Pastor Chris in maiden Zim trip

CHRIST Embassy leader, Chris Oyakhilome, is scheduled to make his maiden visit to Zimbabwe next month where he is expected to officially launch his church’s global worship and communion miracle service.


His trip was confirmed in a recent video broadcast shown to church members on Easter Friday.

“On the 7th of May we will be in Harare, Zimbabwe for the Worship and Communion service, a very special one…,” said the Nigeria-based cleric who commands a global following.

The service is scheduled to be held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

“Not only are we going to be together in an arena, but as we worship and as we praise, the glory of the Lord will fill that nation.

“He came to give you life and the life that He brought to you destroys sickness, disease and infirmity. If you have that life look at what it tells us…

“I can tell you the presence of the Lord will be all over that country. Zimbabwe is a special country. I can tell you it’s a special nation and when I come I will tell you how special you are.”

The church’s local leader, Ruth Musarurwa, in another broadcast said attendance to the service was free.

She warned the public to be wary of fraudsters who had created a fake Christ Embassy Facebook account, to request for funds.

“We want to make it known to everyone that Christ Embassy is not requesting for funds from anyone at all. Christ Embassy has not initiated that, “ Musarurwa said.

The visit comes as sweet news to many Zimbabweans as they have been looking forward to it since the inception of the local church.

Chris initially announced the plans to tour Zimbabwe during his Night of Bliss programme on January 22 2017 at FNB Stadium in South Africa, where he declared “It’s your time”.

“Zimbabwe, you are a miracle! You are a land locked country, but you are not God locked. God has heard your prayers, refuse to be poor. God said, you are a miracle. It’s your time!” declared Pastor Chris.

“… Zimbabwe, your first is coming. I have messages for other countries, but Zimbabwe is a special country. God always speaks to nations through His prophets.”

His Believers Love World ministry runs several arms including the Healing School, and his daily devotional the Rhapsody of Realities is among the most translated book in the whole world, (662 translations) with over 250 million copies reported to be distributed for free in 2016.


  1. wooooooooow….indeed it is Zimbabwe’s set time..As Zimbabweans we have been waiting for long time,it is long overdue..we are grateful to God

    1. Yes! I have also being counting the days down!

  2. I am very much excited by the news of my father coming to our land

  3. FredRick Sibanda

    Was all that’s Great. Thank you Lord for such a visitaction.

  4. God has once again remembered Zimbabwe

  5. God iz hud woooo

  6. Prophets come into a nation to change the atmosphere and environment, be it political, financial, spiritual. Anhu anorema ka ava vadai kuburukira Bethlehem. Gwendo guno hazvikoni. Kubuda chete Zimbabwe

  7. WHO CARES? He is another lying self-styled prophet!

    1. Sorry mate you dont understand Pastor Chris is not a prophet he is a teacher,he teaches The Word Of God,if you dont believe wakasara shamwari if you have time read Mathew 24 verse 1 up to the end.Stay Blessed

    2. Who isn’t nowadays…

  8. oooh what a day it will be. Surely Zimbabwe will never be the same again. #PastorChrisInZimbabwe

  9. Thats great amen

  10. Dr Gozho Innocent Simbarashe

    Do you believe in Miracles?
    Yes Zimbabwe is a miracle, do not miss the time of your visitation.

  11. A gathering of the clouds… Considering what I heard being declared from another revered man of God from a foreign land…the foundations are shacking. Body of Christ in Zimbabwe , behold, your day of visitation is here…. Ndati kubuda chete. Body of Christ prepare to take over and establish His kingdom on earth kwete matakanana atiri kuona aya….. Take over territories and positions of influence kwete kuzara kuchurch ikoko…

  12. no ways he should first reconcile with his wife before he comes to Zim. We do not like religious leaders who divorce their wives for what ever reason for when they got married they pledged that “Death will only separate them apart,” saka Pastor Chris should be exemplary.

  13. wooow its gonna be epic

  14. Ellaine Madziwa

    Oh yes this is our season of FLOURISHING, God has already done it for us wooooow!

  15. what a great visitation, God is awesome.Zimbabwe wil never be the same again.

  16. Zimbabwe is a great country. God bless you Pastor Chris.

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