It’s gloves off: Mnangagwa

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared a bare-knuckle fight against his G40 rivals, saying it was now time up for the “johnny-come-latelies” who had lately turned him into a political punch bag.

By Everson Mushava/Blessed Mhlanga

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Addressing Zanu PF members at the late Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa’s memorial service in Gutu on Saturday, Mnangagwa said: “Those who joined the journey midway now think the journey is theirs, yet it’s not and will never be.”

Incidentally, most of his detractors in the G40 faction reportedly led by First Lady Grace Mugabe and political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere have no liberation war credentials, but are viciously campaigning to block his bid to succeed soon-to-be 94-year old Mugabe.

In a jibe towards his detractors that they will fail in their endeavour to demonise him, Mnangagwa added: “If you try to catch a fish by putting a snare on a rock outside water, you will realise that you won’t catch it.”

Grace told a recent Zanu PF campaign rally in Bindura that Masvingo and Midlands, considered as Mnangagwa’s strongholds, and required restructuring as they had become hotbeds of factionalism.

But Mnangagwa shot down the claims, saying: “Masvingo is the best province, whatever anyone says. Those who castigate the province don’t know what the future holds and when things come to a head, we will try to see where each one of us stands. Zvese zviri kutaugwa zvichapera kana nyaya yaakusvika kumagumo (everything being said and happening now will soon be over).”

The VP added: “Masvingo should not be intimidated or made inferior. Let’s do our things in unity because there is nothing wrong with standing by the people from one’s home province, so that in the end you are found alongside your relatives. We are a sovereign province we deserve respect.”

Mnangagwa also opened up on his food poisoning scare, saying his detractors had attempted to poison him in the same way they allegedly did to Mahofa at a Zanu PF conference in 2015.

“I have come to tell you that what happened to Mai Mahofa in Victoria Falls is what also happened to me.
“I am making tremendous recovery. Those who wished me dead will be ashamed because when God’s time for one to die is not up, he will not die. I still have many years to live and the truth will come out,” he said in a recording of his speech in the possession of NewsDay.

The Vice-President had to be airlifted to South Africa for urgent medical attention following the poisoning scare at President Robert Mugabe’s youth interface rally in Gwanda in August this year.

His loyalists accused Mnangagwa’s G40 rivals of poisoning him in a bid to physically eliminate him from the race to succeed Mugabe.

Mnangagwa last month dismissed speculative reports that he had eaten poisoned ice-cream from the First Family’s Gushungo Dairies, although he did not dispute the poisoning narrative.

This came at a time Mnangagwa has filed a $3 million lawsuit against Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo, accusing the Tsholotsho North MP of making malicious claims against him during a politburo meeting three months ago.

Through his lawyers, Dube Manikai and Hwacha, Mnangagwa in case number 9108/17 alleged that Moyo made false and damaging allegations against his person in a video presentation during a politburo meeting held on July 19.

“Plaintiff’s (Mnangagwa) claim against defendant is for general damages for defamation of character of the gravity and extent of the case, pursuant to a video authored, presented circulated by defendant to the members of the Zanu PF politburo and the general public on or about July 19 concerning plaintiff which was per se defamatory,” part of the summons read.

Mnangagwa denied that he attempted to kill former veteran broadcaster Godfrey Majonga or forced him to seat on a hot stove and challenged Moyo to prove the allegations in court.

“The video is patently false and contains numerous fabricated stories targeted at damaging the reputation of plaintiff and out-rightly tarnishing his character and standing in the eyes of the politburo and general public.

“Specifically, defendant makes scandalous and fallacious allegations against the plaintiff. All reference to the presentation and the video in these summons are made with regards to its reference to an incident involving Mr Godfrey Majonga, which include but are not limited to the following.

“Plaintiff attempted to murder Mr Majonga … forced Mr Majonga to either seat on a hot stove or alternatively jump from a window of the third floor of an undisclosed building in Harare,” Mnangagwa’s lawyers submitted.

Mnangagwa in his summons said the allegations made by Moyo were patently false and have affected his credibility and undermined him as the Vice-President of Zimbabwe and government official responsible for administering the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ministry.

He gave Moyo up to 10 days to respond to the summons, although the latter was recently quoted as saying he was prepared to have his day in court against the Vice-President.

