Live updates: State of the nation address

NewsDay gives you live updates of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s first State of the Nation address (SONA).The last State of the Nation Address was made by former President Robert Mugabe in December last year.

Updates by Tinotenda Samukange and Veneranda Langa

14:58 Says Government to ensure 2018 elections are credible, free and fair, and to adhere to constitution.

14:58 Says every case if corruption must be investigated and punished with no sacred cows. Zero tolerance on corruption

14:56 National Productiveness Institute to be introduced to assist industries

14:56 Says corruption major source of problems in country. Goal of government to build Zimbabwe on goal of transparency, accountability

14:53 Government taking measures to ensure patients have drugs at hospitals, clean water and sanitation in first 100 days

14:53 State Enterprises and Parastatals full reforms to be unveiled 1st quota 2018

14:52 Resources availed towards irrigation with 200 ha per district targeted for 10 years

14:50 Government working on comprehensive business system around Tokwe Mukorsi to boost water supply and agricultural activity

14:50 Tourism sector is on upward trend and to maintain it government putting up aggressive marketing strategy

14:50 Government to roll out business incubation programme for SMEs and synergies with big businesses

14:47 Exports contributing more than 60% of country’s earnings, manufactured products however contribute less than 10%

14:45 Government to facilitate conducive requirements for manufacturing sector

14:45 Appeals to business to show restraint and stop rampant price hikes

14:44 Says there is rampant smuggling of gold and warns those involved that they will face full wrath of the law, both locals and foreigners

14:43 President promises energy growth, with additional 300 megawatts to national grid. Says mining and farming to grow economy, adding artisanal miners now produce more than corporate formal miners

14:41 Mnangagwa encourages that partisanship must end in order to concentrate on reviving the economy

14:33 Says goverbbbetnt conscious of challenges facing country and promises that he will ensure steady economic growth as there is hope for better economic future

14:35 Says growing of economy is key priority, and in line with operational policy implementation will ensure ministries meet targets and deliver services fairly without bias

14:37 Mnangagwa calls for accountability to the public by public enterprises. Says economic reforms espoused in budget will be implemented

14:38 Says Government determined to remove policy inconsistencies of the past

14:39 Government carrying out comprehensive review of investment laws and will pursue robust investment programmes with international community, and will welcome all outsiders

14:32 commends nation for peaceful demonstrations. Says operation restore legacy has ended since situation in country now normal

14:31 It is President Mnangagwa’s first SONA. He begins by commending ZDF for exemplary behavior in Operation Restore Legacy.

14:29 Section 140 (4) of the constitution states that at least once a year the President may address joint sitting of Parliament in a SONA

14:24 President enters, national anthem

14:14 The State of the Nation Address (SONA) will today be presented at 2:30 pm by President Mnangagwa. MPs now ready for the Parliament sitting

Parliament today sits at the HICC for the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to be announced by President Emerson Mnangagwa at 2:30 pm.


  1. Grace Makamba Marufu Goreraza Mugabe Kaskiriwere

    Talk is cheap, action is dear.

  2. I hope he will manage to uproot all the corrupt elements within Zanu pf like Obert Mpofu. We want a small cabinet and toll gates fees should be reduced not this punishment imposed by Mugabe regime.

  3. Thanks Newsday for the update

  4. wat abt cash shortages mr president

  5. We eagerly await action especially on enabling business to thrive by removing all bottle necks & red tape. FDI must find it easy to setup shop & leave with their money. Deal with corrupt members of your faction as well, we know them. Overhaul repressive laws not to enjoy them.

  6. We expected ED to talk about cash shortages and human rights abuses. its like the president doesnt want to address human rights issues like gukurawundi.

  7. cash selling at a premium is responsible for price increases. deal with this black market thing once and for all.

  8. Your SONA updates poorly captured missed a lot of stuff i hope you also share the transcript

  9. A relevant sona in such a time of economic hardship lets support our president

  10. Welcome to the talking club with zero implementation. Action action action!!!

  11. @packing um wt u. Osiphatheleni are enjoying lucrative black market bussiness with the law enforcement agents and security jus turning a blind eye but we are busy singing about arrestind corruption with no action at all against these ilegal forex dealers who are causing all this chaos on the banking sector . Shops are increasing prices willy nilly and and nothing is being done to protect us the citizens except to talking talking talking.

  12. For me l cant trust zanuz people coz there just do this to riggi and win the election after that we wil sufr more what we need as zimbas is a political change.lungcono udubo oludala kuloluqalayo

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