Mnangagwa legitimate leader: MDC Alliance

THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC Alliance has said it respects President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the constitutionally-
appointed leader of Zimbabwe, but emphasised the need to hold elections to come up with “a leader with no baggage”.


Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, where they gave feedback on their recent trip to the United States following a backlash over reports that the coalition had invited sanctions for the country, MDC Alliance principals Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube said they did not dispute that Mnangagwa was the legitimate leader of the country.

The two said Mnangagwa was appointed after Zanu PF forwarded his name to the Speaker of the National Assembly as was required by the Constitution.

But the duo claimed Mnangagwa lacked political legitimacy because he inherited former President Robert Mugabe’s rule that was itself marked by legitimacy questions after the “stolen” previous elections.

“The issue of Mnangagwa’s leadership is legal formalism, but he lacks political legitimacy,” Ncube said.

“What has been the problem in Zimbabwe is the lack of political legitimacy. He inherited Mugabe’s crown and that includes his political illegitimacy.”

Mnangagwa took over after a military intervention to settle Zanu PF’s internal succession problems that led to Mugabe’s abrupt resignation last month.

MDC-T deputy president Nelson Chamisa, who was in the US together with People’s Democratic Party leader Biti, said contrary to Zanu PF accusations, their trip was a meant to open lines of diplomatic communication for the benefit of the country.

Chamisa said economic growth in the post-Mugabe era could only be ushered in by a return to legitimacy and the people’s will underwritten by Sadc, Africa and the international community, which formed the basis of their diplomatic offensive which they would spread to China, Russia and other countries.

“It is within this hope that the MDC Alliance presidential candidate despatched us into Africa, Europe and the United States on a global campaign for free, fair and credible elections,” he said.

Chamisa said the country needed $15 billion to reconstruct and their US trip was to start the ball rolling for the raising of funds to rebuild the country as soon as they “win” the 2018 general elections.

“Zimbabweans know that this country needs to start afresh. We need international goodwill, we need massive capital injection, but, above all, we need the international confidence, which confidence can only come with the installation of a legitimate regime in Harare through credible elections,” he said.

Chamisa said Mnangagwa had promised free and fair elections, but what was worrying was the absence of a road map to the polls.

He said the opposition did not regret its role in the ouster of Mugabe and all that they needed was the undoing of the system the former Zanu PF leader left behind.

He said their visit would see America improve its humanitarian assistance.

As part of the immediate return to legitimacy, the MDC Alliance demanded the implementation of electoral reforms, the setting up of a credible biometric voters’ roll, media reforms, foreign observation to elections, introduction of diaspora votes, establishment of an enabling electoral environment as well as repeal of the Public Order and Security Act and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

They also demanded the demilitarisation of government institutions.

The MDC Alliance reiterated that Tsvangirai was its presidential candidate.



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  2. Ko Chamisa tikatora 15 Billion yakashaikwa kuma Diamonds since vati ndomari irikudiwa

    1. Grace Makamba Marufu Goreraza Mugabe Kaskiriwere

      zvinoita futi izvozvo ndina Obert na Dambudzo pano pa Blue roof ndizvo zvatiri kuto ronga zva 15 Bhidza iyoyo kuti idzoswe

  3. Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe

    Do we have to clamor for AID to address the economic challenges we are facing right now?$15 billion is a huge amount which is far much more than what Africa, as a continent, is getting from the Developed Countries per year. MDC Alliance as an opposition party should have realistic solutions to Zimbabwean challenges not to act as a civil society fighting for personal financial enrichment for its principals. There are no mechanisms within this Alliance to account for financial support received from the West and that is the major reason why these guys always split. MDC Alliance is just a marriage of convenience aimed at obtaining huge donations from the West. Now that Mugabe resigned, the resignation took away the ‘Mugabe must go’ mantra from the Alliance. After the elections, the MDC Alliance will lose the elections but Principals will be very very rich.

  4. Political illegitimacy. These guys were clobbered by Mugabe and Zanu PF in the 2013 elections which they participated in yet they still claim Illegitimacy. Can we get anywere with this lot.

    1. Instead of campaigning they go to request that sanctions be maintained, when they are beaten they cry foul. have been voting MDC since referendum but now am backing the soldiers

  5. Comment…the correct is Grace Marufu Goreraza Pamire Mugabe Makamba Kasukuwere etc

    1. Precision Grinderrrrrrr

      kkkkkkk Grace Marufu Goreraza blah blah blah blah blah
      How about this one, Oppah Muchinguri Tongogara Mugabe Mujuru …………. Rushesha Chimbetu Mushore Kashiri kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. So they actually take Zimbabwenas for fools, these sellouts

    1. Spiral Zone Overlord

      In actual fact Rihhanna you sound more like the fool with your pathetic line of thinking.