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  1. Comment…We don’t need these provincial minded would be presidents, we need a nation’s president.Hee ngwena this hee ngwena that,be reminded mr man Masvingo is not Zimbabwe if you think that coming from Masvingo makes you someone special,then you are confused.Voters are scattered over 10 provinces then if you think the word Masvingo is your drawcard you will be shocked.

    Nine other provinces will not make a sacrifice just because Masvingo province want to have a national president.This man people don’t be fooled will be even worse than Mugabe,he has served his master with distinction as the head of intelligence for a long time.This man is even more sinister than Mugabe because he has operated infield and has experimented some of those heinous crimes personally so is a dangerous candidate for the presidency.

    1. I see , you are one of those fools and clowns who want to comment on matters they dont have a clue about

      Cde Mnangagwa is responding to sentiments echoed by a number of senior ZANU PF members about Masvingo including the president .

      The story is , Mugabe is afraid of Masvingo and has always been , thats why all and sundry from Masvingo where either booted out or not rewarded with any meaningful posts in government. It is because Masvingo is the only province that had courageous and learned folks who openly told mugabe to resign unlike all other coward provinces where cowards say yes to everything and anything.

      To be frank , this whole issue of ZANUFYING AND ZEZURISING everything in governement and the nation should be put to an end. If all other provinces are not seing that mugabe is only rewarding his keith and kin then this country is doomed.

      1. Ain’t zezuru a shona language. So it implies that there is no language called shona in Zimbabwe

        1. Jojo Zvenyika Siyananazvo

          There is no language called Shona and there is no person or tribe called Shona…… Its only a nickname the Ndebeles gave a tribe they used to raid for food and women. Those days during the raids they would spot their target from a distance, but then, on getting close those people seemingly disappeared including their livestock. “Ukhutshona” means disappear. This tribe had the strategy of hiding in underground enclosures together with their livestock and hence the name
          ‘Matshona”…… Can somebody attest to this explanation according to what I heard?

        2. Zezuru is a shona dilect not language

    2. true that man

    3. @Diploma you are just an idiot who doesn’t know anything. You are a moneychanger that’s why you are talking like that. Manje zvichapera zvose izvi. Bloody fool.

    4. Dipuroma come on. Ngwena is nresponding to Grace’s demonisation of Masvingo and Midlands. what she doesnt know is they fired 7 youth provincial chairpersons, suspended 9 provincial chairpersons all on ground of Ngwena support. the man has enough support. he is just showing he will this time not fold hands and leave his subjects exposed to graceland wabantu’s insults

    5. Once you start campaigning on a clearly tribal lane, you are gone. That’s what happens everywhere in the world and Ngwena should be cleverer than this. Mugabe was tribal but he managed it so well that even those he hates liked, nay loved, him anyway!

  2. Comment…now its gloves off for sho..joining the journey midway does not mean u ll complete it……

  3. Not impressed by what Ngwena said. Matandanyadzi ka awa. It appears that he’s not aware that the end is now for him. Wait for the Harare and Bulawayo rallies. Then the result of the companies audit. Unoinda nepi? Or the the court’s verdict on the 3 mil claim.

  4. Comment…Don’t be fooled there are no gloves that will be taken off by this hair dye loving old man.This man is coward, he is only brave when he faces the defenceless citizenry but when he comes face to face with his peers he starts quaking profusely.

    Mark my words all those who are glorifying this monster will regret in future that is if he ascends to the highest national office.The blood of innocent souls will be in the hands of all those scribes and publications who are pushing hard this wicked man’s agenda.

    This propaganda will backfire terribly, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. What is wrong in responding to allegations?

  5. We the Suffering Masses celebrate when self-proclaimed patriots who have been peeing our heads for a long time, takes to each other’s throat. When it became apparent that Mugabe cared for nothing but power and dynasty, all who called for his removal were variously labeled ‘sellouts’, ‘enemies of the state’ and ‘puppets’ of the west. Only those who were actually murdered were saved from this name-calling. But Mugabe simply didn’t change. He remained the same Mugabe who was accused by that late, hard-hitting Zvibgo that he had run up the mountain with the power button and thus forestalled the political relay! Today here he is, devouring his own lieutenants. Why I am writing this anyway? I am wasting my energy. WE SHOULD WATCH AND CELEBRATE THE UNDOING OF MONSTERS. LET THEM CONQUER EACH OTHER AND AFTER ALL IS DONE, AFTER THEY TIRE SPILLING THEIR BLOOD, WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL TAKE A WALK IN THE PARK TO GET WHAT IS OURS, POWER, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY AND OUR FUTURE!!! IF ANYONE CAN BRING SANITY AMONG THE OPPOSITION, THE BETTER. ITS NO TIME TO FIGHT.

