Parirenyatwa Hospital negligence wrangle rages


THE wrangle between Parirenyatwa Hospital staff and parents of a 16-year-old boy who allegedly dropped from a theatre bed and got paralysed in 2004, continues to rage with the parents accusing medical staff of negligence.


Chipo Samoyo claims nurses at the hospital dropped her then four-year-old son, Courage Mambingadya, to paralysis after surgery in 2004.

Mambingadya had successfully undergone surgery to remove an outgrowth clogging his voice box, she said.

Samoyo claimed that a medical doctor at the hospital confided in her that nursing staff had negligently dropped her son from the theatre bed, causing him brain damage and paralysis.

The family wants the hospital to admit to negligence and pay compensation.

“In 2004 I was told that my son was dropped from the theatre bed and I always thought that was the cause of his condition, but they are now saying it is because of Laryngeal Papillomatosis because they do not want to compensate,” Samoyo said.

But the hospital’s clinical director, Noah Madziva, last week denied responsibility for Mambingadya’s paralysis.

“Definitely Courage had brain damage and the cause is a cardio respiratory arrest secondary to Hypoxia due to obstruction by Laryngeal Papillomatosis and he was never dropped as it is not in our records,” Madziva said.

He added that Mambingadya had a severe respiratory problem, which resulted in cerebral pulse.

“Samoyo does not want to accept her son’s condition. We thought we were going to counsel her, but unfortunately we failed and I am afraid she is not going to get anything. But, the Department of Social Welfare is supposed to chip in,” he said.