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War vets reach out to Mugabe


MASHONALAND Central province war veterans are leading a new campaign to oust underfire Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere after they reportedly approached President Robert Mugabe, seeking him to rubbish Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda-led fact-finding mission’s results expected this week.


In a five-page letter signed by the war veteran’s leader, Sam Parirenyatwa and his secretary-general an AG Mutasa, which has been sent to Mugabe, the war veterans accused Mudenda of unfairness and being heavily compromised in favour of Kasukuwere.

Kasukuwere is facing a litany of charges including forming parallel structures in a bid to oust Mugabe.

Although Kasukuwere’s antagonists reportedly failed to sustain their allegations during the inquiry, the war veterans led a group of aggrieved officials in seeking audience with Mugabe.

They alleged Kasukuwere bribed supporters and used uncouth means to ensure that he hung onto his post.

Parirenyatwa kept protesting during the meeting after he was only allowed to stay as an observer.

But, the committee reportedly allowed John Muchawepi, an alleged Kasukuwere loyalist, to participate.

“As war veterans, we would like to register our concerns over the manner the proceedings to validate issues raised in the anti-G40 petition were done,” part of the letter to Mugabe read.

The war veterans alleged that Muchawepi was a beneficiary of Kasukuwere’s benevolence driving a top-of-the-range vehicle, courtesy of the under fire Local Government minister.

They contended that the petition was not raised by members of the PCC and, therefore, the meeting should not have been limited to PCC members alone but all Zanu PF members, who participated in the demonstration.

Parirenyatwa also accused Mudenda of suppressing evidence presented during the meeting especially in relation to the setting up of parallel structures by Kasukuwere and instead hand held speakers supporting the commissar.

“The rowdy group of Kasukuwere supporters were allowed to shout, sing and cause mayhem. Any attempt to protest anything by perceived opponents of Kasukuwere was quelled by … threats of ejection and ejection from the meeting,” he said.

Mudenda reportedly left Kasukuwere and his half brother, Dickson Mafios to be in charge of the probe against themselves and used intimidation tactics.

“The sitting arrangement already determined that Mafios and Kasukuwere were in charge. Some of the charges raised against them were intimidation and dictatorial tendencies, yet surprisingly accusers were made to contribute under the watchful eye of Kasukuwere,” they submitted.

Parirenyatwa yesterday confirmed that they reached out to the President although he said the contents were confidential.

Mudenda last week refused to comment on the matter saying it will be dealt with accordingly at the appropriate time.

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