  6. Comment…regai tione

  7. i used to say if i had a personality like that of Mnangagwa i would be a great person. i used to like Mnangagwa for his maturity in handling issues. i even thought Mnangagwa would be a better President if given the chance to rule. but i then lost faith in him when he started to party with the likes of Mutodi holding a mug inscribed ‘ I am the boss’. i then said this is the beginning of the count down of Mnangagwa’s days and i was right. if what is reported here is what he said, very few days are left for him. he is even confusing us. he issued a statement last time saying he was never poisoned. now he is saying what happened to Mahofa is what happened to him and the ‘truth will come out’. ‘We are a ‘sovereign province’ and we deserve respect’ This is the graviest mistake that you have ever made. let the few days remaining unfold. unless your ‘strong guys’ have said come what may we are ready. if the strong guys havent said anything to you, Mnangagwa with all your wisdom that i used to think you have, stop saying anything henceforth.

    1. Points of correction Moyo
      1. “he issued a statement last time saying he was never poisoned”.. thats a lie. he just said i never ate ice cream on the day in question. revisit his press statement. he never said i was not poisoned.
      2. “he issued a statement last time saying he was never poisoned”..The man is right. Thats why we have provincial structures in every province. its about sovereignty. otherwise everything was supposed to be at national level.
      3. The man has support i tell you. mark my words. Zimbabwe will never be the same again.

    2. @ C.Moyo.If my reading is correct he seems to be desperately holding on to the likelihood of a Masvingo cessation as his trump card to save his deputy presidency.

  8. Things are getting out of control. Iam smelling blood. Iam getting very scared.

  9. Musatya KGB for ever

  10. Musatya KGB forever.

  11. C Moyo stop the hogwash you are sayimg. Time for a new day is now. Dos santos is free man let it be to us also THE FUTURE IS NOW. aSI URI MONEY CHANGER. mUCHAZA IMBWA YEMUNHU.


  13. This is mere talk. The moment he sees Grace he will shiver and claim he was misqouted.

    1. DAAAAMMMMNNNNN GARWE IS GONE I SWEAR.ONCE madam dr hears about this its game over for uncle croc.

    2. Do u know that Ngwena once hold Bob by the collar then all of a sudden he is afraid of Grace

  14. At most he has said his mind he is worth support angavhunduka mwana wazuro uyo angatyisa nemuswe.

  15. At most he has said his mind he is worth supporting angavhunduka mwana wazuro uyo angatyisa nemuswe.

  16. Ana DOHWE tichiriko Ngwena takanuna



  18. In response to C.Moyo. Firstly Mnangagwa NEVER SAID HE WAS NOT POISONED. Rather he refuted claims that he ate poisoned ice cream. Meaning he implied that ice cream; contrary to public utterances; wasn’t the source of the poison.
    Secondly; why do people give weight to a MUG? Only mugs can do that. I also have in my house a mug inscribed I AM THE BOSS; does it mean I want to remove my boss from his position??
    Thirdly; on speaking out ED agonesa manje apa. If he bootlicks Mugabe; still they will boot him out. Even if he goes to them knees down and hands up; they won’t like him either. So for ED there is nothing to lose. Rather; let him die on his feet; never on knees.
    On Masvingo province… this is a Zanu stronghold; judging by previous elections. It’s not broken… don’t fix it. ED has been too quiet for quite a longtime. Respect must be two way. Go back and check Grace Mugabe speech at Chiweshe in early 2016. She label Karangas as sell outs who sold out Nehanda… went on to sing Zezuru uncoquerable. I never liked Ngwena… but from that moment I am Ngwena to the fullest… get that in your thick heads. Karangas should never be intimidated; win or lose…the most important thing is history; our children’s children will say our forefathers tried to stand for what they believed in.

