Money — How the rich play the game?

Jonah Nyoni

At seminar presentation recently, I asked attendees these questions: “What could be most people’s financial problem?

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Is it that they are not able to make money? Or it’s that they can’t manage and multiply what they already have? The greater percentage said that they make money, but the problem is that it does not stay in their hands.

Generally, most people have handled some money in their life time. The question is how do I keep it in my hand. It might have been little, but they had it. The best starting point is that we have to make money. Whether it’s small or big. we should learn to generate some kind of income.

In my seminar talks, I usually ask people what their major problem is, especially in starting a business, and most of them say its seed money/capital. That may sound true, money starts with an idea or as an idea. Money is all about ideas and those ideas must be implemented. What dream do you have? What service can you sell? What product do you provide? It all starts as an idea.

Most people should learn the power of $1. A dollar might seem a small amount, but that’s where we should start. We might be tempted to think that, we need that $1 000 to start a business, but where we start is necessary. It has been said time and again, that we don’t need to start to be great, but we must start so as to be great.

People must have appreciation that they are valuable despite the unavailability of money. We might have been born in poor environments, but we are indeed born rich. Bob Proctor, an author and mind guru in his book You were Born Rich says, “You have great resources of talent locked up within you waiting to be exposed. You do have deep reservoirs of talent and ability within you, and you have the things you want.”

You are rich alone! What you need to do is to release and radiate that wealth. It is inside you. This is the first important step you must appreciate; you have wealth in you. Wallace Wattles in the book The Science of Getting Rich further articulates, “You already have within you everything you need to turn your dreams into reality. Your worth and unique possibility”.

The Bible says (2 Corinthians 4:7, AMP): “However, we possess this precious treasure ….in [frail, human] vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves” That settles it; I’m rich and what is left is for me to reach out for that.

Now that you are able to make money, the next step is to maintain it. For how long are you able to keep the money you have made? Or as soon as you have it in your hands, it’s like the “demon” of spending is seating on you? There are some people, who were good when they had no money. Their manners are couth and they are sober. The moment they have cash, their world changes! They are electrified to spend. They don’t have a budget. They pick whatever excites their eye or what their appetite wants. Some of the responses I got from the previous article: Wealth the Mind Game!

— were so pathetic. You hear people say: “I handle money, but I don’t know where it goes to?” It fizzles into thin air. Money respects laws and if you violate its rules, the results will show. Money requires discipline. As soon as you get your next dollar, you should ask; how do I grow it?

Robert T Kayosaki is cited in the book, The Millionaire Mindset, by Gerry Robert and his thoughts altered how I think about money. He said: “Rule one, you must know the difference between an asset and a liability and buy assets. Poor and middle class acquire liabilities, but they think they are assets. An asset is something that puts money in my pocket. A liability is something that takes money out of my pocket.”

Some of the problems we see around us are money issues. If we could learn about money our lives would be a lot more better. Be money wise. Money is one tool we use almost every day of our life, but the majority has little or no education about it. School does not educate us so much about money, but I think that’s one subject that should be included in our curricular. We are educated in all facets and the major reason is for us to earn something at the end of the month. I have seen educated people, who get large sums of money, but they don’t know how to use their money. Instead, they are used by money.

Money is a tool that should work for us and not vice versa. Don’t live in a hazy or vague knowledge or understanding of your money. Know where every dollar goes. Know what percentage the bank takes from your money. Know services charges. Make every cent count. If your bank is eating more through service charges, ask for their accounts that have no charges.

Still on maintaining the money, let’s assume you lose your job right now, how long will you maintain the lifestyle? Learn to make an automatic system that will make you a dollar or more without too much of your effort. Most people make their money when they work and if they don’t, money stops coming to them.

Money can be made even when you are asleep. If you are always chasing after the dollar, you might get weary soon and not be able to make money. Create a system that will make more money for you. This will sustain you, even when you no longer have strength to work.

The third step is to make money multiply. Make it grow for you, let it have interest. If your money could be maintained, but not growing it will consumed by inflation. This is just so natural irrespective of the part of the world you work in. Find ways to increase money. Money can be equated to seed. Every seed has an inscription of an instruction in it. As soon as you throw a seed into the ground, water it and give it right temperatures it geminates. So is your money. Every seed has potential inside it for it to reproduce, so does money. A seed only reproduces what it is and so does money. The outlook of a seed does not determine the harvest. Whether you have one dollar, put is in the ground and let it multiply.

It’s time you played the money game wisely. Learn how the rich play this game. T. Harv Eker in the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset has good thoughts about money. Personally, what excites me and gives me hope is that T Harv Eker moved from being poor to being rich, meaning how bad your situation can recover. He has endorsed one on my forthcoming books and he says,

“Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game to not lose. Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich. Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well. Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money. Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know”.

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