Mugabe leadership, failure

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is being underdeveloped by illiterate presidiums together with the evil practice of democracy.

Y.P Munyanduri,PIMZ Scientific Front

In democracy, popular people rather than competent, talented and knowledgeable people end up in positions of strategic importance thereby contributing to underdevelopment.

Democracy, as practised in Zimbabwe, catapults academic imbeciles and political dimwits into strategic positions just because they are Zanu PF.

Choosing people to occupy positions by voting rather than basing on proven academic prowess and talent is bad and the main cause of underdevelopment.

Scientifically illiterate presidiums will pollute and corrupt scientific facts from below before implementation. In English they say: “Little knowledge is dangerous.”

This is the reason why Zanu PF is heading a failed State that could not even manufacture a teaspoon in the 37 years it has been in power.

Zanu PF is a political party for historians who are scientifically illiterate and, therefore, puts a yoke of hardships on the Zimbabweans. They de-educate the nation by lying that everything comes from the soil.

They misinform the nation that land is the economy and economy is land rather than STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is the economy and economy is STEM.

You can take Zanu PF out of the bush, but you can’t remove the bush out of them — they are the ones who brought the evil practice of democracy.

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  1. Are u saying that Democracy is inherently evil or that in Zim it is being practised in an evil way??…..because u sound like someone who is about to propound a dangerous alternative..

    1. Comment…..Zanu pf is evil but on the issue of land u ar lost coz land is the backbone of the economy and that can translate to tje fact that economy is land and land is ecomomy

    2. Open democracy is dangerous for poor communities like ours but good for well developed nations like Britain

      1. Zimbabwe used to be a developed country till Mugabe ruined it. In a real democracy he would have been voted out decades ago.

  2. The vision that a country chooses ultimately determines what bricks that economy is built from. If agriculture is chosen then, yes, the lad becomes the bedrock. If the country chooses services or technology then, perhaps land no longer plays a primary role. Zimbabwe does not need to invent successful political/economic models – they already exist and examples of success surround us even in SADC. Somehow the Zanu (RF) thinking is delivered through the barrel of a gun and nothing else. Those in “power” are accelerating but looking in the rear view mirror!!

    1. The basis upon which you build your economy determines your level of poverty. You need to sell a tonne of iron ore for you to get revenue similar to a few kilograms of steel. So the choice is clear which route one has to take if one need to prosper.

  3. People who has no vision,wisdom and knowledge and who are evil minded are the still one supporting demons tendences. MUgabe and his zanu pf has totally ruined and destroyed everthing in zimbabwe.People, do not keep on supporting useless Mugabe and his unthinkable criminals.


  4. Grace in one of their zanu pf customary heroes acre burial rituals in 2016 said,”Only the Almighty can determine Robert Mugabe’s fate”. She went on to say,”I will help him to make this country prosper”. Definitely, evil people will always remain evil.How long had she been married and staying with Mugabe when she was speaking about turning the good fortunes of zimbabwe? No, god will not determines Mugabe’s destines,but the people of zimbabwe must rise up against these oppressors and suppressors.Why should we wait for god to take life out of Mugabe? We did not fight the struggle to enrich Mugabe family and zanu pf people? The time to fear Mugabe’s cruel styles must come to an abrupt ending please.

  5. Vakuru ava, Y.P Munyanduri,PIMZ Scientific Front, vakadhakwa zvavo. Vachiri kuzvuru vamwe vava kuzvide. Sorry stereki. Tovakumbira kufamba nenguva if s[he] wants to remain relavant in Zim Politics.

  6. You’ve had a dictator for 37 years and you think you’re a democracy?

    Wake up.

  7. Zimbabwe needs tolerant and responsible people who have the people’s wishes in their hearts not to say knowledgeable and literate people because those guys in power are knowledgeable and literate. They really know what they are supposed to be doing but the problem is that they don’t have the people at heart. They even have professors within their ranks. We can fool ourselves thinking the most educated people is the choice for zimbabwe it’s wrong.

  8. That Sandy seems to be Visionless and insulting us as Zimbabweans. I don’t think you are even Zimbabwean. You are scolding us yet now we are in a situation where Mugabe is going. We cannot make things worse by being violent and destroy the little that is left, that’s being uncivilized

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