    1. It is sad that you rush to ngwenas defence simply bcoz he and G40 are now brandishing the tribal card to fight each other when they have enjoyed the fruits of independence together with the rest of the country(all tribes) suffering. These people destroyed the country collectively and none deserves anyone’s sympathy or support. What is tribe anyway. At best it is a myth.

      1. Agreed magame – tribe is nothing. Besides most of us have migrated to other provinces and settled there permanently to bother about this tribal hogwash. These leaders are not true national material but are just being propped up because “they’re next in line” when ideally they’re not the best persons for the job. Unfortunately Zimbabweans, educated as it is claimed locally do not display standards that conform. To say Masvingo is behind their son is fatally flawed because their party has always won votes through intimidating the rural constituency. Let’s be futuristic and see what is best for this country. I go for young economic drivers and not those that continue to preach about the bush war won 37yrs ago.

    2. What is it that you espouse to do differently when you still have Zanu (RF) DNA? What are you offering the nation (not Masvingo province alone)? There is nothing different anyone in this imploding, murderous party that productive voters can look forward to. It’s a mafia grouping of hoodlums who’re quickly running out of breath having already exhausted all their apparent collective intellect.

  19. Chipangano chauya

    this is the begining of the end of zanu mwari muriko tanzwa nekuyaura nenzara

  20. Where are you Oppah? I’m sure you agree now that giving up the Women’s league position zvatiparira. Musangano nenyika now in disarray. Ngwena deserves the job.

  21. it seems like the proff has played his cards well to some extent in that his hatred for the VP nenyaya yetsholaz declaration is getting solid as he has roped in different people from the party to fight the VP.some in the party are following him blindly or for whatever reasons and the party is going down.when intelligence suggest some destroying the party from within it seems true.but it has to be stopped

  22. Its game on for sure, the croc will go down fighting after all

    1. Yamuuraisa ndeiyi “The VP added: “Masvingo should not be intimidated or made inferior. Let’s do our things in unity because there is nothing wrong with standing by the people from one’s home province, so that in the end you are found alongside your relatives. We are a sovereign province we deserve respect.” This is very damag

      1. Comment…Says who? unconquerable yamaitamba nana Dr mai kuchiweshe? hamuitongi musina kuinda kuhondo inotongwa nevakainda kuhondo kureva kuti ihondo kuti muitonge kwete kuimba or kuvoter. Kujaidza neanokamhina muchamama majanga semombe

  23. Why is it right when Mphoko and Grace accuses Masvingo and wrong when ED defend Masvingo? Who started the tribal card? Is it Masvingo? Mboko was dancing to mazezuru unconguerable what is that, if karangas or ndebeles had sang that song we would here tremors. There is nothing wrong with Masvingo, they have just an independent thought process.

  24. Grace thinks she owns Zimbabwe….Let Mnangagwa face her.He has been quiet for too long.Karangas must be respected kwete kutigarira beya pano nooo its not good at all.

    1. kikikikiki Beya manje hahahaha

  25. The economy i the motto.When mnangagwa was appointed VP he did not take long to start dealing withthe economy becoz he knows tthat’sthe enermy number one.G40 and its nonsense do try to disrupt him from working on the economy.Ngwena has no time for pikynanies.He has no time for self praise.He even gave the CCommand agriculture successes to 1st lady, withthe hope he could be left to deal with industry and mining, what happened to diamonds.G40 is scared of that.I once , on this platform warned my fellow Zanu members who stole to be wary of the ngwena glare.Its coming as sure as day light.Its time for change.Its not only ngwena who is sick of what’sgoing on.Its 90% zZANUand country.Its time for change.Ssorry to all who want this to continue .ZANU already has a new boss.

  26. It’s game on and I’m loving it! The referee has just indicated it’s round 9 of a 12-rounder bout!!!!

  27. Lets have two clear camps in our beloved party and let these camps compete on ideology and not on personalities and honestly some of us would love to have violence free contest within the party and with proper arrangement go to congress where debates, interesting debates should be the order of the day not this boring one center of power which is uninspiring even to those who are benefiting from it. Please don`t forget this country is for us all

    1. I agree with you JoseIf anyone thinks 1st lady or Mujuru can stand on the same podium wwithAngela Merkel and Theresa May and talk economics , think again.We need educated people to run change this economy.My 2 fellow women are in politics simply becoz of husbands.nothing else.