  7. That is the problem we have with the opposition, they use high sounding words that mean nothing. What political legitimacy are we talking of when we are just about to go for elections. Tongoramba tichitaura nezva Mugabe to date instead of concentrating on campaigning. We now have demilitarise, high sounding words meaning nothing. Grow up opposition, otherwise you are becoming irrelevant to the political dispensation in Zimbabwe.

  8. Comment…kikiki mdc bodo do you think america will pour their money for nothing just because its you nelson and tendai who are now governing zimbabwe?Currently america as a country they are overwhelmed by debts they owe China trillions of dollars .

  9. Speak for yourselfs mdc alliance

  10. If Mnangagwa replaced illegitimate Mugabe then he must also be illegitimate otherwise you were lying all along that Mugabe’s government since 2013 was illegitimate.

  11. These MDC guys are sellouts. People have suffered under ZIDERA and that’s their curse. They will never rule Zimbabwe.

  12. I will be interested to know what Nelson and Tendayi traded with Trump for him to pledge $15b. Can I infer that they told him that they will return lady to whites, do as the Americans wants blah blah. Imika musapenge kudaro. We are not your personal properties. Hatingodi kuita politics otherwise we are not daft. Manzwa here vafana

  13. thumbs up to the MDC Alliance.We support you especially MDC T

  14. Ey jus want us to suffer so tt we vote for em no….MDC ndeyekumama

  15. they will never rule Zimbabwe with the aid of Western sanctions bent on regime change

  16. This is the same Chamisa that people always make noises about, to be made president of MDCT so that he be country’s president, Oh God please Help Us! We wont go anywhere. This guy exposes his naivety everytime he opens his mouth. He should be told that the Zimbabwe solution lies within Zimbabwe not donations that come with conditions from their Western friends, hence you see bob was removed from within zimbabwe by Zimbabweans the west nor sadc were not involved. The solution is from within, instead of campaigning selling your policies you are busy galivanting the world talking to people who wont even vote in Zimbabwe. Some priorities.

  17. If U are still talking of 15 billion worth of diamonds having been stolen, its either
    a) You are very stupid
    b) You are insane
    c) You are illiterate
    d) All of the above
    because global diamond output is not even 15 billion. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop being used

  18. Tsvangirai must go. We need a new leader

  19. MaZimbo tingokanganwa chazuro nehope. Who doesn’t know that it was actually Ngwena nearmy vaipa mashort sleeve nemalong sleeve in 2008? That modus operandi ndoinoda kubvisiwa.Mtsvangwa said it all about the army involved in elections. Zanu pf constitution says one can be appointed to a politburo post if he has 5 or more years as a party member and Rugeje is now commissar of that party yet over the last 5 years we were told that no one in the forces is supposed to be a party member. Muchamuka MaZimbo mucgitambwa tsoro imwe muchingopururudzira maown goal.

  20. This is exactly how we created a monster called mugabe. Ma zimbos tinovarairwa too much. you are busy criticising ana chamisa who are trying to show you zviri mberi.Once these army guys take over they will show you their true colours. What we need for this country to move forward is true democracy based on constitunalism not words only but action. Rugeje terrorised people in Masvingo in 2008 and that same person is now the ZANU PF political commissar.i personally dont mind who rules this country after being elected democratically.ZEC executive is full of CIO and army guys and you still want to fool people that elections will be free and fair.When ZANU PF lost elections in 2008 the court allowed ZANU PF to have ballot boxes opened and votes recounted. But the same court in 2013 denied the MDC to have the ballot boxes opened.Gudo ngwarawo!

    1. I personally think some Zimbos are either very dull or they are CIO agents commenting here criticizing the MDC Alliance mission. All what these MDC guys are saying and doing is spot on. only a fool or mentally challenged person can see otherwise.
      These guys have the interests of the country at heart. What they are simply saying is that in order for the country to have full intergration into the international community we must demonstrate acceptable democratic principles consitions namely creating conditions for a free, fair and credible 2018 elections then nomatter who wins legitimacy will be restored and the illegitimacy tag which has been hampering economic development will go away. This is excactly what we want. E.D has been promising but has been acting suspiciously (militirizing the government) also we must not put too much hope on this E.D guy considering his tainted history (gukurahundi, bloody 2008 elections etc) therefore the MDC alliance diplomatic offensive is very significant and must be applauded.

  21. you will see time will tell, mnangagwa akaona threat to his presidency is going to his true colours. so far so good but it is not going to be same that man is not good

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