Chirume seeks out-of-court settlement

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive officer Alban Chirume

ZIMBABWE Stock Exchange boss, Alban Chirume yesterday told the court he now wanted an out-of-court settlement in a matter where he is accused of emotionally abusing his wife, Susan Mutangadura.
Chirume’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa filed a letter signed by both parties confirming the position.


The letter dated February 15, 2016 from Mtetwa and Nyambirai Legal Practitioners was countersigned by Mutangadura’s lawyers, Kantor and Immerman Legal Practitioners.

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive officer  Alban Chirume
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive officer Alban Chirume

The application was tendered before magistrate Arnold Maburo.

The letter sought a postponement of the matter preferably to February 29 in order to give time to the parties to conclude “serious mediation talks” aimed at reaching an out-of-court settlement deal.

The letter also suggested that the postponement will also affect another matter, where Chirume had filed domestic violence charges against Mutangadura.

The counter charges emanated from a scuffle on January 3, when Chirume allegedly locked out his wife from their matrimonial property.

In a fit of rage, it is alleged, Mutangadura tried to climb over the security wall into the property, before Chirume grabbed her legs and pulled her down.

The couple’s neighbours had to intervene to cool tempers. Mutangadura later reported the matter to police, leading to Chirume’s arrest. The latter then filed a counter violence report against his wife.
Mutangadura is the chairperson of the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe.