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Honourable MP uplifts UZ student


UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe student Thelma Machinga scooped the Most Promising Female Director award after she directed the satirical play Honourable MP, written by Gonzo Musengezi in 1984 at the university’s Theatre week.


Thelma Machinga
Thelma Machinga

Machinga directed the play which subtly captures Zimbabwe’s socio-political environment with its pot-bellied politicians who drain the national coffers, abuse young girls and abandon the electorate only to surface towards election time.

The promising female director who was caught by surprise became optimistic of her future in the arts industry and said Musengezi’s play still has relevance in the contemporary situation.

“It was to my surprise and it boosted my confidence that more great things are ahead. I am not going to sit down, but I will work tirelessly hoping to shine again against all odds,” Machinga said.

“Honourable MP still holds significance in today’s society since many issues have not been dealt with. Some politicians still live lavishly at the expense of the masses of this country.”

The play ranked among Zimbabwe’s 75 best books of the 20th Century falls among other satiric pieces ever published in Zimbabwe that includes The Toilet by Dambudzo Marechera and Workshop Negative by Cont Mhlanga that epitomises the apparent and immediate disillusionment with nationalism post the country’s independence.

One of the event’s co-ordinator, Elton Muzondo, said the Theatre week sets platform for students to showcase talents and get recognised.

“It is all about showcasing talent, marketing the department and giving the young-talented a chance to be recognised. The awards give outstanding students credit and encourage their fellows to be hard-working,” he said.

The Theatre week takes three segments, that is, Launch and Awards, Carnival and Miss Arts, and Dance Music and Poetry Slam.

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