Reduce prices of other basic commodities

The intervention by government to rescind the decision by bakers to hike bread prices could not have come at any better time.

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However, our appeal is for such intervention to spread out to other basic goods that have now been priced beyond the reach of the majority ahead of the festive season.

Parents are particularly looking forward to having something for their families to cheer about, but the rampant and cannibalistic hike in prices of basic goods — many of them with no reasonable justification — are likely to put a damper on this year’s Christmas festivities.

We, therefore, urge the National Competitiveness Commission (NCC) to immediately look into the pricing system that has been met with shock by ordinary Zimbabweans at a time when the public are looking forward to a breath of fresh air in the economy following the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Yet, what has made the situation worse is that the price increases came at a time when many companies are even struggling to pay workers their dues. Worse still, many workers and the generality of Zimbabweans are also unable to access cash at their banks due to the prevailing liquidity crunch.

While we are grateful that Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development minister Mike Bimha made this timely intervention, Zimbabweans are worried by the silence around the shocking price hikes for other goods such as meat and rice that are on demand as we head for the festive season.

The majority are keen for a tangible solution that will ensure that they will not break the back while seeking to give their families a little cheer as a very difficult year draws to a close.

We do agree with the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe that these price hikes have become an albatross on consumers’ neck and people need relief as a matter of urgency.

It is a fact that ordinary people are complaining particularly about the hike in meat products, with economy beef priced at over $9 per kg. This is indeed ridiculous and looks deliberately designed to ensure that those who are looking forward to braai parties, themselves a major highlight of festivities, will not be able to enjoy their first Christmas under Mnangagwa.

The culture of retailers seeking to make a killing during the festive season at the expense of the poor majority must be brought to an end.

Besides, Mnangagwa has promised to deal with profligacy in government, the public sector, and we urge the President to show some teeth by bringing to book corrupt individuals who amassed wealth by milking government.

That money, if brought back into the system, will go a long way in alleviating the economic challenges the country is facing.

We cannot push bakers and other suppliers of basic commodities to reduce the prices yet government is not doing anything to arrest the situation. It is time for government to ensure we eat what we kill.



  1. Comment…the problem with Zimbabweans is when we try to protect their companies from outside competition they tend to rip off people since there in no competition. Open borders for cheap imports we cannot work the whole month only to buy a kg of meat shame on evil and unrepentant Zimbabweans absolutely evil people without heart for ordinary people. Ndopatinonetsana ipapo kuzotibira isu tichiti chiitai mari sevatema imi mavakutotiparadza.Please CDE Ed help us we need you now more than ever stop this rot.

  2. This belief that the govt must set prices is wrong as we know what will happen. We have walked that road before and we dont thing its a good one. The govt must open the market and get back to period before SI61 and fix market inequalities. Govt must fix the forex issue so that we dont have 3 tier pricing. Let the market dcide the price – ad dont protect a non-perfroming industry for the sake of populist grand standing.

  3. True the price hikes are madness. Just check with tea leaves and Colgate for instance. From less than $2 and 70 cents to over $4 and $1,50 respectively in less than a year. Allow us to buy from outside.Check also with cooking oil, and government is quiet. If gvt does not act on this what else can they act on?

  4. Gvmnt must remove the shit bond notes they are the root coz ofvthis rot and SI64 i concure why shuld the gvnment protect industry which is killing civilians

  5. price controls are not the solution. yes we cannot afford the exorbitant prices, but its better than not having anything in the shelves. Rather the powers that be should find means of rescuscitating this economy to normalise prices. Not just mere talk. hands on the plough please politicians

  6. A scrutiny to those shops that have price hikes would lead us in discovering that active partners are most from the Government( maybe the Minister of Industry, and those in the NCC)Pharisees who preaches economic recovery and by day but night Nicodemusly benefit from the price hikes. I mhandu Abasha Chikonyoka

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