Zanu PF is finished

THE 2018 polls are likely to produce results which will spell doom for the ruling party Zanu PF.

It might be very correct to say that both former Vice-Presidents Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa lost battles to President Robert Mugabe and not the war.

The firing of Mujuru from Zanu PF in 2014 saw her packing her political baggage with many others who met the same fate then.

Most of these people will not vote for Zanu PF in 2018, making it very difficult for Mugabe to win the presidency.

With Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction facing the same fate as Mujuru’s Gamatox, Mugabe has made it certain that he loses his already weakening hold onto power to the opposition.

A significant figure of protest votes are looming against Mugabe. His party will be thrashed during the looming 2018 polls.

Not even anointed oil, muti, or rigging will save him this time.

Mugabe has cleared the path to end his political career and the 37 years of Zanu PF’s disastrous rule of Zimbabwe.
The votes, which Mujuru and Mnangagwa will chip and shave from Zanu PF in the defining 2018 polls, are what the opposition exactly needs to bury Zanu PF.

Although Mnangagwa and Mujuru are not political darlings of most diehard opposition supporters and members, I think for progress’ sake, the opposition must unite with them.

What Mujuru, Mnangagwa and the sacked war veterans must do is to submit themselves to those who were opposing and fighting Mugabe and Zanu PF while they were eating, plotting, hobnobbing, wining and dining with the dictator.
They must not dictate anything, but join the opposition on zero conditions.

Once that is done and a proper democratic plan to confront Mugabe in an election is hatched within a reasonable time, the G40 Zanu PF won’t be able to stand in the way of such a well-organised campaign machine.

This golden chance must be used effectively by the opposition, since it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mugabe, by dismissing two of his deputies in less than five years and one on the eve of the elections, has dug his political grave and the opposition has the simplest job of burying him.

The coming polls are not a contest at all. Zanu PF has made sure people do not vote for it.

It is finished as long as the opposition is organised and has quality campaign message for the masses.

The writing is on the wall. Zanu PF is finished. It’s like pork being roasted using pork fat.



  1. They must not dictate anything, but join the opposition on zero conditions.True.

    1. What if they dictate to the opposition what scenario would emerge then

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Mujuru, ED and the warvets will go after the disgrunted zpf voters and win the elections.

  3. Well artuculated. The problem we have in Zimbabwe is that we have a bunch of greed opposition politicians. Everyone wants to be the president. What i think is that if these opposition leaders like Mujuru, Nkosana Moyo and many others really care for the welfare of Zimbabweans, they should all rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai. Our objective as Zimbabweans is to dislodge Mugabe first then we will talk about other issues which follow. Opposition parties should form one coalition and remove Mugabe from power.

    1. Morgan Tsvangirai NOOOOO. Wil vote for ZANU PF instead for a wasted and failed politician like MT who has been at the helm of opposition for the past 18 years. Not a dictator in the making but he is a dictator…….

    2. Why not anyone else Morgan is greedy and half dead too and is poor leader too

      1. lovemore sithole

        Hoooookeeey not ZANU of 😎

      2. lovemore sithole

        Hoooookeeey not ZANU pf 😎

  4. Anyone with a ZANU DNA should perish. They ammased huge sums of cash while they dined with the GOBLIN. Now that they fell short of his GRACE should not make the hunger and poverty infested public to rally behind in support. Vanhu vamwe…. bhora apo Chematama

  5. Very well put. Lets indeed fry this pork using its fat. I 100% agree will all u guys. We indeed need all these opposition parties to rally behind Morgan for now so we can be 100% sure this pig is dead and has no chance; buried until the second coming of Christ when the pig and its piglets shall face judgement for all the injustices committed.

    Zanu PF is dead for sure. I can even smell it from a sewage plant!


  6. @WeMbire
    We don’t need your zanu vote.
    Did you hear what Mujuru said of 2008?
    Morgan won 74% of the vote.
    Who is the failed politician then?
    Anyway, zanu is gonna rig again, so this is all very academic.

    1. Morgan azonyanyawo,,,,,ngaasiire vamwe chigaro.Atleast anenge aritidzawo kt he z not a dictator.

  7. Asi uri BabaJuka resurrected…you want the opposition to count the birds in the air as theirs….The problem is not Zano loosing an election but the rigging process which is already in progress

  8. Heeeede do you think Bob is stupid to purge all the over 100 bigwigs ahead of the polls without a back-up plan? Do you think Chiwenga’s presser was targetted at Bob wen he said the military is a stockholder and against the removal of pple wth war credentials? Remember the army in 2002, 2008 and now demanding war credentials ahead of the polls?

  9. tabva tadii zviya

    Besides rigging, the opposition is just sleeping instead of doing something, morgan should give reigns to chamisa

    1. I totally agree with you but Chamisa to be illegible to contest for presidency when he reaches 40 which is next year

  10. Greed old folks dumped from ZANU still want power to serve their stomachs. They should not be allowed in the Alliance. Simply because these (Garwe, Mujuru, Mutasa and the likes) are ruthless killers who have cases to answer, therefore hatidi Muchato we BERE NEMBUDZI… Pane chinozodya chimwe because their DNA is full of innocent blood they spilled (remember short and long sleeve 2008). They should just rot in jail and we begin a new Zim… Tomboti Gumbura buda kune vanenyaya svinu dzinemakuva


  11. Why are some people so against MT who has shown popular and voluntary support from millions? Chii nhai? Facts are stubborn. MT is more popular than all of Zanu (RF) and their leader whether you like or not. Voters like him VOLUNTARILY maybe its because he has never killed anybody. Those who prefer murderers it’s your choice.

    1. well put Sagitarr

  12. Only those ex zanu pple can effectively dislodge mugabe guys fact

  13. Its over thanks to Grace an Moyo

  14. SO ALL OF YOU REALLY THINK ED AND CHIWENGA ARE BETTER THAN BOB.zimbabweans celebrate the ceding of your constitutional rights by supporting this military action?ED is zanu pf and we all know wat zanu pf means and does.For me yes the time is historic as an era has come to an end but we have initiated a chapter in our history i feel we shall live to regret.DEMOCRACY DIES IN ULULATION AND HAPPYNESS CHECK THE Infamous nuremburg laws the fall of gaddaffi the zimbabwean unity accord but to mention a few examples. This military establishment stands accussed of embezzling 15 billion money that every zimbo not so long ago wanted to know wat happened to this mula.For me its criminals arresting criminals so that in the end the whole establishment is a grouping of criminals.THIS IS WRONG AND HONESTLY FORGET ABT DEMOCRACY IN YOUR COUNTRY

    1. Yes, yes and yes!

  15. nutty dreadlock wataura chokwadi chinoendesa kudenga

  16. Mugabe is very evil than Satan himself so he must Go . if chiwenga agrees to what s.a Demon Zuma then he is agreeing to die and many of us will perish through the C I O and G40 killings .


  17. How can ZANU lose the elections when they run them as they did last time?

    1. The ZANU members who were responsible for Mugabe’s to win the elections are now turning against him… this time there is no way!!!

  18. And Now Mugabe is History

  19. Sleeky Reeky if you say anyone with ZANU PF DNA must die then the whole country will be swept.At one time everyone was ZANU PF including Tsvangirai,Mujuru,and all these other opposition parties you can talk of.All these parties emerged from ZANU PF kkkkkk.Pamberi neZANU PF kkkk

  20. zanu pf will win lets bat

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