Mugabe equal to Jesus: Chipanga

AFTER attracting brickbats following his bootlicking that bordered on blasphemy in Marondera a few weeks ago, where he described President Robert Mugabe as an angel, Zanu PF youth secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga has gone a notch higher, saying the veteran leader was Jesus’s equal.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Speaking in Chinhoyi this week at a meeting to prepare for Mugabe’s upcoming youth interface rally in Mashonaland West, Chipanga claimed the Zanu PF leader was only second in the hierarchy of God’s kingdom, a position he shared with Jesus Christ.

“Yes, President Mugabe’s middle name is Gabriel. He was given that name by the prophets after realising he has some resemblance,” Chipanga gushed.

“He is our Messiah, just like Jesus Christ when he liberated the world. Jesus, when he came, liberated the world and when President Mugabe came, he liberated us in this age . . . we honour God, then Jesus Christ and President Mugabe.”

Chipanga told Zanu PF bigwigs that they must forget about getting the youth’s support, as this was reserved for Mugabe only.

“And to you, senior leaders, don’t mistake the respect we have for you. Yes, we respect you, but when it comes to support, we support only one person in the party and that person is President Mugabe, not any other individual,” he said.

Mashonaland West acting Zanu PF chairperson Tawanda Rupiya accused the police of corruption and looting gold at some mines in the province while pushing the youth out.

Youth political commissar Innocent Hamandishe tried to silence Rupiya, but the damage had already been done, as some youths started chanting: “Eldorado, Eldorado, Eldorado!”

Zanu PF youths accuse the police of removing them from Eldorado Gold Mine in order to loot.

Mashonaland West province is next to host Mugabe’s youth rally on a date yet to be announced this month at the Chinhoyi University of Technology.

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  1. Chipanga u have that political right to support which ever party you want as enshrined in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution. But now you have gone beyond your political rights and you are now worshipping a human being. Even Jesus refused to be worshiped.

    you must be careful with such statements you make. President Mugabe cannot share a position with Jesus no matter how good he might seem to you Chipanga. And for you own information, the old man knows the bible and at one point told one Bishop to stay out of politics and go and preach. H e knows well that statement is blasphemy.
    Chiapanga look at what happened to Malema. He used to sit close to Zuma like you do. He used to say we will die for Zuma. Look at what happened to him. Look at what you are saying to your big guys. You say you support Mugabe only, but if the old man is gone, have you pondered what your life would be like? You act like a chick, most of the times its wings are up as if it can fly. you think you are a big guy? you are only useful to the President not further than June 2018. kkkkkkk

    1. I just can’t add anything more to that. Both the worshipper and the worshipped one should pluck a leaf from the Saudi Arabia King who even had the worshipper sacked from work for overpraising him by calling him God. As long as the President doesn’t denounce that then he is equally blasphemous.
      Please God forbid.

  2. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Somebody next to God allows corruption to ravage the nation under his watch.Foul mouthed blasphemous youngster, can’t learn at all.He is busy creating enemies along the path of his virgin political career,at the peak of his political lunacy when he thinks is part of Chatunga in the comfort of the political ivory towers,he would be unceremoniously ejected by the first family and dumped into a political cemetery where others are resting in eternal political agony.He should seek advice from Mutasa,Gumbo,Mujuru etc, may be they would give him genuine piece of advice.This boy’s unrestrained disrespect for his political seniors and other party faithfuls would lead him nowhere.

  3. Chipanga, Chipanga, Chipanga, how many times have I call you. In the fullness of time if you don’t repent from worshiping man you will know why God said I’m a jealous God, repent from idolatry. Mugabe is just like you that is why Solomon said vanity, vanity it’s all vanity because Mugabe will soon die and who will you worship, don’t be overshadowed by politics and compare Mugabe with God.

  4. spencer zvenyika

    Chipanga please worship and see where your end will be. God said there shall be no an other gods before me and your god will perish with you.

  5. Politics in this country is all about blasphemy and imposing oneself as a god of the people. The opposition is no exception. What we should know is that God is ever alert for such challenges.

    When they made a molten calf in the wilderness, He left them to wander around going nowhere for a good forty years since they were all guilty. Likewise when they built that tower to heaven, he just confused their language, they tried to talk but they just could not understand each other.

    When they took sodomy one step higher and lusted after angels He just closed their eyes to the door which was right before them. Our profits are equally as guilty and will therefore go on prophesying wealth, but God is in one mind, He is a God of justice and judgement.

  6. If Jesus is like Mugabe, then I’ll d rather be a satanist.

    1. Sure i will join you bra

  7. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Chipanga muka ku hope dzako idzo, dzakashatisa

  8. Chipanga waguta kunyarwa nemaZim, this kind of speech is uncalled for. that bootlicking will still get you nowhere kana uchiti ukugona

  9. cde chipanga,cde chipanga,cde chipanga

  10. Jesus died and rose again. He is alive today. Let’s wait and see if your Zimbabwe messiah will rise when he bites the dust. Simple test buddy.

