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Byo, Umguza councils fight for $100m project


ZIMBABWE Investment Authority chairperson, Nigel Chanakira has accused Bulawayo City Council and Umguza Rural District Council of chasing away potential investors by fighting over ownership of a yet-to-be-established $100 million housing project.


Speaking at the ongoing Local Government Economic Development Forum 2015 in Bulawayo yesterday, Chanakira said the two local authorities had clashed over who would get the rates after the houses are completed.

“As I speak right now, there is a $100 million project to reduce the one million house deficit between the City of Bulawayo and Umguza Rural District Council. It’s at the border of these two local authorities,” he said.

“The two are fighting as to who will get the rates. The project has been there, but it has been delayed for three years. Come on, guys, it’s unacceptable.

“I am talking practical things. $100 million worth of investment is not moving because there is a dispute as to who will get the rates?”

“Do something that is practical so that we attract investment. It will get the construction sector going. It has a multiplier effect. As we hold another conference next year, I don’t want to be pick another city for misdeeds like what you are doing to our investors.”

Chanakira said it was better for the two local authorities to share the rates than fight over the spoils.

Officials from both local authorities could not be reached for comment.

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