In the line of duty…

An unidentified motorist lies in the middle of the road after failing to pay a traffic spot fine in Mbare last week.


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  1. haaa ini kudzoka ku Zimbabwe anytime soon is not on my cards

  2. Zimbabwe yangova a used condom!

  3. This is horrific!! How can we allow this to happen? Surely these are things that happen in a police state and should not occur in a democracy. but then … Zimbabwe is not a democracy.

  4. Nxa times 100 000 000 000 000 000000 0000000000.

  5. Am sure the editor’s aim here was to potray the police as bad guys. Truth of the matter is that, the guy on the pic wanted his car keys back, threatened everybody and ended up blocking traffic by sleeping right in the middle of the road thus blocking traffic

    1. The point remains: vanhu varikushunguridzwa!

    2. Still, the police are stupid to expect spot fines for traffic offences. Who goes on the road with intention to be penalised for mistakes they might make.

    3. Still, he was now protesting the demands of the police in forcing the guy to pay a spot fine by confiscating his keys, isn’t it? So the editor is right in what he/she is saying

    4. And why were his car keys taken by the police in the first place?

    5. Why were his keys taken in the first place? If he didn’t have the money to pay the fine, the correct procedure was to issue him with a ticket to be paid at the nearest police station.

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  8. Docile Zimbos deserve worse than this.

  9. Tell me are police enforcing road rules or collecting fines?

  10. takunda collins magova

    kunyangwe iyewo akapata, thats why we all say go to school and get educated, he doesntr know his rights, akamborava constitution here uyo, or even read the media, cops are being sued for brutality or abuse of people’s rights, in mutare there this cop who was sued for brutality and now he will have to pay $100 per month for almost a year to his victim, it will be deducted from his bank account, so people know your rights and if u r oppressed use the civil court, sue them offenders, a police man is a law enforcement agent, they are not judges, the dont have the right to punish as they are not judge and jury. BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ko vari kuti havaszoke ku Zim anytime soon manga manzi mudzoke nani Musatinyaudze, zvinongodzi handina mari yekudzokesa

  12. lennon chengetai

    zimbabwe is my country but this is not just right, ethics are as important as they get but when people start doing inhuman ways to the public people we have a problem on our hands because what matters is not politics and its not about zimbabwe but about respecting each other and knowing where to stop , this is not right in a million ways.

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