VIDEO: Jah Prayzah attacked at funeral

WATCH VIDEO: In an unfortunate incident, mourners attending the funeral of Jah Prayzah’s bouncer Chris Nyemba reportedly pelted the musician of the moment who had gone to attend the burial.

In this video, which has since gone viral, hordes of people are seen throwing stones.

NewsDay us yet to verify the full details surrounding the incident

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  1. G40 at it again.

  2. Wakachekeresa mface wake.

    1. Kuchekeresa meaning what exactly? We are just so primitive. It’s tragic that in the 21st Century, the internet age, there are people who still believe in this kind of crap. Accidents do happen, especially in pot holed and unlit roads.

    2. how? he was no longer working for him. you are a hater, he was being supportive going to that funeral

  3. Ndobva tadii paya?

    Munhu wese ku amai… Amai vapiko hure zvaro iro. Zimbabwe yakafa musi wakafa Amai Sally, Ichamuka musi uchafa Bhobho

  4. Feel sorry for him.Some people are just stupid.

  5. its hard c reality wen blinded socalled by technology

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