Team Lacoste guns for Mugabe


VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s war veteran allies are planning a “crunch rally” in Harare next week to consolidate their position in the Zanu PF succession conundrum and “provide a clear idea of where the country is going” in a fresh campaign targeting President Robert Mugabe.


The war veterans’ rally, tentatively slated for November 3, is meant to pre-empt their rival, First Lady Grace Mugabe’s interface rally with apostolic sect members in the capital.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda told NewsDay yesterday that Mnangagwa had become the remaining symbol of the liberation struggle in Zanu PF following the ruling party’s alleged capture by Mugabe’s G40 faction, which he claimed was anti-war veterans.

“It has been reported that we want Mnangagwa as our candidate for elections next year. We have never said that, but our defence of Mnangagwa is coming from the fact that the President has been clear that war veterans have no role in Zanu PF.

“He (Mugabe) has been at the forefront of attacking war veterans and getting them expelled from the party. Mnangagwa now represents the remaining remnants of those that fought in the struggle, along with (Oppah) Muchinguri, (Kembo) Mohadi and (Simon) Khaya Moyo, among a few others,” Matemadanda said.

The war veterans, once the fulcrum of Mugabe’s rule, have become the Zanu PF leader’s biggest critics and have demanded he cedes power to Mnangagwa.

Matemadanda disparaged Mugabe’s contribution to the war effort.

“We all know that Mugabe never fired a gun, he was never at the front and it explains his disdain for war veterans. So when we come out in defence


  1. I am sorry these war vets are now a joke and Grace is on record boosting that she is married to the Godfather of war vets hence she is not worried by any of these little boys, so think again of your crunch rally guys it may boomerang in your face.

  2. War Vets War Vets if you had been given that parcel of prime diamond real estate at Chiadzwa you were clamouring for would you still have had that damascus moment you have been noising a lot about of late concerning Mugabe. When you were setting up NAZI style torture bases in rural areas in 2008 were you suffering from amnesia with regard to Mugabe having never fired a single bullet during the war. Tipei maserious ana mukoma.

  3. “We all know that Mugabe never fired a gun, he was never at the forefront and it explains his disdain for war veterans” kkkkkk how come you want him to be succeeded by his former aid who spent his entire life guarding him while others were firing guns in the forefront. Equally absurd is it not so?

  4. why were you licking his arse all along if you knew that he never fired a shot during the liberation struggle? both you and Mugabe should go to hell. you are now behaving like hypocrites that have met in a haunted house (zanu pf).

  5. War Vets kuti kudini ko.Nesuvo varikuzhe tiri maWar Vets Economic War Vets asi hatiswero wawata monogoswera muchiti Diaspora diaspora asi chero RBZ irikudoti irikuda mapenny atofondokera kuzhe.Tirkudogwa Hondo yokuti mhuri kumba dzirarame.Makaita nguva yenyu totenda asi kuswero kuti ndimwi moga maBush War Vet mofanigwa kutonga ndozvorevei iyozvo saka makatifundisirei. Dzikamai gadzirisai imba yenyu imwi ndimwi makaivaka kuti ive pairi nhasi nhasi marashiwa kkkk mochema

  6. Truth’s finally coming out! RG might not have fired a gun; yet ED is known to have used a gun to brutally murder scores of innocents when, together with his colleague Perence Shiri, he led a horrific pogrom where thousands of unarmed innocents in Matebeleland lost their lives.

    • musapenga imi madiaspora,manzwa nekugeza chembere dzechirungu,live our president alone,we are proudly ZIMBABWEANShatitize nyika yedu,tsvangirayi is rule ZIMBA forget nd smile,voye for the blair that i know is a toilet,dayi mukadzingwa ikoko,muuye tikurimiseyi

  7. The positive thing is that the war veterans have seen the light.Progressive forces in Zimbabwe should welcome them and support their current efforts to dislodge Mugabe from power.He (Mugabe) is the root of all evil in Zimbabwe.Munangagwa and Shiri did what they did with Mugabe’s blessings.The best zimbabweans can do is to take advantage of current events and finally free themselves.We have all made our mistakes and so have the war veterans.

  8. Zvimbwa sungata zvapererwa manje ,zvayimboti zvakarwa hondo hee tisu tinotonga nyika ino kudii kwacho ikezvino nyika yave kumawere. Sanctions sanctions kudii kwacho ,taneta ne nhema dzenyu imi ma Zanuis chitanda chakurema ichi ende murikuzochi torerwa come 2018.

  9. You were thrown out of the gravy train now you are throwing little hissy fits hoping you be let in again. Well too late for that and no sympathy from me whatsoever

  10. When Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa and company’s mouths were fully ensconced in the ZANU PF feeding trough they were quite(they could not hear or see any evil) and they were willing tools who actually killed for Mugabe. They were a law unto themselves and they brought untold suffering and unimaginable brutality to innocent civilians since 2000. Now that they have been booted out of ZPF, it’s cold out there, they now want us to believe they have repented yet they are supporting their Lacoste faction – an equally power hungry, evil, rogue, corrupt, selfish, arrogant and cruel political outfit fronted by Mnangagwa. They can make all the noise they want but tough luck, let’s not give any chance to have ED in the state house. Nothing will change under his leadership but evil will be perpetuated. Nxaa!

  11. Tangakugara, Muwanikwa, Chidzivachepo, imi munodanwa nezita Jehovah rakidzai simba renyu kunesu vanhu vamakasika nemufanandzo wenyu. Ndimi Mambo weMadzimambo,
    Ishe weMadzishe. Munonaisa mvura kune wakanaka newakaipa. Munopa wekufema kune wakanaka newakaipa. Munovhenekera nezuva renyu kune wakanaka newakaipa. Uye ndimi munozivisa zvirimberi mberi, kukunda kuziva kwatinoita isu zvatakaita nezuro chaiye. JEHOVAH pindira. SHARLOM!, RUGARE!, PEACE!.

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