Latest: Chipanga granted bail

High Court judge Justice Edith Mushore has granted fired Zanu PF youth leader Kudzanai Chipanga, $500 bail and ordered him to report twice a day at Borrowdale Police Station.


As part of his bail conditions, Chipanga, who is facing allegations of communicating falsehoods, was ordered to surrender his passport and not to interfere with witnesses.

The bail ruling for former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, who is facing criminal abuse of office, fraud and corruption charges, is at 5:30pm.

We will update you of the outcome.



  1. Mfana,i have told you before that,zanu pf will trample you down.Today the truth is told and visionless idiots shall hard.

  2. Yah let’s look forward for the better of our nation not only on arresting people.

  3. Comment…relaxing indigenisation policy….is a welcome idea ..but shld be made to cover other sectors . mr chinamasa should aswell address the multiple taxation in the country…..

  4. Comment…Let everyone pay for his/her sins

  5. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…The crime Chapanga committed is to tell the nation who looted Chiadzwa diamonds. The new regime is still applying the same draconian statutes they enacted whilst in the old regime.

    1. You mean to say that Chipanga had the facts about the diamond money. if you think so, then you believe that Grace got her wealth from her Icecream sells

    2. @chaminuka, you are correct. You cannot place someone on remand for falsehoods, that’s over the top justice. This persecution of citizens should stop. If Chipanga committed any other crime that’s fine but as it is it looks like they couldn’t find a crime to charge him with.

  6. It’s only a punishment vakutosiwa ava

  7. blasphemy got u where you are mfana, usatamba namwari

  8. Only God judges a man. How the hell would he say “Gushungo mutori ngirozi pamuri ipapo” and go on to insult the Generals like that on public forum who are the sole security of the same “ngirozi” yaunonanzva kumashure. Uzvipamhe futi, mtakati wemunhu. Chimbwasungata!!

  9. That boy was a menace for sure, but paddling falsehoods does not warranty such prosecution in my opinion. He committed worse crimes during his hey days e.g inciting violence including torture and murder, that’s what I would be investigating if I was top cop, but the problem is top cops were part of the system and if this boy goes down for worse crimes they go down with him.

  10. Surely he is too you young to get onto politics that’s why he starts insults just coz he now owns a house in borrodale and a lot of money which he did not work for omafikizolo bayakhathaza bengazilutho

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