Censorship Board warns ‘nude’ performers

CENSORSHIP Board chairperson, Aeneas Chigwedere on Wednesday said any foreign act keen to perform in Zimbabwe will have to abide by the country’s moral code.


Responding to University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Ruby Magosvongwe’s concerns over the suitability of “semi-naked” Brazilian Samba girls performing at the Harare International Carnival, Chigwedere told a stakeholders meeting that his board would take corrective measures.

He said they were in “a difficult position” in the case of “pantieless” South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu, since they had just come into office.

“You must know that we were in a difficult position that these people [Samba girls] were allowed to come here nearly semi-naked in 2015 and with us appointed in May to state that we don’t want to see them, we decided to wait,” he said.

“In future, whatever organisation is going to apply that they want to bring Zodwa or the Samba girls, we give them conditions. We don’t bar them, but give conditions that if they accept, we then authorise them to get their permits.”

Chigwedere, however, did not clarify if the conditions will be additional to what is already provided for in the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act, which specifies that entertainers can only strip down to their panties and not come into contact with patrons.

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He said the Samba dancers and Zodwa will be allowed in the country –“if properly dressed”.

Magosvongwe also expressed concern over strip clubs sprouting all over Harare, which she described as immoral and against the country’s cultural values.


  1. majoring on trivia! thats zim govt for you!

  2. What morals are you talking about and to whom do these apply to? Let art be art and restrain from suppressing it hence or otherwise you are just a failure.

  3. Zodwa is just the same as some of our women who were belts as skirts.Most women don’t wear panties either they don’t have or may be just refreshing, nothing wrong with that. I am worried about those with so much revealing mini skirts. I know I start a war with women but its truth a Zodwa with no pants is better than some women we see in town.

  4. Hear hear! Where were the morals when Robert Mugabe was committing adultery with Grace when she was married to Stanley and he was married to Sally? Give us a break please Zanu PF people.

  5. Thats nonsense publication , is there anything else to publish like the lack of money in Zim – thanks to Strive Masiiwa and his econet for his ecocash establishment otherwise ppl were going to die with money in their banks

  6. Chigwedere failed dismally when he was minister of education I remember hearing him saying schools should have one uniform and their teachers also. He wanted to name Peterhouse mbuyanehanda school. Shame. He is a proven witch by his son. Let those who want to be entertained by Zodwa go and enjoy themselves to hell with those superstitious beliefs.

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