Africa’s electricity, water, housing and agricultural crisis


ELECTRICITY and water shortages have affected many countries in Africa and those effects are felt globally, and the world has seen the agricultural sector decline as locally farmed food produce is greatly affected, thus leading to food shortages, which seem to be a never ending and on-going crisis year after year with no solution in sight

by John Taylor

Do we continue to blame it on the drought or the lack of initiative to create infrastructure to tackle the ongoing problem?

A company based in the Republic of Cyprus (EU) called the Vassili Group Ltd believes that the droughts suffered in many African countries are unrelenting and the situation is unlikely to improve in the near future and we cannot rely upon hope alone to resolve matters. Therefore, planning and action is required so that each country controls its own living environment that assures an uninterrupted food produce, water supply and electricity without harming the environment.
It is this same company that is planning to meet with the ministers of Energy, Water and Housing in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Somalia, South Sudan, to discuss a proposal backed by investment, to implement this action, which the Vassili Group will make three proposals to the government ministers in all four countries as follows:

File picture: Epworth residentsqueuetofetch-water  apublic borehole
File picture: Epworth residents queue to get water from a public borehole

l A 1 000MW land-based green energy plant which is four times more efficient than present solar/PV and conventional wind turbines which also takes up 80% less land space than solar/PV and wind farms and is 95% cheaper to maintain and has a 50-year life span

l A cryo-desalination plant that is 100% powered by its own green-energy turning sea water into fresh drinking water and supplied nationally to assure, fresh drinking water, water for sanitation and water for irrigation/farming

l Green Energy Housing, to build up to 30 000 new homes, in each country, each home built to EU standards. The Vassili Group housing units are designed to generate their own green electricity and recycle water, this means that every home built will be 100% self-sufficient in producing its own electricity supply which is joinedto the national grid.

The president of the Vassili Group Ltd is Chrysostomos Vassili who is also global president of the humanitarian organisation United Refugee Green Council (URGC). He plans to meet with the ministers of each country commencing as from April 2016, so as to enter into talks regarding the above investment proposals the Vassili Group will be making to government ministers in all four countries.

The three projects are all suitable and greatly needed by the countries with oceans but only two of the projects will be applicable to landlocked Zimbabwe, however, the Vassili Group will be proposing alternative water solutions to Zimbabwe of which details are yet to be made public by the group

The projects are expected to create up to 120 000 new jobs in each country, which will greatly increase local economies

To have uninterrupted electricity and water supply will greatly benefit and improve the quality of lives of millions of people in each country. It will further allow farmlands to be rejuvenated and local food produce to become sustainable and stable as well as greatly increase commerce and tourism

The mass housing shortages of these countries is a long standing problem, but with these proposals of modern echo-friendly housing that produce their own electricity supply is very welcomed by all.

These three infrastructure proposals will greatly benefit all these countries in Africa and greatly improve quality of life and will resolve electricity, water, lack of local food produce and housing crisis, more importantly it will greatly assist in establishing sustainability and stability which is a good foundation to develop a good future.


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