lesson and reform to serve as per the Police Charter.

    Kudos to the powers-that-be on these very necessary purges. It would have been very nice if the purge had been extended to the rotten ministers that helped Mugabe ruin Zimbabwe. There is a strong perception that the Prez may be setting himself up for failure if he maintains the likes of Obert Mpofu, S.K. Moyo, Mike Bimha, Supa Mandiwanzira, Joram Gumbo among others in his cabinet. Much as some people may argue that none of the ministers have been proven “corrupt”, sometimes perception is reality.

  20. Kudos Ngwena. On that one alone you get my vote. keep it up. Bhora Mberi

  21. Thumbs up Mr president welldone good move marks scored most ordinary Zimbabweans are breathing fresh air for now free movements on our public roads we salute you Mr president :

  22. Comment…fuck police away

  23. Don’t forget to send home ve Licence Inspectorate vari based mutown vaiita basa rekuharasa mashops for failing to pay licences that are ridiculously high in an environment characterized by very low business. The other way of improving the ease of doing business is by dismissing all those in departments that were harassing businesses in town and these guys (mapurisa) are just some of them. Licences should be paid yes, but if the business environment is so hostile like it used to be these past 37 years, why harassing and in extreme cases locking up shop workers to force indigenous shop owners to pay unaffordable licence fees. Zimbabwe is now destined for greatness believe it or not.

  24. Loud Ramakgapola

    Story not well written.Just read it again

  25. reform the security zrp to zps,army to serve the constituation of zimbabwe as we as the state security otherwise come election we are going to speak once more than u are an illegitimate president n ur so called command element

  26. Next comes the militarization of the police!!

    Military is pro Zanu pf and could this be construed to mean a (Zanu)lization/ (Zanu)fication of the police?

  27. This is logical. Retraining police with corrupt senior commissioners could have been mission impossible. This is what we call “first things first”. Weldone ED.

  28. It amazes me when people sympathize for the wrong reasons, However I can only assume that those few individuals who do so are actually the criminals themselves in the Police force. Whether this move is described as purging or retirement it definitely is for the better of the generality of us Zims. The Police had developed an attitude of superiority over all and sundry, including Charity herself. Arrogance best denotes her’s and other senior officers character.
    Allow me to explain the importance of ridding the Police force of these elements…They were intoxicated by Robert Mugabe on skewed ideology and artificial intelligence and as such created a monster in the name of the Police and in the process created comfort zones for looting the masses of their hard earned peanuts and further intimidating them.
    While this is applauded and celebrated these efforts should not end there! They must bring sanity in the Central Intelligence Organization, firstly they are over staffed particularly the field officers, the ratio per civilian is unacceptably high, immediate recruitment must stop forthwith. They must also be held accountable for the atrocities and abductions of the many cases we have read in the papers which are public knowledge. All Zimbabweans deserve the right to live free and independently as prescribed for by the constitution, we are first class citizens of this Nation and as such we have the right to be treated as the forgoing without abuse of our integrity.
    Lastly, I therefore urge the responsible authorities not to preach forgiveness until all matters of unlawful acts are dealt with in accordance to the laws and those found guilty must be fairly tried and appropriate sentences given, No one is above the law, not even Mr Mugabe and his Mrs if anything they must face the music, only then can we find closure on their acts of barbarianism, corruption and self superiority. With Mr Mugabe in control some animals were more equal than others while their contribution to work on the farm was insignificant. ED I salute you, please continue to give more examples of your intolerance to unprofessionalism in Government depts. A new Zimbabwe can only begin with the imagination and determination of a truly free and hard working people.

  29. Shasha yaka kisa shumba ika chema misodzi

    ED mukono vange vaka pfeka ma oversize ngava gadzirirwe zvino fita shame ma shefu

  30. Sekuru Ndoronga

    The British taught us that, “The Arm Of The Law Is Long”. Exposures must now follow for all those who caused the death sand or disappearance of the innocents. Then, special rooms at Chikurubi must be made ready for them.

  31. we just need new blood, because the old blood was infected with corruption. handei kumberi ED

  32. Comment…pane zigadzi rimwe zidhafu repa Hatfield rainyanyo woneka muna Seke road retraffic tsvairai

  33. I pray that charamba get sucked coz anga asina zvekutaura nguva yema spike and we lost many relatives

  34. Comment…zvakafanana nekupindurudza rutiwi rune honye uchiisa pasi rusina oisa pamusoro, then onyepera vanhu kt honayi chinhu hachina kuora

  35. I dont know that this is necessarily a good move or anything we should be getting excited about. Its simply a question of allegiance. ED is replacing Mugabe’s people with his own. In time we shall see how this force will change ifit changes at all!

  36. Excellent moves president .but don’t remove stem funding for a was helpful

  37. Apa Magonesesa.100% pass.but dzoserai stem assistance ku a’level uko. Fire the minister

  38. Mehlulinkabinde

    Good move ED provided the replacement of the rot will be fruitful. My vote in for that good decision

  39. The G40 is not yet dead and burried. We are being terroriised in the civil service by those who served the interests of the cabal during Mugabe’s administration. Surprising though that Mariyawanda Nzuwa and Mudede have been spared. We need total clean-up please.

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