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MDC-T, Tajamuka take govt head-on


MDC-T will today demonstrate against the worsening economic situation in the country characterised by cash shortages and price increases amid overspending by the cash strapped government.


Youth leader, Happymore Chidziva called on all Zimbabweans to join the demonstration to send a clear message to the government that they were unhappy.

“If you are a worker and the value of your salary is being eroded in your bank account, while you queue, it is your democratic right protected by the Constitution to join this demonstration and show (President Robert) Mugabe that you are unhappy,” he said.

Chidziva said while the country was facing a crippling fuel crisis, shortages of basic commodities and cash, Mugabe and his cronies were eating ice cream.

“We read recently that for their Midlands rally they used 100 000 litres of fuel, they fed each other with ice cream worth $15 000 at a time the average Zimbabwean is struggling to put food on the table, we need to put a stop to this,” he said.

The demonstration is being fronted by social movement Tajamuka/Sesjikile In a statement, the MDC-T confirmed it will be joining the demonstration despite government threats to clamp down on demonstrations.

“MDC-T youth assembly joins other youth assemblies and organisations that are part of the Tajamuka/Sesjikile campaign in the peaceful demonstration earmarked for (today).

“The peaceful demonstration is against the worsening economic conditions in the country caused by Resrve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya and Zanu PF government’s ill-advised policies such as the now ill-fated bond notes,” read the statement.

“In this regard, the MDC T youth assembly calls upon all its members, structures and supporters to come out in our large numbers in full support of this peaceful but radical action. Mangudya must live up to his commitment to step down if the bond note faltered, which it has just done.”

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