  28. It is unfortunate that Grace thinks her husband is still young and capable of ruling the precious nation called Zimbabwe.As a Mukaranga i am very much disappointed because the truth is kuhondo takawirirana kuti nyika ichatongwa nesu Makaranga from muzezuru to Mukaranga and then Mundebele.
    Mnangagwa my brother tell them the truth without fear we are tired of hearing hate speech and tribal discrimination.

  29. Masvingo is a sovereign province! Wow! What a statement!!! Why then delay with the implimentation of devolution of power in terms of the constitution? Masvingo will never be a colony again!! Never !!! Kwaaaaaa! ED is gone. He has directly challenged Bob and he will come out second best. And by the way there is nothing wrong with joining the journey midway!ED himself was not there at the start of the revolution. He joined midway too!

    1. But he is Senior to Savior and Jonso

  30. Comment…Moyo you are right.
    You don’t talk of your province or your relatives if you want to be a national leader.You must observe things from a national perspective dimension.I am not a tribalist neither am l a regionalist but I only say things as they are.

    For Robert jnr sorry if I wronged you but I don’t think you are a fool just because you said your opinion.For your own information I am not a Zezuru but I am a descendent of the prestigious Ndau Clan.If a Karanga of upright morality comes up, someone who see issues from national perspective point of view,someone who see zimbabwe as a country and not coming to be the president of the country as a torch bearer of a province, someone who do not have blood in his hands and tonnes of skeletons in his warehouse I will be happy if he becomes president.

    Even a Ndau, a Tonga or a Ndebele can rule Zimbabwe.Manicaland have also been marginalised, so has Matebeleland, Masvingo and many other provinces.

  31. G40 maituka masvingo nemidlands makanyararirwa. now you are answered you use tribal / provincial card as a defence. Kuchiweshe mphoko nagrace mugabe vaiimba zezuru conquerable. Mnangagwa you are right we are ready to defend and shed our blood in support of you. Mugabe is old what more new thing is he going to implement which he has failed to do for the past 37 years

  32. Sure its gloves off and now a bare knuckle fist affair, but very very soon the President and Amai will respond and indeed responding in a very very bad way, its kinda exciting disintergrating from within.

  33. VaMugabe ivhu makadzosa tinotenda chaizvo Mutungamiri unokoshesa ivhu arihurudza pachake tese tinomuziva vasina zvavanogona kunze kokumwa doro sanamzembi tese tovaziva zvakare. Zvokusiya matirimira zhara takatarisa tingajaidzana. Hatidyi huroyi nekunyara itai zvinogutsa ruzhinji muzorore sadosantos

  34. Guys he is right People must be proud of being Irish , Ndebele, Zezuru, Ndau, Tswana without any one threatening you. Why do you threaten someone when he is proud of being Mukaranga, being moyo Chirandu, Mhofu etc. This is democracy province should have powers to say they want this they want that. What has killed our country is no one has balls to say something as a province. Everything has been agreed as a women’s league, youth league etc This is a new beginning a good beginning

  35. chinomukutu on line

    Unodzingika here? mengemusina kutidzinga nesu? Hatina basa?

  36. chingungundengu

    kana ukarota hurumende yezanu pf isisiri pachigaro MUKA UBIKE DORO.TINONGOTONGA TICHINGOTONGA

  37. We will declare Masvingo a soverign state..kiki

  38. Vanhu veMasvingo vanozvinyepera, ndakanzwa munwe achiti its the province with the highest population in the country. 4 million plus, this politics of tribes, regions hapana kwazvinotisvitsa. Its a bit tool late for vamwe baba. Declare your interest about the throne we are sick and tired of riddles.

  39. bhora mudziva full stop

    Comment…VaMnangagwa vanogona kukuremerai nyangwe makanotuka tramp kuamerica kuno kunonzi kuno

  40. If the Vp was poisoned he should tell the people of Zimbabwe where and when was he poisoned since he did not eat anything in Gwanda.

  41. Tich Mukanya Munatsi

    Hayiwawo,ngwna yepi inenge dzvinyu,mxm!

