Is Mugabe losing control?


In yesterday’s issue of NewsDay, we reported that security ministers — Ignatius Chombo (Home Affairs) and Sydney Sekeramayi (Defence) — were reportedly advised of the aborted meeting by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) members in Harare last Thursday.

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Regrettably, the meeting was violently put down by the police, on whose instruction no one knows.

Yet, when President Robert Mugabe addressed the nation, he claimed Chombo and Sekeramayi had indicated to him that they had no clue of the meeting. He added State Intelligence minister Kembo Mohadi was also clueless.

President Robert Mugabe on edge etched President Robert Mugabe

But the ZNLWVA are adamant they met Chombo and Sekeramayi minus Mohadi ahead of the meeting, which was to discuss their membership’s welfare.

The disclosures will no doubt leave Mugabe, who turned 92 on Sunday, with egg on his face. This shows that Mugabe is no longer in control of Zanu PF, especially if the recent fracas is anything to go by.

The most worrying trend is that if the President cannot effectively deal with the fissures threatening to rip Zanu PF apart, how will he succeed in resolving the myriad of challenges confronting Zimbabwe as a whole? If Chombo and Sekeramayi knew about the war veterans’ meeting, why did they withhold the critical information from their principal? Was their decision to withhold such information from the President informed by their understanding of the Zanu PF power matrix or the lack of invincibility of the sole centre of power?

The fact that the war veterans have vowed to stick with War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, even after Mugabe’s public rebuke, is yet another testimony that the centre can no longer hold.

At his prime, before advanced age and ill-health set in, no one would have defied Mugabe in that manner. His word was law.

In what was supposed to be a “State of Zanu PF Address” on Friday night, Mugabe admitted he was in the dark about the war vets’ gathering.

It appears there are more people and not just Mutsvangwa bringing the name of Zanu PF into disrepute. The Zanu PF chaos clearly stems from Mugabe’s failure to know when to leave, which is why Zimbabwe is in an economic morass. Evidently, Mugabe no longer has firm control of Zanu PF affairs because he would have been alerted to such critical developments that have national significance.

It is disastrous that all the upheavals in the party emanated from First Lady Grace Mugabe’s whirlwind entry into politics and regrettably she has virtually stepped on everyone’s toes.

To say the party is in a mess is an understatement, but the sooner the issues are resolved, the better.

Sadly, at the moment we do not see that happening, as Mugabe has been firmly eclipsed. The most tragic thing about it all is that this may have far-reaching negative impacts not only on Zanu PF, but the nation as well.

It is also tragic that all the focus and attention has been drawn away from government business, as the power games are played out by egocentric politicians, who appear to be hungry for power as an end in itself.

Little thought now goes on how to resolve the socio-economic maladies that have rendered the majority of the population paupers. Zanu PF needs to wake up and do the right things. It’s never too late to do something right.


  1. Our revolutionary Leader is the best that the African Continent has had so far.He has given the native people land and is on his way to Economically Empower Africans.No African Leader dead or alive has ever provided that for his / her people.Many Africans admire this African State Man. In 2014 I went to Kenya…and a certain friend of mine said”We have had want Zimbabwe is going thru bt we wld have wanted to borrow your President to sort out the Land issue that has caused civil strife in our country”.Those words still echo in my ears even today. As a Zimbabwean I am very proud of what the President has done so far, that is why South African EFF and ANC is now advocating for Land Redistribution and Black Empowerment. Long live His Excellence, R.Magabe…a Legendary Leader and African Icon!!!!!

  2. I know this Cde Humba, he has done it before. Last week he posted some silly messages praising this dictator of his. I think he belongs to a some nameless organisation which he claims its prepared to die for Matibili. I don’t know where he comes from but what I can deduce from his messages is that he is not normal and he needs some help, I suggest psychiatrist.

    • The Zanu PF regime has brain-damaged a lot of people in Zimbabwe and it will take a long time for them to recover, like this Humba chap.

    • You to must be ignored…Don’t insult any Zimbabwean.We have no room for morons. Instead join the media Dialogue that will benefit voters or Zimbabweans at large.Insulting fellow Zimbabweans is WASTING TIME….

  3. It looks like today we have got another lunatic who goes by the name of Cde Humba. Yesterday we had a similar character who wanted to get a constable dismissed. Humba is paid to confuse people.

      • @ Cde Humba certainly has never been to Kenya because if indeed had been there he would understand very well that the land issues in Kenya have nothing to do with the colonialists but with their very own kenyatta family. our president has no moral standing to resolve that issue because here in zimbabwe he parceled out the vast majority of the land to himself his family and cronies and has thwarted any possiblity of a land audit ever since land reform exercise was completed…why

        • I know the History very well. Where President Kenyatta was given money by the colonisers by instead bought the land for his family. In comparison to Zimbabwe our President is honest.

          • Are you paying for this internet or its part of your Zanu PF benefits? Either way it will catch up with you. All good things come to n end, even Zanu PF benefits.

  4. but as concerning this article in is now quite clear that the president has lost control of the party and government and he is trying to compensate for that by creating anarchy in the party and government through divide and rule tactics using his wife and Gay40’s diverting the nation’s attention from his failures.

  5. True Story: When I was growing up there was a husband who was very quiet. He was a very good carpenter and whenever he drank beer he used to do it on his own. He was very respected in the community. However as it turned out something happened to his wife, a teacher at the local village school, when they were in their late 50s, some said ingozi but there definitely was a mental mutation of some sort. The teacher wife could wake up on any day from as early as 5am ranting and raving about everyone and everything adding some obscene phrases in the process. This would last a couple hours or so. The husband was not able to control or seemed not to be bothered too much about these goingzons. For some reason we started making fun of HIM and to this day I do not know why we made jokes of him instead of his looney wife.

  6. Nothing new here, Mugabe lost control a long time ago. What do you expect from an 92 year old?
    Ideally like judges, the president must be below 70 years old.

    • But the President you are talking about won a resounding solid election on the 31st of July 2013, thus the majority of the registered VOTERS..placed him in that position and have confidence in that man.Afters so many years Zimbabwean reaffirmed their choice of a Leader and the minority must shut up

  7. @cde humba, mudede who has two voters rolls in his office won the elections for zanu and zanu is hoping he does not die before 2018 to play the same trick. he is a genious with numbers especially when it comes to numbers for elections. remember all the zanu guys were surprised at how the party won and even the president was. everyone was told not to ask anymore questions in case it licks and the oppositions gets to know it. remember the president once said there are a thousand ways of winning an elections. in this case to cheat in an election. after violence was seen by the whole world, it was dropped, after the police and the solders became untrustworthy the system was dropped and then enter mudede with the latest trick. and now that, this one is still not known by the world and the opposition or even the president himself, it will be used in 2018. and you will say the president won resound solid election. its not true cde humba. anyway almost all the presidents in africa cheat that is why they cant challenge each other.


  9. cde humba you need help your comments are full of little knowledge this is not the zimbabwe we are living in noone is against mugabe we are against his way of doing things ……wats special has he done on land reform arent you ashamed of yourself to say it was done the right way …………………we need grown ups on this platfoam not dogs that eats its waste ……… we need fresh blood here there is nothing special Mugabe has done so far besides to make us burgers in our own country

  10. Mugabe is surely not in control, he has lost it. I don’t think he even knows what is happening. Grace is in control and is taking zanu pf down the drain at list she has done a good thing for Zimbabwe goodbye zanupf.

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