  11. This Chipanga does not learn from others. God is God and Mugabe is merely a human being. Yesterday a good leader in one of the countries ordered one newspaper not to equate him with God and the paper apologized. Come July 2018, this guy will be history. Where did he come from? Ndaipasina Mutasa, Shamu and company this guy will be walloping in poverty. Respect your elders young man because mangwana hauzive anenge aripanyanga. Taneta newe Chipanga

  12. Blasphemy at its worst! Lets not attract the wrath of God out of our selfish personal interest. President Mugabe should unequivocally ban the use of such blasphemous names unlless he wishes a of share God’s glory.

    1. You are crazy Chipanga, people like you are the reason Zimbabwe has drowned. Mutasa once referred Mugabe to God years ago. Where is he now? If he is giving you a cheque its becoz u still useful to him.

  13. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk isu zvedu tongowokera tiri panze handei tione

  14. musatamba nezita raMwari mucchidaro

  15. Chipanga should know his limits. Mugabe is just another human being and will soon die like everybody else. If there is nothing to say then just keep quiet. Mugabe on the other hand must rebuke his supporters esp when they cross the line like this.

  16. Muchaona Mapera

    Mugabe, if you are honest and a practising Christian as you claim, PLZ!! Reign in this over zealous, blasphemous, ignorant and worthless young idiot. Tell him not to go to such lenghts, its also for your own good, old man.

  17. I like your statement Sam,i’ll follow you all the way to the Devil’s shrine,because Mugabe & Jesus are like poles, they don’t attract.



  19. young man Zimbabwe is Christian country. be warned that as you say such things you might in fact be de campaigning mugabe. most of these Christian do not want to equal mugabe to Jesus although they love and respect mugabe. as soon as they see mugabe taking over from Jesus or equaling him they will reject him in the next election. I hope mugabe like the pauls and peters of old will refuse such a position publicly or rebuke the young man from saying such things because its deadly for him also.

  20. This Chipanga chap sounds like a worthless piece of s**t

  21. Chipanga, shamwari ndapota zva Jesu siyana nazvo. Tsvaga zvimwe zvekutaura, inotikuvadzisa tisina mhaka.

  22. Thats too much kudzie…remember Jesus never had a moment of madness lyk your hero did during gukurahundi so equating him to Jesus is an insult to common sense.

  23. Can anyone borrow me his or her gun. i can end this Nonsense.

  24. simbarashe manomano

    mmmmm batsirai chipanga uyooooo…..usafadza munhu we nyama wangu…..

  25. Daughter of God

    Acts 12 : 23 Instantly an angel of the Lord struck Herod with a sickness because he accepted the people’s worship instead of giving the glory to God. So he was consumed with worms and died. As Zimbabwe this shows that we have allowed this to go on and we are being consumed with worms and in the process of dying. God forgive us and help us

  26. Ecclesiastes 4:13-16

    13 Better was a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king who no longer knew how to take advice. 14 For he went from prison to the throne, though in his own kingdom he had been born poor. 15 I saw all the living who move about under the sun, along with that[a] youth who was to stand in the king’s[b] place. 16 There was no end of all the people, all of whom he led. Yet those who come later will not rejoice in him. Surely this also is vanity and a striving after wind.
    i hope this guy understand that Jesus died to save us not what our 93 old guy is doing beside Jesus saved a short term in his ministry 3.5 yrs and the 93 old guy had pain us for 37 years even if you subtract the good years we all once loved him…they are now not countable …all we see from him is the pain that he has brought

  27. Comrade Muswe weMvuu

    Young man, I don’t whether you were born yet or were still crapping in your nappies but there was a certain obese buffoon called Tony in the 1980s. He can be largely credited with starting the rot at Harare City Council as for some time he remained mayor of the city.

    He vomited out the exact dung as you, claiming that, that Malawian immigrant of yours is the Son of God. He died a very unpleasant death. Sure death will visit most people but you are in danger of expediting yours and making it less comfortable. God doesn’t change and if God did what happened to Tony as a result of him running his mouth like that, then know what to expect.

  28. wakwana mfana. dzidzo hauna. njere hauna. rushambwa kumhuri yawakabva ndirwo wopa vamwe. benzi chairo rinoziva kuti MWARI VATATUMUMWE havafananidzwe nemunhu. ko imi gushungo hamutsiuri mwana sei achitigumbura isu vanokutsigirai. tinonzi nesoko tikunamatireiwo. zvino tokunamatirai sei kana muchifananidzwa naMwari nokuti Jesu hatimunamatire ,asi tinotomunamata. mwana uyu anoziva zvaari kuita. regai titaure tichiti Mwari rovai mwana uyu muromo wake MUZITZ RAJESU KRISTU, anyanya. IWE CHIPANGA TAMBIRA SHAMU YAKO taneta newe.

