Uncle Richie eyes the ‘big time’

LOCAL comedian Uncle Richie – as Richard Mike Matimba is popularly known — has branched out into acting and is set to feature in two films, Matters and Mapeto, which will be released in March and April this year respectively.


Uncle Richie, a National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) People’s Choice Awards winner, who rose to fame a few years ago on the back of the popular “Zviri Kumbonyatsofamba Sei?” jokes, confirmed the developments.

“I am to feature in two films with different producers and directors. These are Mapeto and Matters. In Mapeto I will play the lead role as Mapeto and this will be directed by Malon Murape who directed Tariro in 2014, which was last year nominated the Outstanding Screen Production — Full Length Film under Nama,” he told NewsDay.

He said filming will start early next month.

“Preaching through art is my job. I aim to preach about everything on earth. I, therefore, do not only long to entertain, but to educate also. Generally, edutainment is my main focus as I put points of learning in ‘silly’ statements,” he said.

Mapeto’s director Malon Murape confirmed that Uncle Richie plays a leading role in this film which will expose fake pastors and underhand schemes that often happened behind the pulpit.

He said Uncle Richie plays lead role of Pastor Mapeto, a middle-aged wealthy pastor who runs a successful ministry with branches all over Zimbabwe, but whose adulterous affairs brew a storm.

“The character is comical and very charismatic. Richard is the kind of comedian with two faces, his ability to switch characters made him ideal for the role. It will be out in April 2016,” he said.

The script of the film was written by Lloyd Shumbayaonda and will be available on DVD and online at www.malante.co.zw.

Mody Kasvosve, the director of Matters, said shooting was scheduled to begin next week and would be wrapped up end of February.

“We hope that by the end of March it will be ready and we will first market it to Zimbabwe Broadcasting Television. If nothing materialises, we will ensure that it is found on DVDs for everyone else to buy,” he said.

Matters mirrors domestic violence which is rampant in various communities.

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