Mnangagwa fires Chihuri… as Chiwenga closer to VP post


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday retired Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga “pending redeployment”, amid speculative reports the army boss was now destined for the Vice-Presidency after leading the military’s Operation Restore Legacy, which culminated in former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster last month.


Mnangagwa also sent Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri packing, a move that may receive support, as the cops boss had often been accused of failing to instil discipline within the force.

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda yesterday said Chiwenga would be replaced by former Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Phillip Valerio Sibanda, who immediately assumed the rank of full General and Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Air Force of Zimbabwe boss, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, now Lands minister, was retired at the higher rank of Air Chief Marshal, Major-General Sibusiso Moyo, now Foreign Affairs minister, was also retired after assuming the rank of Lieutenant-General while Major-General Engelbert Rugeje, now Zanu PF political commissar, assumed the rank of Lieutenant-General on retirement.

The three, however, remain part of the army’s national reserve force, joining Zanu PF’s “boys on leave club” as they could be recalled to join the military when the political leadership decides so.

Major-General Edzai Absolom Chakanyuka Chimonyo takes over from Sibanda, as he was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant-General.

Before his appointment, Chimonyo served as ambassador to Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda on secondment to the Foreign Affairs ministry.

Air Vice Marshal Elson Moyo was promoted to Air Marshal and takes over from Shiri, with David Sigauke, John Chris Mupande, Paul Chima and Hlanganani Dube being moved to the rank of Major-Generals, while Jasper Garikayi Marangwanda was promoted to the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

All the new appointees are believed to be war veterans.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu described the move as appeasement to the army.

“This clearly shows and proves that the ruling party has now been fully militarised,” he said.

“It doesn’t need rocket science to know that Chiwenga is now going to be appointed as a Vice-President of both Zanu PF and the State.

“It is obviously payback time for the military for having masterminded the fall of Robert Mugabe.

“As the MDC-T, our main focus is to ensure that next year’s elections are held in a free and fair environment that will produce a credible and legitimate result.

“That can be the only genuine exit point from the prevailing political turbulence in the country as well as the gateway to sustainable socio-economic development.”

Political analyst Dewa Mavhinga said the move should be closely watched as the country goes for elections.

“These actions point to a rapid militarisation of the government and Zanu PF that places into serious doubt the prospects of democratic, free and fair elections in 2018,” he said.

“It also raises questions about the real motives for the military intervention, which now appears to have been more about securing narrow military interests and objectives and not the broader national interests.”


  1. thank you comrades for joining Zanupf at your own volition knowingly that the party seized to be the peoples party a long time ago. We want to see what u are going to do to appease voters back, back to the originals of 1980. If ED thinks that enclaving the throne with military men is the solution to entice, coerce, or rapein voters, then lets wait and see.

    For those who are outside this equation, i think they need to study politics very well because the Communist alike ideology in the making has no room in Zimbabwe because even the ethos of our liberation struggle never ever embraced that. Makati tinoda one-man-one-vote thus we have MDC, NPP, Mavambo, RDZ and so on. It is our Democratic right to choose a leader of our choice outside Zanupf. So comrades Chiwenga and co. must know that and that’s the rule of the game. It is very different and distinct from where he is coming from.

    Join the bandwagon at your own discretion, your own risk comrades. Don’t cry, come 2018. Chakachaya!!!!

  2. V Sibanda at the time of replacing Chiwenga was not the former ZNA Commander but he was the ZNA Commander.

  3. Give credit to whom credit is due. Chihuri worked hard in his early years to elevate that police force to an internationally competitive level. Just that he stayed way past his sell by date. Otherwise the ZRP were highly esteemed once upon a time.

  4. The press statement clearly says Chihuri has been retired not fired. Chiwenga also retired. Big difference between fired and retired. But its good Chihuri is gone because he had nothing else to do once Mugabe was gone. Maybe he should also join Zanu PF full time.

      • So @Casiraghi, are you also suggesting that Chiwenga was also fired? Remember that Chihuri reached retirement age four years ago and he is 65 years in March next year and so in any case its time for him to retire. People work and then retire. Its not like Chihuri is under 60 years old.

  5. At one time i wrote about Chihuris’ shenanigans on this platform and a lot of people thought that was just social media comments meaning nothing. This is the guy who was telling Police admin not to recruit people from Masvingo for reasons best know to him. Watch his health after 6 months down the line!!! He was a specialist thief who thrived on destroying evidence esp the traffic offence ticket books ZJ69. Recently one officer was send to start a fire at his deserted house can you imagine it. The Kuedza funds were squandered by his wife. Officers were paying $15 every month for things like tickets for raffle, and other misdemeanor projects.

    He was the worst commissioner general of my life time. Kleptomaniac activities were around him is he is the one who was the enforcer. His younger brother thrived on under invoicing cars and the case is still at courts Zimra vs him and colleagues.

  6. Comment…Sorry Chihuri but What goes around comes around. Just tell your wife Isabel that your game of victimising innocent police officers through your Kuyedza is over.

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