Masiyiwa is 150th speaker at the 23rd World Energy Conference

ECONET Wireless Group executive chairman Strive Masiyiwa has been confirmed as the 150th speaker at the 23rd World Energy Conference to be held in Turkey in October.


The congress runs from October 9 to 13 in the Turkish capital, Istanbul.

Other speakers include Wang Binghua chairman China’s State Power Investment Corporation and Maximus Johnity Ongkili Malaysian minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water.

strive_masiyiwa_profile1 Econet Wireless Group executive chairman Strive Masiyiwa [/Caption]

The World Energy Congress is regarded as the most influential and inclusive gathering of senior leaders from all segments of the energy community and attracts speakers with global reputations from senior figures in politics, business and academia.

Masiyiwa said he was delighted to have been selected to speak at the energy congress.

“Following the progress made in Paris last year, the Congress is an important platform to continue that momentum. I look forward to discussing how we can continue to grow Africa’s energy market and accelerate investments that move us towards a low carbon energy future,” he said.

Masiyiwa rose to prominence after launching a five-year legal battle to secure an operating licence for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. The company is now the country’s largest mobile operator accounting for more than 50% of the mobile telephony market share. His company was to launch another legal battle in Nigeria.
In a recent interview with Focus Magazine, Masiyiwa said the court battles in Zimbabwe and Nigeria tested the countries’ legal systems which are pivotal for the sustainability of real business.

“Because if you have property, you want to know that it can be protected. You shouldn’t be expecting to have it protected by the big man in office called the president. There has to be a system, there has to be a judiciary and there has to be rule of law,” he said.

Masiyiwa has also been involved in philanthropy, mobilising resources for the needy on the continent.

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  1. Philanthropy my. foot,whilst his organisations are causing a lot of anguish to employees.nxaa

    1. Chakawuya Nengarava

      No-one is forcing you to remain as his employees. As Doug Mboweni is good at saying, “the door is open”

      1. Both of you guys are correct, but you missing the bigger picture . . .

  2. Doug you are also correct, but you are not providing the bigger picture….

  3. Masiyiwa is the Biggest CON ARTIST Zimbabwe has ever had. He is selfish and a fake Christian. ECONET Produced only Strive Masiyiwa as a Millionnaire, MaybeBillionnaire, and noone else.

    Who else became a millionnaire out of Econet? Noone. Name them.

    Selfish SOB

  4. Biti how do you know he is rich and selfish. Because what I know is that ECONET is the only company that is likely not to close down in Zimbabwe and providing jobs to needy people is one wondering thing to be able to do, especially in Zimbabwe

  5. Strive is a great man, a well groomed business. He has a good education which is what Zimbabwe made him to be. Those who see him as selfish are those who think politics is the only solution to business. You can’t join politics and business; this is what’s killing our educated for nothing politicians in our country. Look at all state controlled entities, GMB (today some are not even given pension or benefits now sleeping outside headquarters of GMB). Its terrible.

    Strive, our brother, is well known outside Zim as the best, as most professionals from Zim elsewhere who can’t make a living in Zim because of corruption. Shallow minded people still celebrate birthdays while fellow country men cries with poverty. Shame.
    Let’s bigUp Strive. Read or watch international news, ebola virus etc, strive was there to help. We love you Strive. You are true son of the soil!

  6. Buggers , All billionaires worldwide produce Millionaires who set up businesses that create other millionaires, not using loose change to fund students who would have been funded anyway .

  7. Big up mukoma Strive, u are an icon!!!

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