Silva on the brink

DYNAMOS will today hold an emergency meeting to decide the future of new coach Paulo Jorge Silva, just two months into his three year contract, as the Portuguese mentor continues to cause divisions within the camp three weeks before the start of the 2016 Castle lager Premier League season.


DYNAMOS coach Paulo Jorge Silva

Pre-season results have also instilled doubts over the coach’s capability to steer the ship, while it has been established the club is also not sure about his coaching credentials.

Silva has created more enemies than friends in the playing coaching and administrative structures of the club since he came in and the club’s bosses fear it might spill into the new season and affect results.

So far he has picked fights with members of his technical team, players as well as journalists.
He had a scuffle with goalkeepers’ coach Gift Muzadzi was followed by an attack on a journalist whom he assumed to have been working for NewsDay.

But despite warnings by the club’s hierarchy to change his conduct and for him to improve his relations with people he works with, the former goalkeeper was at it again this weekend having another brush with his assistants Muzadzi and Lloyd Mutasa.

It started off with a confrontation with Tatenda Mukuruva after the young goalkeeper conceded direct from a corner in the team’s a 1-0 loss to ZPC Kariba last week.

Muzadzi and Mutasa were particularly displeased with his aggression and not the criticism.
Previously, Silva has had clashes with team manager Richard Chihoro and senior players Sydney Linyama, Dominic Mukandi, Ocean Mushure and Takesure Chinyama.

The club’s bosses are understood to be fed up with the bad publicity that Silva has generated since his appointment and are ready to pull the trigger.

They are already considering their options but the three-year contract they have with him could be a stumbling block.

Dynamos president Keni Mubaiwa yesterday confirmed that his executive will hold a crunch meeting today where Silva’s future will come under scrutiny.

Silva is expected in the country today with the rest of the squad from their tour of Malawi.

“We expect the team back tomorrow and as soon as they arrive we will sit down and try to find out what really is the problem,” Mubaiwa said. “We can’t continue like this and fold our arms as if nothing is happening. It is the brand that is being soiled and it has to stop now,” said Mubaiwa.

“We will review the last few months because we have had numerous problems in the team. We want to find out what is happening so we will give everyone a chance to give their side of the story. We want to weed out the trouble causer. Anyone who will be implicated will certainly go; we will fire the person on the spot.”

“We have not had such problems in the past and if it’s the players, then we will act. But we are worried when it is one name that always crops up in this fight. Like I said, everyone will be given a chance to explain himself. We are going into the new season and we would want to start on a good footing,” added Mubaiwa.

Silva’s coaching history will also come under the spotlight at the meeting with some executive members said to be unhappy with his “cooked-up” CV, following the expose by this publication.

Apart from claiming an impressive working experience in Europe, his qualifications are also his secret, as it emerged when he applied for a working permit he did not include his coaching certificates.

He claims to have worked with several high-profile teams before, including German’s VfB Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Greuther Furth and Aalen.

Stuttgart has since denied ever working with Silva in any capacity, suggesting he might have worked with kids at a local school.

The Dynamos coach says he started his coaching career working as an Under 17 coach for Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon in 2011, but the club has also distanced themselves from Silva.

Portuguese journalist Marco Vaza, who works for the Lisbon, based daily newspaper Publico last week spoke to two former Sporting Lisbon coaching staff who both professed ignorance on Jorge Silva working at the club as a coach.

Silva also claimed to have coached Al-Sharjah FC in the United Arab Emirates and an unnamed club in Albania as well as Austrian Bundesliga sides FC Admira and SV Grödig in the years 2013 and 2014.

An online search however shows that Silva never coached the two clubs as they were under the tutelage of Toni Polster and Adi Hutler respectively in that period.

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  1. Garikai Tirivanhu

    I hope this newspaper is not leading our Team astray. We have had problems with these foreign coaches already at Zifa level and Dynamos as a club might be too small to handle the legal fallout. Justice in football is different from what we know in Zimbabwe.

    1. Uribenzi iwe.your coach is leading your team astray,not NewsDay.iwe zvirikuita coqch wenyu hauzviwoni??kwana utange kusapota team yako zvakanaka and verengawo news dze bhora everyday.

  2. Yoh! MaDembare makamakisa apa. Were you so desperate for a coach that u had to consider a CV unaccompanied by coaching certificates ahead of those who had submitted full papers? Yenyu yekuda kunzi maka-hire murungu iyi!!! Ko background check yakaregerei kuitwa? Ndokushaya brain chaiko uku. Ikozvino u will be stuck with a recently released criminal 4 the nxt 3 yrs & on the last day achatoita zvikuru chaizvo

    1. Kkkkkkkk. Wandiuraya. Timhu yangu ndoida but apa ndashaya chekuataura. Ko tikambomupa 4 games murungu uyu toona kuti zvinenge zvakamira sei. The contract should have been results based. Something 12+ in the first five games. Some of these foreign coaches come here for two things:
      1. The experience of having coached in Africa, and
      2. The windfall that comes with legal technicalities. Remember the Valinhos or Tom Saintfiet and ZIFA cases.

      Hanzi maZimbo takafunda stereki. When we can’t draft contracts with terms that benefit us? Look at the Chinese deals we get into in diamond extraction? It’s a real shame!

  3. This Mhara guy does not like dembare at all. nw he is misleading the clueless mubaiwa and his executive. The coach is being proffessional in his approach and as such he must be given a chance to prove himself. people like muzadzi must appreciate that silva is the head coach.