  29. seriously speaking what can a Chipanga do for this country beside boot licking. Kana mai vake nehama dzake vanoshaya kuti vonyarira kupi kunzi mamunzwa mwana wenyu kuti anoti mugabe na jesus vakafanana. Iiiiii, ndipo panoti madzimai zvakafanana nokusabereka.

  30. Mwari pindirai,pindirai,pindirai. zviratidzei kumwana uyu kuti muri ani!

  31. There is no other name given under heaven among men where we must be saved but JESUS only Acts 4 verse 12

  32. I want to disagree. Chipanga’s comments in Marondera did not BORDER on blasphemy. They WERE blasphemy and he has continued in the same vein in Chinhoyi.

  33. I tend to wonder what would have happened that makes one think someone is equated to Jesus.Kudzanai should be mad somehow in his mind because I dont even think the President can accommodate such praises that are too exegarated like that.The president is someone who goes to church (Roman Catholic)and knows the god and jesus whom Kudzanai equate with him.There is a lot of blasphemy in this squint eyed boy.He is overzelous for nothing.

    These are the people that are wished should die because they cause a lot of disharmony in the country.

  34. Kudzi wazorasika manje big time , usataridza kusava nenjere zvachose , hongu kudza mukuru wako asi ziva pekugumira MWARI NDI MWARI mugabe hazi chinhu pamberi paMWARI , kana iri mari nesimba rawapihwa namugabe ziva kuti hazvina kwazvinokusvitsa . Vanhu vataura kukutsiura chiterera mashoko evanhu awa havapengi , zvinokupenza izvi hazvina kwazvino kusvitsa MARK OUR WORDS . Tanyarara .

  35. These kind of stories dont deserve to be in the press…..How does that affect my life?

  36. Besides these blasphemous names, other honorifics like ‘your exellency, the honourable’ among other self-exalting names bear no meaning in a God fearing nation in this day and age. Our leaders should seek servanthood names unless they are deities. Lets not provoke God’s wrath. We were God’s creation long before we found our way to Zimbabwe.

  37. Chipanga or Chipengas? Young you will not live long if u carry on with this blasphemy. God is a jealous God and may send his real angels to deal with you. Hold your tongue .

  38. Zimbabwe with a dictator ….for us in uganda here we are focusing on other issues which can lead us out of such…

  39. wafarisa chipanga

  40. This oaf which bible has he been reading or had read to him , to find similarities where there are none.

  41. Maononga Buku

    Vanhu vakufarisa nhai,kufananidza mwari nemunhuwo zvake.Regai tigoona kwazvinogumira……

  42. There was a recent study done that said the more educated one is, the less he/she is likely to be religious, or at the least question religious beliefs. I’m not saying I agree with that notion, but you find people like this over zealous young man and a lot of our people trying to find comfort in false prophets are the same. Then I find myself questioning the so called ‘high-literacy rate’ in Zimbabwe. We may be literate, can read and write, but that definitely hasn’t given us wisdom.

  43. Jesus never had a “moment of madness” in his life.
    The love of material trinkets like farms, cars and houses has gone to the heads of those who don’t know that you can acquire all these plus more on your own OUTSIDE of Zanu PF. Desperation is a dangerous thing. This chapenga fellow thinks he can create his own facts, opinion yes.

  44. chipanga or watever yu call yourself usanamate munhu wanzwa usatishatirise nekuti wanyanya iwe mugabe munhu like you and also like us anotofawo anototadza plus he killed a lot of people so he z the devil incarnate wanzwa anoba ma votes he uses force kuti avhoterwe so ndi angel ya satani paaaaasi nemi mese maduzvi evahu u and your so called boss

  45. Chipanga the IDIOT. Thats blasphemy to equate Robert with Jesus. Theres a big thick line between the 2 which your big eyes can’t see. Maybe we should ask which Jesus is this u talking about? However if u r talking about BAR JESUS ( Acts 13:6-12) then u r VERY VERY correct

  46. Kota mukwazhe

    Chipanga yu are becoming hot headed..if yu dont repent yu will rot in hell

  47. pane vamwe vakatombomuti icremora asi vakabhutsurwa saka dzikama

  48. To hell Chipanga amai vanoraya ndozvanga zvakaita Jesus izvozvi Jesus is a lovely person not what u’re vomiting Chipanga

  49. aizve ko zvariri basa, chete Mwari haarwirwi, siyai zvakadaro

  50. Misguided , bootlicking fellow who needs professional help jst lyk any other lads in zanu pf

  51. Yep, tie him up and hang him off a piece of wood, preferably in Africa Square.

    About all you can do with that piece of walking biltong.

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