Mugabe clings to power but resignation letter reported to be ready

HARARE – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has agreed to stand down after 37 years in power, CNN reported on Monday, after he avoided any mention of resignation in a rambling national address on Sunday night.


A resignation letter has now been drafted, CNN said, citing sources familiar with his negotiations with the generals who seized power in Harare last week.

Under the terms of the deal, Mugabe and his wife Grace would be granted full immunity, CNN said.

Pressure was now mounting from all sides on the 93-year-old, the only leader Zimbabwe has known since its independence in 1980, to swiftly end the confusion that has gripped the country since the de facto coup last Wednesday.

Mugabe stunned Zimbabweans in a rambling late night Sunday television address by avoiding any mention of resignation, pledging instead to preside over a congress next month of ZANU-PF, which had sacked him as its leader only hours earlier.

Moments after Mugabe’s address, war veterans’ leader Chris Mutsvangwa told Reuters they would lead public protests in the streets of Harare.

Mugabe was also given a deadline of noon (1000 GMT) on Monday to stand down or the ruling ZANU-PF will begin impeachment proceedings against him.

Parliament does not sit on Mondays so any impeachment would have to wait until Tuesday, although a vote may not necessarily take place the same day.

Two senior government sources told Reuters late on Sunday that Mugabe had agreed to resign but did not know details of his departure.

There has been speculation that he read the wrong speech in his live television address on Sunday or skipped over passages about standing down.

ZANU-PF’s central committee had earlier named Emmerson Mnangagwa as its new leader. It was Mugabe’s sacking of Mnangagwa as his vice-president paving the way for his wife Grace to succeed him that triggered the army to seize control.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Harare to celebrate Mugabe’s expected downfall and hail a new era for their country.

The huge crowds in Harare have given a quasi-democratic veneer to the army’s intervention, backing its assertion that it was merely effecting a constitutional transfer of power, rather than a plain coup, which would risk a diplomatic backlash.

Armored vehicles manned by soldiers were still stationed on some street corners in the capital on Monday.


  1. Full immunity, only if they and their children, , relatives and friends confess whatever crimes they committed, name and shame other transgressors with empirical proof, and return stolen wealth in full.

  2. Michael Rushizha

    May be I’m not too privy on how information is disseminated around media houses, but I can’t get around understanding how this established NewsDay, which by the way is local, quotes a foreign media house CNN on local news? Hakusi kutanga kwemakuhwa here kunzwa zvemumba mako kubva kumaNext door?

    1. CNN has the mean$ of getting highly cla$$ified information.

      1. Michael Rushizha

        That’s one hell of an excuse for being uncompetitive. That aside, why broadcast hear-say news from your own house? That’s copy-cat journalism. Better if they had just provided a link to the original CNN story–but that’s us Zimbos we just have to add a little something to the story.

  3. Seems we were treated to a hoax as.the whole circus remains ambiguous. It appears a party issue taking a national misrepresentation. How comes that fired Mugabe will oversee the party congress in December? I am yet to understand the thinly veiled distinction between party and national affairs.

  4. It looks like the nation has been duped again. How come we have 7 or so people around RGM and yet can’t still get reliable news out. Are they all in the dark?
    Does this vindicate RGM that noone can run things in his absence?
    …and why does Mutsvangwa want us to go to the streets when he said earlier that soldiers might be forced to shoot the people to protect RGM? I say shoot him, not us!!
    I think Zanu (RF) must do it’s own demos to resolve an issue which they could not deal with themselves. He still says he’s their president.

  5. How come our own Newsday is quoting CNN as its source of information?

  6. Mbiri ye Zanu (RF) yekunyepa yatekeshera pa ma station ese. Very soon we might be forced to eat humble pie because havakwanise kutaura chokwadi plus they are loud mouths. One minute J Mujuru achawisa helicopter, the next minute haana. Hee nhasi Robhati ari ku resigner, now haa resignation letter is ready. Chiiko chirikutora nzvimbo?

    1. Mugabe must not go because he is being victimised. He must chose his own successor not what the army does. Its unlawful. Lets not fool each other.
      The army has done something unacceptable. Why army to intervene. Ko, inga wani kune maissues akaguva aitika pashure ipa (problems] asi Mugabe haana kumboti regai ndishandise mauto. Hatidi zvezvombo no. Vanhu ngavapedzerane pachavo not by threat. Thus being torists.

  7. Zimboz are confused. Why not keep the public informed nhai mageneral..ipo pacho pamakambotaura pa dead BC one morning.

  8. President Mugabe should stay in power until December. At least we know Mugabe. The is creature called crocodile is a criminal. A lot of people, Tsvangirai included, were misled by what is taking place in Zanu Pf instead of pushing for electoral reforms. Some sources are even saying Tsvangirai’s medical bills are being taken care of by Mnangagwa. At this point one might ponder how and why Zanu Pf infighting has clouded people judgement. Munangagwa is a thief, murderer and a known election rigger who must stand trial for his crimes together with Mugabe. Zimbabwe should push for electoral reforms rather than Mugabe leaving office. We need a totally different system that ensures free and fair elections. Pasi ne Zanu Pf

  9. Shumbatirivangani

    To my point of view I think Mother Stop it is the one akapidza mudhara mutsekwende yose iyi nhasi, vaitaura rubbish amai ava waitoshaya kuti is she the Fist Lady here, Also the other thing to dress nguwo dzechurch then wavekutaura zvisirizvo haaa Mwari vanotsamwe veduwe. Mwari haasi wemhirizhonga

  10. Comment…Mugabe and crocodile this two are silent killer’s

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