  4. True Makepekepe

    Kenny Mubaiwa is the biggest problem at Dynamos for the following reasons,

    1 With Pasuwa running out of competition and everyone expecting an extension of his contract Mubaiwa chose to do away with Kallisto.

    2 With Ndiraya settling as the head coach at De Mbare again Mubaiwa decided to change course!

    It seems the guy wants change for the sake of change. Mubaiwa has an ego problem ende pana Pasuwa aisada kuti coach aite 5 titles in succession but kuti iye Mubaiwa aite. Mubaiwa’s plan was to win the League with a different coach last year and prove to the world that it was not the coach but the executive that was responsible for the triumphs! The whole world knows how his plan spectacularly fell apart.

    The current problems at De Mbare have been authored by him. Ndiraya was made to think that he was going to be the Head Coach for 2016 only for an unknown quantity to take-over. The plot looks interesting to me…..Mubaiwa might be the third force influencing the other members of the technical team and the players to clash with the coach so that he (Mubaiwa) gets the opportunity to clear up the mess he created by engaging Silva.

    The following coming from the chairman of one of the biggest brands in Zim football is pathetic;

    “We will review the last few months because we have had numerous problems in the team. We want to find out what is happening so we will give everyone a chance to give their side of the story. We want to weed out the trouble causer. Anyone who will be implicated will certainly go; we will fire the person on the spot.”

    “We have not had such problems in the past and if it’s the players, then we will act. But we are worried when it is one name that always crops up in this fight. Like I said, everyone will be given a chance to explain himself. We are going into the new season and we would want to start on a good footing,”

    You can tell there is no diplomacy in the man….it is very apparent that the meeting is just a mere formality because it looks like a certain individual or people have already been identified to fired “..on the spot”!

    You know that as an executive you did a shoddy deal in signing a dodgy coach whose qualifications you also don’t know. You are now looking for grounds to fire the coach……be warned that Silva’s exit might leave your pockets with a big whole!

    1. agreed kuti Mubaiwa is the problem but I disagree with your views on Pasuwa and Ndiraya. Pasuwa won the domestic title a record 4 times but was a headless chicken in Africa, the flagship of Dembare brand. Pasuwa won by luck on the last day 2-3 times. He doesn’t read the game at all. Look at his performance in Rwanda. As for Ndiraya Dembare is a big institution and results are on demand. We are not an academy where rookies are trained. If he wants a place to try his luck as a coach he might need to try Dongo Sawmill or Triangle, not Dynamos

  5. hmmm. i smell a rotten rat.

  6. Divah Dynam – Kenny Mubaiwa as your name uri kubaya DeMbare , why do you fire Calisto Pasuwa and Ndiraya you are a confused man every one is demanding the truth about this Silva of yours & this young boy from Brazil , pliz pliz resign for the good of football at Dynamos

  7. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Zanu pf style of management.Imagine somebody’s expulsion being announced in a political rally,the appearance before a disciplinary committee becomes a formality.Here is Ken, he has that courage to announce in the media that the coach Silva is the trouble causer within the technical department.Obviously Silva is the legitimate target,but be warned Ken,relieving Silva from this post,is tantamount to committing financial suicide. Dynamous coffers would be left bleeding for quite a long time.

  8. Mubaiwa is like a dog. No brains. He is killing De mbare.
    That s y he lost elections. Who can vote for such a selfish baboon/

  9. Cry my beloved Dembare. How can Mubaiwa recruit without checking the fake CV of the coach. You even failed to give a results based contract. Mubaiwa our perennial failure

  10. it seems dynamos is run like a tuckshop. do they have team lawyers who help craft sensible contracts or they just hire fun guys disguising as lawyers. Its also disgusting to note that some people attack journalsits because he has written something not sweet to his rotten brains. Divah Dynam and Garikai Tirivanhu you must reserve you silly comments if you have nothing special to offer

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  12. Mutasa and Muzadzi must support Silva . Dembare players must not surbotage the coach as well. We need Unity . Politics will tear us apart and deastroy our beloved Dembare !

  13. ngabvise ma chain e mombe awo,

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  15. Mubaiwa is a headless idiot very foolish and less educated. kkkkkkkk anzwa nekudyiwa pa PSL ELECTIONS akadyiwa na Mukanya and now a bhutsurwa zvakare na madube this shows that his head is empty

  16. Team yema dhoti dynamos

    Muchapfurwa nepfuti, hamuziwe kuti ndi Atezvara wa Army general Chiwenga?

  17. sanelisiwe ndlovu

    Am a Bosso supporter but it is sad to see Dynamos being run like a tuck-shop.I envy this team for winning mentality.We need a strong Dembare so we can compete.Its sweet when we beat you guys.

  18. Muguza Matambo

    Silva falsified is CV. There’s gotta be a case to answer at Immigration as well. The guy can be easily fired! But this also raises the headscratcher. How the hell did he get hired without proper verification of his credentials?

    1. His hiring raises a lot of questions. If I can recall the local media was awash with manner his hiring an d acquisition of the work permit was done. It was like Dynamos had won the League Championship and sentiments were aired on Highlanders’ blundering in sorting out the work permit for its Dutch coach. It said “more haste less speed.” No short-cuts please. Bosso did a thorough job, followed the right procedures in its acquisition of a foreign coach, hence the tranquility in his employment. The Dynamos’ case begs a lot of questions. As expected there is a scandal here. Thorough investigations must be instituted before a lot of cover up is done. How was he accorded the work permit when his CV appears to be in a mess. Who scouted and identified him as a suitable candidate for coaching DEMBARE? Are there no verifications to be done to such documents to avoid fraudsters? A lot of questions need answers before heads start rolling here.


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