Cross-border traders urged to continue business as usual

ZIMBABWE Cross-Border Traders’ Association president Killer Zivhu yesterday urged cross-border traders to continue doing their normal business, as the situation in the country was calm following the decision by the military to flush out “criminal” elements surrounding President Robert Mugabe.


Zivhu said the current period towards the festive season was the peak period for cross-border traders, hence the need for members to maximise this time.

“Therefore, there must be no panic among our cross-border traders as we assure them the situation in the country is serene. Cross-border traders must continue with their trade as usual,” he said.

“From what we gathered from some of our members across the country on Wednesday, they have been trading as usual without any form of disturbances, a clear indication that everything is calm and normal.”

Zivhu, however, urged both the bus operators and traders to comply with orders at roadblocks as per tradition.

“We don’t want to see people running away from roadblocks. Bus operators must act in accordance with officials manning the roadblocks. Those traders who had moved to other countries they must come back and do their business as usual,” he said.

Zivhu said the traders must also take advantage of the recently relaxed regulations on the importation of basic commodities into Zimbabwe by the government to ensure availability of basic commodities and stabilise prices ahead of the festive season.

“We are happy that our government relaxed regulations on the importation of basic commodities into Zimbabwe after some of the basic commodities were removed from the Open General Import Licence and were now covered under various Statutory Instruments including SI 64 of 2016,” he said.

While the country is battling a foreign currency shortage, which was adversely impacting on several sectors of the economy, Zivhu said the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was also making frantic efforts for the traders to get foreign currency at the normal rate as previously.

Zivhu, who is also the Zimbabwe Local Government Association leader, said all council officials both rural and urban should be at work and operate



  1. Zivhu you are a g40 you were being used by Grace to mobilise cross your members to support Grace, becareful your Norton land deals with Disgrace may land you in jail no matter how you try to change your tone

  2. This is one of those criminals. It looks like he is the one in a panic why is he saying what every vendor knows? What value is there is his insipid “statement”?

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