  42. thank you all for your comments asi mapedza kutaura kwamusina kuswera hamhuna kutipa solution zanu pf anofanirwa kubviswa pachigaro by watever means neccessary pamberi nehondo

  43. Danai Pazvagozha

    Chiregai tibwerekete isu vobwo. Masvingo and the Karangas are different when it comes to domestication by Mugabe and his wife. Mugabe got the shock of his life when Mavhaire was the first person to tell Mugabe “must go”. And today we are the first people to defy Grace, and we say Grace, and by extension Sekereramayi, will never rule this country.Of course Munangagwa feels safe to say anything when he is with his folk. Know that the name “Zimbabwe” is karanga. Zezuru dilect is Zimbahwe. And you think we can agree to be subdugated by a mere secretary. Never. Nada

  44. Masvingo Province will never be intimidated by anyone you can say that again Ngwena Shumba Murambwi. Their barking is coming to an end very soon.Nyatsimba Mutota/ Munhumutapa is far bigger than Charwe-Mbuya Nehanda who they were calling in Bindura spiritually. Revisit your history.

    RG Mugabe failed to take that small knobkerry housed at Great Zimbabwe which turned into a snake when he touched it in 1986 meaning he was not supposed to rule this country (spiritually).He ran away kkkkk kusiya ma aids ake!!!! 1986 was the only year in RG rule to have +ve balance of payment, after that mutorododo to nhamo yega yega. The right person should rule this country: I say wake up to you Chiefs Charumbira and Chief Mugabe (weku Morgenster not that monster)

  45. dota pora imbwa ivate, GRACE neteam rako murikuita mutserendende mutara musina mabhurugwa, vamwe tirizvirema nayo Nyika iyi dzingai MUNANGAGWA CHERO MANGWANA chaiwo ndipo pauchaziva kuti dai wakagara zvako nenhamo yako naGoreraza.uchaona kuti kana Mwari akatiseka Mugabe akatanga kufa haumuvigi iwe nokumhanya kwauchaita,makaranga,Mandevere, Ndaus or Machangani are not confined to their regions of origin so never be myopic na Mboko wako.Zvichakushamisa kana chaityisa chotyiswa Bere mberi mbudzi sure muchimhanya, Masvingo yataura.

  46. rise LACOSTE rise

  47. Kkkkk t seems lyk Uncle Croc vakudiwa navanhu,,,,,,,Bcareful of Madam Stopit vanokuunzira draught ukashaya mvura kkkkkkkkkk

    1. Comment…zidemonI ra Dr spot it rinozorora pano forthwith kana rinenharo handeitione

  48. If zanu wins next year elections Mnangagwa will be fired from zanu that is a fact and they is no doubt about it . So the best thing for him and his followers is bora musango than to wait to fired then form a political party , He almost out .

  49. Haa!
    No comment.chiregai zvakwana. Toda maresults not kungowawata.
    Win or ruzi ndoyatoda. Rovanai tione anowiner kuti ndiyani

  50. Comment…Even if you call me a fool or a dog I don’t care because that is what you think.The problem with us Zimbabweans is that of tolerance,it’s very usual to have divergent views and that must be because we can’t all have the same perception on every subject.

    People say Ian Smith was a very bad leader because he oppressed blacks,we say Mugabe is also a bad leader because he violates human rights.Here we are given the platform to air our views,some now want to suppress other people’s views,why?

    I don’t hate zanu pf supporters because it’s their right to associate with a political party of their choice,I don’t hate Musona for his views or call him names because it’s his right of freedom of speech, I also don’t spite Nacido for all what he writes because it’s his right of freedom of speech although I am not amused by what they write.

    People must think differently it’s natural let’s learn respect one another’s views that’s what life is all about.

  51. Comment…well said Timmy, Shumba yagara haitereri zvichemo zvemhara dzinosurirana dzichitiza

  52. If you subtract Midland and Masvingo from the Zanu vote you are left with mashonaland, matebele is gone and Manyika can go any time (and has shown that already), if I were him, I would campaign on tribal lines, something Mugabe has always done sidelining Ndebeles

  53. tiriko hedu kuma terrace jus watching

  54. Hameno zvakangooma nesUwo we are watching tiri paterrace When did zim be secled

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