Mujuru courts Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru, who was recently endorsed as the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate, has reportedly made moves to engage MDC-T and MDC Alliance leader Morgan Tsvangirai (pictured) to form a broader coalition of opposition parties to take on Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 presidential election.


Officials in the Mujuru camp said the launch of the PRC last week had given the former Vice-President some air under her wings and better bargaining power to negotiate for a bigger stake in the proposed all-encompassing grand coalition.

“She now wants to approach Tsvangirai from a position of strength because she can claim her own bloc of support and what is clear is Mujuru does not want to be a junior partner in this coalition and is not looking to be a deputy either,” a highly-placed source said.

NPP secretary-general and acting treasurer-general Gift Nyandoro confirmed the development yesterday, saying his boss was ready to “tango” with Tsvangirai based on conditions set out by her party.

“We stated our definition of a people’s coalition and we are prepared to find anyone within that scope and that’s what we have simply done. We don’t look at personalities, but we are value and principle-driven. If we are wrong, then history shall judge us accordingly,” Nyandoro said.

“Consensus building is a process that requires honesty, integrity and sincerity. It’s not about one claiming to be strong over the other, but coming up with a framework that promotes confidence and unity within the rank and file.”

Mujuru’s other partners include the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) splinter group led by Lucia Matibenga, Zimbabweans United for Democracy Party led by Farai Mbira and the Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment headed by Gilbert Dzikiti.

The other condition set by NPP was that leadership of the proposed coalition should be decided through primary elections.

Mujuru, however, seemed to have disregarded some of her party’s demands after she was elevated to lead
the coalition in elections held in a boardroom shortly before the launch of the PRC.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday said the door was still open for Mujuru to ink a broad coalition deal with Tsvangirai despite the teething problems blighting the project.

“Talks are still ongoing with a number of opposition political parties, including the NPP, for the purpose of forming a strong and formidable opposition coalition,” he said.

Tsvangirai’s supporters, on the other hand, have declared that they will not settle for any presidential candidate other than the former trade unionist, who is currently battling cancer of the colon.

The MDC Alliance includes PDP led by Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube’s MDC, Transform Zimbabwe of Jacob Ngarivhume, Zanu Ndonga headed by Denford Masiyarira and the Multi-Racial Christian Democrats led by Mathias Guchutu.

The NPP had initially refused to join Tsvangirai’s MDC Alliance, arguing it could not be part to a coalition deriving its name from one political party.

It, however, remains unclear if newly-elected Coalition of Democrats presidential candidate Elton Mangoma’s group was prepared to join Mujuru and Tsvangirai’s big tent.

The Mangoma-led coalition has nine parties, namely, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe, Zapu (Dumiso Dabengwa), Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe led by Barbara Nyagomo, Zimbabweans United for Democracy Party (Mbira), Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dzikiti), African Democratic Party (Marceline Chikasha), Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (Simba Makoni) and ZimFirst (Maxwell Shumba).

Both Dzikiti and Mbira, who have a separate arrangement with the NPP, absented themselves from the elective meeting in Harare last week.

The leaders expressed confidence of winning the 2018 elections, although they said they would not distribute the seats, but would support the most popular candidate in a particular area.

Mugabe, despite his advanced age and ill health, has declared that he would not lose sleep over opposition plans to coalesce against him, dismissing the project as “a coalition of zeros”.


  1. Mujuru will bring in confusion, better leave her out with her briefcase parties. And what happened to people first?

  2. With her untenable demands, ego-ridden Mujuru will defy all public plea and end up in the ballot box before unceremoniously bidding politics farewell. Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

  3. Zanu pf right now is busy mobilising its rural voters to register to vote,holding youth interface rallies.and the opposition parties are still arguing who will lead the coalition.Come 2018 Zanu pf will win.

    • Very true. Inasmuch as we don’t want them, they are more strategic towards elections than anyone else.

      • i dont think they are more strategic unless you mean by making the playing field more uneven. the opposition has been trying to hold rallies and the police is disrupting so you will not feel their campaign the same way

  4. MDC please this time move on with determination and our vision for 2018 and beyond. The 2 strategic goals to focus on are mobilization for BVR voter registration and compaigning countrywide especially in the rural areas. There is no time left to be still spending sleepless nights on whether to partner with Mujuru or not. She is a spent-force and as politically worthless as ZANU PF’s vomit, period.

  5. mdc t yega ka1,izvi zvi party zvisina vanhu siyana nazvo tsvangson zvokupedzera nguva.muZimbabwe mune Zanu Pf ne MCD T chete,who is she now kukuudza kuti huya tibatana,ngwarai zvi party zvemhanga mhanga izvi.

  6. So for Mujuru its more about not being a junior to Tsvangirai? It seems she isn’t quite for the people as she always claims. As long as the opposition is like this in Zimbabwe, forget winning elections. We can’t trust them if they are this power hungry before the elections are held. What more in the event that they actually win?

  7. Dzikiti and Mbira are the confused lot in all this. They just don’t know where to belong. MDC should concentrate on mobilising it’s supporters to register.

  8. Mujuru is so irrelevant to the coalition. She got nothing to offer at all but rehashed failed policies and a Zanu hangover of mediocrity.

  9. If Mujuru is nothing, why is MDC desparate to have her on their camp. Why should only be Mujuru who must climb down and not Tsvangirai who has also proved that he is a failure like BOB. Beware Tsvangirai can be a dictator also. Remember his tenure to be MDC president, and not Zim president expired and he had to extend more than once it despite losing to Mugabe and allow new blood.

  10. After thought, by the way MDC is not Tsvangirai. So when we are talking things let us try to separate issues. If Tsvangirai has the support, why not agree to the primary and elect a leader rather than just impose a failure we have been voting for since 2001.

    • So you having been voting for Tsvangirayi since 2001 but keeping ZPF in power since 1980.?….did you find out why Tsvangirayi is loosing all the time?

    • If Tsvangirai is a failure since 2001 why did you delay to replace such a failure? To me it tells me that you are worst than him even today you donot have a replacement for such a failure. Ah shame on you. Vote your candidate for presidency of this country not a mere coalition.

  11. If consensus building requires honesty and intergrity then Gift Nyandoro and his party should find those values first before they engage Tsvangirai or any political party for that matter.Why i say so is because MDC T has never officially claimed to be stronger than any political party though it is an undeniable fact that MDC T is stronger than all political parties including zanu pf a fact that Nyandoro is trying to deny thereby giving himself and his party out as a party which is totally devoid of honesty and intergrity. This NPP party which on my own opinion is a zanu pf appendage must accept facts as they are no matter how unpleasant the facts are to them.Hazvishandu by trying to hide your heads in the sand like the proverbial Ostrich.


  13. when we are given a chance to vote it is more like a blank cheque to write monetary value to buy a Mercedes Benz but what we do is we then buy a Honda fit and expect it to behave like a Mercedes Benz…………….leaving the goats with a Hyena and when they disappear we start to wonder.

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