Matematanda a frustrated extortionist: Chiyangwa


BUSINESSMAN, Philip Chiyangwa yesterday described war veterans’ secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda as a “frustrated extortionist” who wanted a free residential stand from him.


He was responding to claims by the former freedom fighter on Monday that Chiyangwa was part of a cabal using “dirty money” to destabilise Zanu PF.


Responding to Matemadanda’s allegations that he had Rhodesian security links and was fronting white interests, Chiyangwa said Matemadanda was being pushed by greed.

“The purported Press conference was made by an individual who has previously persistently made requests to me to be provided with a residential stand for no payment,” Chiyangwa said.

“He is fully aware that his demands were patently extortionate and manifestly illegal. I did not consider him worthy of my attention as he clearly constituted a nuisance and an annoyance in my life.

“He has no record or resumé of having made any meaningful contribution to the Zimbabwean society and lacks the common decency of self-respect by parading his frustration for his failed disgraceful fraudulent acts so openly.

“I do not consider it worth my while to give credence to the blatant madness exposed by a frustrated extortionist.
I am also dissuaded from further engaging with him due to his manifestation of gross ignorance of elementary issues relating to property rights in Zimbabwe, the acquisition and disposition of urban land title and the law.”

But Matemadanda yesterday hit back, saying Chiyangwa was lying to curtail a request by war veterans to have President Robert Mugabe institute a commission of enquiry.

“So is he saying that is why he got three State farms? Is it a lie that he was in the Rhodesian police? In any case, is he council that I go to him for land?” he retorted.

“I have never wanted to associate myself with people with dirty money.

“At one time, he asked me how I could get a house in Harare without talking to him. I told him that when I want a house, I go to council or to my friends in the Local Government ministry and not to him. What he is doing is unlawful.

“He should keep his money and I have my own life. I don’t wish to have a drink from him. Is it moral for him to remove 20 000 people for him to stay there? I have my house in Gokwe and if I want one in Harare, I go to the responsible authorities.”

On Monday, Matemadanda, flanked by other war veterans, said Zanu PF had been infiltrated by elements with links to Rhodesian security who want to destabilise the party.

Matemadanda referred to a video featuring Chiyangwa and other politicians linked to G40, saying they were behind First Lady Grace Mugabe because of her understanding of making money.

“It is no wonder that we now hear of some of them saying: ‘We need leaders who plan to get money, not a leader who, when he speaks, you can actually see your wealth disappearing’,” he said, quoting the video recording of Chiyangwa.

“Why does it seem that all those so-called land owners have a history of being connected to the colonial security apparatus?”


  1. This Chiyangwa guy was a police for Smith, then he also became a spy for America. The ZANU guys must keep an eye on him. He is obsessed with ‘wealth’ and will do anything for money but his brother Jimmy died in abject poverty. Shame.

  2. Is this the best these two guys can do..We want real action…Lets have a real fight not this kissing and making up disguised as a fight. I am disappointed..I expected better from you two great fighters..Is this REALLY the best you can do? Come on, there is no news anywhere..and this kissing and fondling is the best you can do? Next time we expect better…Newspapers are expensive and ring side seats even more..We expected an explosion not this Sponge Bob or is it Johnny Bravo nonsense. You owe us all an apology….this is just not on!

  3. Of course, he is cunning when it comes to making money. That’s why he never joined the struggle though, he was old enough to had joined the struggle. He new that he was going to use all the tricks that he learnt in the BSAP to worm himself through the structures of the ruling party and get what he wants. Just recently, one of his colleagues in the AAG made it clear that, for one to be rich,he/she should join the ruling party not to help the party to achieve its goals in improving the welfare of the Zimbabwean community but acquire individual wealth,simple and straight forward.

  4. He may be an extortionist but something smells in these lands these guys say they own, we hear all land is state land but someone has a whole location as his and asking occupiers first to pay to a proxy company then turn back and say you paid to the wrong people pay to me.

  5. This bunch of war veterans are not my cup of tea but I am with them on corruption by Chombo and Chiangwa.Their Harare land deals need to be investigated.Maybe Chiangwa is front for Dr Amai in these land deals?

  6. My prayer is for this guy called Fidza to be punished by JEHOVAH WE HONDO B4 February 2016 ,for what he is doing to The people of SOUTH LEA PARK,Nezita ra JESU, ne zita ,ra JESU -nezita ra JESU,vanhu veku SOUTHLEA PARK ngavawanirwe nyasha-AMEN.Tato sunga panyika hokoyo fidza..

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