If you have a minute with Mugabe, what would you tell him?

So, we asked our readers last year on our Facebook page what they would tell President Robert Mugabe if they get just a minute with him.

Within three hours, over 500 people had responded, with the majority not having kind words for the 92 year old Mugabe who continues to hold onto power despite failing to turn around the country’s economy which has been on a continuous decline for the 36 years he has been in power.


Below are some of the responses

Many said they would call on Mugabe to quit
Many said they would call on Mugabe to quit
Others used sarcasm...
Others used sarcasm…




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  1. Your excellency,i kindly wish if you can converge a meeting with all zimbabweans across the board to find a solution to the country,s problems.Some laws which restrict democracy which you fought for and for which so many died need to be scrapped.these laws just protect the executive and do not protect all zimbabweans.i think zimbabweans are more precious than the execitive,i refer to posa and aiipa.i kindly ask,your excellency.

    1. ‘u must go to hell, u have caused enough damage for a 1000 years!’

  2. You had and still have the greatest plan for this country but unfortunately time is finite. This means that most of those who where born at independence are now older people. The majority haven’t worked formal jobs and as they approach retirement age, they have no pensions to fall back (kana miviri yaneta). To retain power is your goal but to mend the economy is the most important for all the citizens. I’m humbled by Leonard Dembo’s song “Hazvigone kuita zvese zvaunenge wakaronga…….zvimwe unotosiya zvakadaro.”

  3. Sir, please, i think its time for you to go and rest. You are now useless. I dont hate you but i hate your policies in government which have led us into untold suffering.

  4. Tell him to go to hell, its where he rightfully belongs and its where he should be burned beyond recognition. He has seriously messed millions of Zimbabweans made us poor and helpless whilst he and his sidekicks have made themselves millionaires out of nothing in 1980

  5. Mugabe should simply do the right thing and step aside. How can he expect to be a president at 93? Does he feel like he is giving the job the attention it deserves. I don’t think so and that’s not fair.

    Let someone take the button, Zimbabwe is not a country where there is really nobody who can be president.

  6. Your Excellency all of the joy and pain I have had in my life have come from my source, my creator and our God.

  7. Mugabe go to Zvimba and rest in piece bcz we are sick and tired abt yo discriminating

  8. Angry Zimbabwean

    thank you for leading us his excellence, you are now old enough to a point that you cant even notice all the corruption that is is prevailing in your so called cabinate. try to hear the voices of all the Zimbabweans. not even one normal person still want you to rule this country except few corrupt ministers and their families who are directly benefiting from our hardly earned money that you steal from the citizens through ZIMRA. MAY YOU PLEASE STEP DOWN.

  9. After wishing him long life to witness the country being fixed, I may quickly try to explain to him where the rain started beating before he catches a nap. A real thorn in the flesh.

  10. Jesus preached for just 3 years before dying for all mankind on the cross; Mandela spent 27 years in jail but ruled South Africa for only 5 years and groomed Thabo Mbeki as a clear successor. Enter Sir Robert Achimwene Mugabe, a dirty minded chigure from kwaZvimba raised by a bitter single mother called Bona. Spent 10 years in a Rhodesian prison. Fair enough. Got into power at Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 and what did he do? Never mind what he did. It’s what he didn’t do that got him hounded out of power by his own military command element.He did not resign when he was supposed to. A very evil man who stole our future. Some of us now drink beer in the morning on a working day all because of him. When I die the first thing I’ll do is look for Mugabe in hell. I just want to look at him in the eye and say, Robert, chupet!

  11. You could have been much greater had you not greediness and your wife to lead your desires,you will still be a hero though you respected the will of the people late when they had said no. We look forward to your memoirs! Minus hate,vengeance

  12. You are now going to die a lonely and pathetic figure because of your arrogance, greediness and selfishness.

  13. We allowed Mugabe to do all these things with the people in Zanu happy to loot while Mugabe slept. Now one of the looters chosen by the army will now restart the process as long as we allow him, the same way we did with Bob.

    1. Comment…you have done a good thing by stepping asides and let the will of people but you should have done these long time ago than to wait for embarrassment,yes you were the great leader but you ended up messing you good footprint

  14. DEAR fellow zimbabweans, for him to liberate Zimbabwe from the british capitalism was a great job, how much was a farm worker paid before independency, when the brits colonized Zim, where did they get all the livestock and minerals that made Briatain extra rich, From our ancestors of course and many of the were beheaded, After independence did the British people compensate Zimbabweans no, did they promote any infrustructure in rural areas except in their colonised free labour farms. How was life in Evil Brutal Rhodesia. Where was human rights when we suffered one eye WICKED smith regime. Was the suffering of the people in Rhodesia documented or exposed.WE are in Europe called niga economic refugees, Zimbabweans suffered economic and political independence from western regimes, sanctions, why, Because of Zim resources that the western world use to milk for free, No tax returns, free labour, no pension schemes in Rhodesia Hatred sanctions destroyed Zim’s economy . lets respect one another as black Zims NIGA a white man will always call you/
    love you,
    shit zimbabwean refugee suffering in Europe

  15. A lot of thank yous, thanks for being part of the Liberation, Thanks for pretending for being for the ppl while u actually were against e ppl, Thanks for killing innocent civilians, Thanks for inciting violence with yo hate speeches, Thanks for ESAP, Thanks for turning the country to a begging basket, Thanks for not caring abt our future as youths, Thanks for turning us to educated beggars n vendors, Thanks for separating families as others moved out of the country for a better life, Thanks for Cholera, Thanks for Typhoid, Thanks for repressing us, Thanks for being stolid, Thanks for being arrogate in 2008, Thanks for being a demagogue, Thanks for being quixotic, the list of thank yous is endless but more so THANKs for showing us that NO more shall we have a power hungry Pres like u, Wish u well i was part of the last 3000+ that u capped on the 17th Thanks for that also Goodbye

  16. Go to hell you heartless monster!

  17. he should not have nmarried Grace

  18. It makes all of us better to have to work hard at doing what we do best.

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